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The real nature behind

Blavatsky's “Masters of Wisdom” and her Theosophy

Who was she, who was behind her and how they influenced the world

A guest document by Ricardo de Valencia

The dragon telling Blavatsky what to say


The main purpose of this document is to remind the faithful followers of Christ that:

Our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. [Ephesians 6:12]

Therefore, encouraging to...

... take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God). By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints,
[Ephesians 6:13-18]


The reading of this document can be complemented with the report “Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society” by Lee Penn (2). While Lee Penn's document approaches the topic in a more literary style, this document is intended to provide a more schematic view and to expose even more clearly the true nature behind Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophy.


Who was Helena Blavatsky?

Which were her “teachings”?

Who, allegedly, instructed H.P. Blavatsky?

Who really commanded the channel “Blavatsky”

How they influenced the world – Their bad fruits

Who was Helena Blavatsky?

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was a Russian (migrated to USA) spiritualist (1) and author who founded an esoteric mix of philosophy, occultism, spiritualism, satanism and religion (2)(3a) which she and her followers named Theosophy. Blavatsky's Theosophy (4) includes distorted forms of Hinduism and Buddhism (2). Blavatsky proclaimed that she was reviving an “Ancient Wisdom” (3) whose study would bring a “return to the grand religion of the past” —the worship of “the Dragon and the Sun”— so that “Brahmanism and Buddhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism will disappear” (2). Her major works, venerated by Theosophists, were “Isis Unveiled” (2a) and “The Secret Doctrine” (2b).

Unbeknown to many, she and her Theosophy movement had a notorious role in the propagation of occultism, esotericism and the ideology of false mysticism —“New Age” and distorted Orientalism— that pervades today our society and that is the sown field for the world to embrace a New World Religion.


Which were her “teachings”?

Among the blasphemies she preached, the following are the most noteworthy.

The “rehabilitation” of satan and the scorn for God:

In her writings, Helena Blavatsky said that satan is: “the real creator and benefactor”, “the Father of Spiritual mankind”, “the divine Spirit” and “higher and older than Jehovah”. In her book “The Secret Doctrine”, Blavatsky said: “Satan will now be shown, in the teaching of the Secret Doctrine, allegorized as Good, and Sacrifice, a God of Wisdom, under different names.” Meanwhile, she said that the God of Abraham was just a “tribal god”, “a god among other Gods” —that is, a false God— and she expected “the worship of the Dragon” (the mythical creature traditionally associated with satan) to be part of “the religion of the future”. (2)

The “deception” of the Christian Faith:

Blavatsky said that one of the main purposes of her work “Isis Unveiled” was to show “that Jesus, the Christ-God, is a myth concocted two centuries after the real Hebrew Jesus died” – thus clearly denying the Divinity of Jesus (2a). Moreover, in her work “The Secret Doctrine”, she said that “mankind will become freed from its false gods [including the God of Abraham], and find itself finally self-redeemed – thus abhorring from the True and Only God and totally denying the redemption through Jesus Christ, that is, denying the essence of the Christian Faith (2b).

According to her, “theological Christianity” is “the chief opponent of free thought” (2a). But, since she was so blatantly attacking the essence of the Christian Faith, her distinction of “theological” was a hypocritical way of putting things. There can be no “practical” or “theological” Christianity or Christianity of any kind if one denies Jesus Christ; therefore, she was attacking Christianity as a whole.

The “divine nature” of man and the possibility for all to be “a Christ”:

She repeated the very same temptation —the temptation to be like God— spewed by the ancient serpent and which caused mankind to be expelled from Paradise, when Blavatsky said that man is truly the manifested deity in both its aspects – good and evil” (2b). Also from her: “the logos is Christos, that principle of our inner nature which develops in us into the Spiritual Ego – the Higher-Self” (5) — thus proclaiming that “Christos” is a quality that any human being can develop and that the aim is not an encounter with an external God.

The “reinterpretation” of Jesus Christ's teachings as “occult teachings”:

She wrote: “For the teachings of Christ were occult teachings, which could only be explained at the initiation. They were never intended for the masses, for Jesus forbade the twelve to go to the Gentiles and the Samaritans (Mt 10:5-6), and repeated to his disciples that the 'mysteries of Heaven' were for them alone, not for the multitudes (Mk 4:11).” (5)

Our comment:

The mysteries necessary for Salvation have been already revealed to all mankind. They are not “occult” and “esoteric”. Either you accept the revealed mystery that Jesus Christ died for our redemption and was raised in the third day or you don't. The Christian Faith does not depend on knowing how the Resurrection worked. The Apostles were not given a “magic formula” from “ancient wisdom” for Resurrection or their faith would be necessarily void (and, therefore, also their sincerity and credibility).

The appealing to the “occult” and the “esoteric” is an invitation to pursue knowledge by means of an intellectual and spiritual research, but “spiritual” in the sense of “with spiritual aids different than the resource to God” – which is precisely the opposite of what the Christian Faith preaches (let us remember the behavior of King Saul in the First Book of Samuel, ch. 28).

For a more detailed explanation, you can visit our related document “Were the teachings of Jesus 'esoteric' teachings only to be revealed to the 'initiates'?

As for Mt 10:5-6, the simple and correct explanation is that the Good News had to be preached first to the Jews. After that, Jesus instructed their apostles to “go into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15). This should suffice to show that Blavatsky had a particular interest in disguising even the most obvious facts narrated in the Gospel.

The hypocrisy of claiming that her words does not contradict the teachings of Jesus:

Two samples:

(a) In “The Secret Doctrine” he said that that book “contains not one word against the pure teachings of Jesus” (2), while one of the keys of the book is the rehabilitation of satan and the fallen angels.

(b) Some theosophists (6) even dare to say that “you can be a Christian and a Theosophist at the same time”. (!!)

As we have just seen above, Blavatsky attacked blatantly and without any doubt the essence of Christianity: she rejected Jesus as the One and Only True Messiah and, even more, she rejected the God of Abraham by dismissing Him as “a tribal god”. That is not simply the position of an atheist but, by claiming that Jesus and His Apostles were bearers of occult knowledge different from that openly manifested to Christians, she qualifies them, in fact, as great liars and authors of the greatest scam in history.

Infected by the Blavatsky virus or by others, many “theosophists” and many “esoteric researchers” are living in this lack of coherence: they still see Jesus as a “great honest man” at the same time that they construct a scenario that would only be possible if Jesus and His followers were the authors of a great lie and scam.

Blavatsky's global aspiration can be summarized in her own words:

“The Secret Doctrine [the doctrine she preached] must some day become the just Karma of the Churches – more anti-Christian than the representative assemblies of the most confirmed Materialists and Atheists.” (5)

Those are just a few quotes from the pen of Helena B. Blavatsky and, from them, her teachings against the Christian Faith and in favor of a world religion that would include the worship of satan could not be clearer!


Who, allegedly, instructed H.P. Blavatsky?

According to Blavatsky, she was trained by the “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom” – some mysterious supernatural men that she allegedly encountered in her travels through the world, but whose worldly identity she never revealed (apart from their names or initials, which no one could externally verify) (3). She claimed that, in an alleged visit of her to Tibet, two of them helped her to develop and control her psychic powers, including telepathy (3). She also claimed that these “Masters” were the source of many of her published writings (7).

The “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom”

Who did she say these “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom” were? According to her and her followers:  (3)

“Central to Theosophical belief is the idea that a group of spiritual adepts known as the Masters not only exist but were responsible for the production of early Theosophical texts. ... They are perceived to be a fraternity of human men who are highly evolved, both in terms of having an advanced moral development and intellectual attainment. They are claimed to have achieved extra-long life spans, and to have gained supernatural powers, including clairvoyance and the ability to instantly project their soul out of their body to any other location. ... According to Blavatsky, by the late 19th century their chief residence was in the Himalayan kingdom of Tibet.”

A kind of possession:

Blavatsky's two major works were “Isis Unveiled”, published in 1877 (2a), and the extra-large “The Secret Doctrine”, published in 1888 (2b). While writing her book “Isis Unveiled”, Blavatsky claimed to be aware of a second consciousness within her body, referring to it as “the lodger who is in me”, and stating that it was this second consciousness that inspired much of the writing (3). Some of her followers claim that her largest book, “The Secret Doctrine”, was written, along with her, by two of Blavatsky's “Masters” who esteemed her as a “direct agent” and “disciple” (8) and who, supposedly, communicated telepathically with her (8b)(9).

Confirmation from a disciple:

As an example and confirmation of the mode of operation of these supposed “Masters of Wisdom”, a well-known disciple of Blavatsky, Annie Besant, gives us an account in her own words:

“The first occasion on which I saw my Master, Soon after I had joined the [Theosophical] Society, ... One night I awoke suddenly owing to an extraordinary feeling that there was in the room. ... At the foot of the bed a luminous figure appeared, and stood there from half a minute to a minute. It was the figure of a very tall man, and I thought, from pictures I had seen, it was Blavatsky’s Master. ... The brilliant figure stood quite still, looking at me,  ... So I remained motionless and then gradually the figure vanished. Next day I told H. P. Blavatsky what had happened, and she replied: ‘Yes, Master came to see me in the night, and went into your room to have a look at you.’  This was my first experience of seeing a Master; it must have been clearly a case of materialization, for as I have said, I was not in the least clairvoyant at the time.(10)

Confirmation from more disciples/followers:

According to an author, “More than twenty five individuals [including Annie Besant] testified to having seen and been in contact with the Mahatmas [Masters of Wisdom] during H. P. Blavatsky's lifetime.” (11)


Who really commanded the channel “Blavatsky”

After reading about Blavatsky's teachings (see Section “Which were her teachings?” above) there should be no doubt about who really was her source of inspiration and real master (with or without her full awareness on this): the same one whose worship she promoted. In this section, we will see that the mode of operation perfectly fits that conclusion.

A deceitful and false appearance

As Christians, we should know that there is a spiritual reality that coexists and interacts with the physical world, with good (from God) and evil (not from God) spiritual influences acting silently in our world (12). We should not automatically discount that Blavatsky and some of her disciples really were visited by some entities that they believed were transcended human Masters. What is in question is the true nature of said “entities”. They could be —and all the signs point to it— unclean spiritual influences taking a deceitful appearance: the appearance of human beings materalizing from remote places.

The willful rejection of God and the consequent blindness

Theosophists and the like claim to be “open-minded” (free of dogmas), but they do not open their mind enough to put into question the goodness of their “masters” and the nature those masters claim to have. Why? Because, previously, the theosophist has closed his/her mind to the reality and the help of the True God, the Only One who could really enlighten them to distinguish good from evil. 

The case of Blavatsky and many others —who claim to be “channeling” teachings from “masters” or even from “aliens”— have this feature in common: the voluntary rejection of God, by the subject living the experience, in the search for spiritual wisdom – as happened with the King Saul (First Book of Samuel, Ch. 28) (13). The problem is: without the proper illumination from God, those poor people cannot believe that their spiritual experiences are deceitful in nature.

Now, summarizing on Blavatsky, we have:

(a) The mode of operation – “a second consciousness within her body” that inspired much (or all) of her writings (3).

(b) A voluntary rejection of God as a precondition in her search for divine wisdom.

(c) A declared enemy who they fight – God Himself and, specifically, the real Christ and the Christian Faith.

(d) A goal —“the worship of the Dragon” (2)— accompanied with the temptation from the ancient serpent to mankind: “man is truly the manifested deity” and can be “self-redeemed” (2).

(e) The bad fruits: See the section below, “How they influenced the world”.
(f) The fingerprint —incommensurable pride— by the one who claims to be above God, reflected in the pen on Blavatsky when she said of him to be “the real creator and benefactor” and “higher and older than Jehovah” (2).

Let us call it properly: the manifested “second consciousness” in Blavatsky's body and mind is the perfect example of a demonic possession allowed by the host up to the point that inspired much (if not all) of her writings. The conclusion could not be clearer:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a spiritual deception commanded by satan through his minions (unclean spirits), or directly by him, disguised as “transcended masters”. It does not matter what level of knowledge Blavatsky had of the deception or how many lies she added on her own. She could very well be manipulated by spirits of deception into believing her that they were “evolved human beings projecting their souls from Tibet” or whatever. Her gullibility in this regard would serve to make her a more suitable instrument so that her followers would accept her testimony “because she really believes what she is saying”.

Of course, because of this, her “masters” esteemed her as an asset —they called her a “direct agent” and “disciple” (8a)—, since she was the perfect channel to spread spiritual filth to the world.


How they influenced the world – Their bad fruits

Some of the “achievements” obtained through the infamous Blavatsky and her brainchild Theosophy:

Enmity against Traditional Faiths

She said that “Brahmanism and Buddhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism will disappear” (2); that her work Isis Unveiled was “in particular directed against theological Christianity, the chief opponent of free thought” and that “We cast our gauntlet at the dogmatic theologians who would enslave both history and science.”

Our comment:

Please note that she opposes “Theo-Sophy” to “Theo-Logy” but they both literally mean “Knowledge or Study of God” (from Greek, “theos”=“god”, “sophy”=“knowledge”, “logos”=words/discourse/reason). This is, in fact, an admission that she did not really abandoned the concept of “Theology” but proposed her own (false) Theology, with her own dogmas, while attacking the others for being “dogmatic”.

Her foundational dogmas are: the faith in the transcended Masters, the rejection of the traditional God, the belief in a “divinity in ourselves”, the goodness of satan / lucifer / fallen angels (and their consequent rehabilitation in the history of religions) and the faith that, from these principles, man can attain the knowledge of “divinity” by himself. (“Dogma”: a particular proclamation that, if not accepted, prevents someone to be a proper follower of the proposed Faith.)

New Age (14)

“Together with the Western occult tradition, the Theosophists have provided almost all the underpinnings of the ‘New Age’ movement” (2)  “No single organization or movement has contributed so many components to the New Age Movement as the Theosophical Society.” (3)


“Several hundred new occult organizations can be traced directly to the Theosophical Society” (2) The Theosophical Society “has been the major force in the dissemination of occult literature in the West in the twentieth century.” (3)


“Even before the First World War, occult-racist völkisch [ethno-nationalist] sects in Austria and Germany had quarried the ideas of Theosophy for the Aryo-Germanic cult of Ariosophy. Notions of elite priesthoods, secret gnosis, a prehistoric golden age, ... Their ideas and symbols filtered through to several anti-Semitic and nationalist groups in late Wilhelmian Germany, from which the early Nazi Party emerged in Munich after the war.” (2)

Theosophy Logo

The swastika is a central element in the logo of the Theosophical Society (15)


“Theosophy also nurtured a reborn astrology. ... Beginning with minuscule astrological groups in the late nineteenth century, astrology made an astounding comeback to become the most pervasive popular occult practice in the latter part of the twentieth century.” (2)

Dangerous beliefs from Eastern religions

“Her [Theosophical] Society, its members, and its offshoots became the main vehicle for Buddhist and Hindu philosophies [in distorted forms] to enter the Western consciousness, not merely as an academic study but as something worth embracing.” (2) “More than any other single individual, Blavatsky was responsible for bringing a knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy to the West.” (3)

“They paved the way for the best and the worst of the oriental gurus who have taken up residence in the West. They introduced into the vernacular such concepts as karma and reincarnation (16), meditation [without God], and the spiritual path [without God].” (2)

“Blavatsky paved the way for the emergence of later movements such as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Transcendental Meditation movement, Zen Buddhism, and Yoga (17) in the West.” “The two greatest achievements of Blavatsky's movement were in popularizing belief in reincarnation (16) and in a singular divine world soul within the West.” (3)

Our comment:

Overall, they propitiated a worldwide culture of false mysticism (18): the false belief that a soul can harmlessly develop herself without the help and guide from the True Goda very dangerous belief we have already warn about (see Epilogue).



(1) No matter how she claimed that her masters were men and not spirits (they actually being unclean spirits), the domain of her writings was the spiritual world. Is in that sense that we call her “spiritualist”.

(2) Lee Penn: Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society

Said document contains quotes to Blavatsky's two major books:

(a)Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology”, published in 1877

(b)The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy”, published as two volumes in 1888

A particular note:

(c) As Lee Penn noted: According to Helena Blavatsky, “theological Christianity” is “the chief opponent of free thought”. To which we add: the incoherence of this is that she used to say “dogmatic” when speaking about Christian teachings and “doctrine” when speaking about her own teachings, without acknowledging that she was actually introducing her own dogmas. Hint: a dogma does not necessarily precludes an act of free will; everyone is free to believe in Christianism or in Blavatskism, each doctrine with its own “dogmas”. See also our comment under “Hatred to Traditional Faiths” in the Section “The bad fruits – How they influenced the world”.

(3) Wikipedia: Helena Blavatsky

A particular note:

(a) According to this source, she co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 and she was the leading theoretician of Theosophy. Some theosophists go further and state that she was directly “the founder of the modern Theosophical movement”.

(4) Some claim that Theosophy is a concept that predates Blavatsky's Theosophical Society and that it is an exclusive of Blavatsky's doctrine. We will not dispute this. However, in this paper, we refer exclusively to Blavatsky's Theosophy. In doing so, we are not implying that the general concept of Theosophy is exempt from criticism. Especially, we consider untenable the concept of “Christian Theosophy” from the moment they understand it as the search for knowledge of divinity by esoteric means, separate from and without claiming the guidance of the True God.

(5) The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky – Vol. 2, Par I, Stanza 10

(6) Source of the declaration

(7) “She also claimed that these Masters were the source of many of her published writings.” (Wikipedia: Theosophy)

(8) Between Blavatsky's followers, there are two main versions on the supernatural inspiration of “The Secret Doctrine”:

(a) “The Master K.H. certified that [Blavatsky's book] “The Secret Doctrine” was written by himself and the Master Morya, along with the one they called their “Direct Agent” and “Brother” Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who they also sometimes referred to as “Upasika”, a Buddhist term meaning “female disciple”. It was, as he put it, a “triple production”.” (Who wrote The Secret Doctrine?)

[Note that, although the quote says "Master K.H. certified that", Master K.H.'s own existence was not certified at all; it was simply that Blavatsky and her followers claimed that he materialized before her from a distant place]

(b) According to Alice Bailey, who positioned herself as Blavatsky's spiritual successor, it was another different “Master” (named Djwal Khun, according to Bailey) who, not merely inspired, but telepathically dictated “The Secret Doctrine” to Blavatsky.

(9) “But in the early days she did not say precisely to the public that she was in fact helped in that work by the Masters, who gave from time to time certain facts she could not get otherwise. [The book] 'The Secret Doctrine', however, makes no disguise of the real help, and she asserts, as also many of us believe, that the Masters had a hand in that great production. (Authorship Of The Secret Doctrine)

Our comment: Since the “Masters” were not bodily present with her (no testimonies that she was regularly visited by physical, real men for the writing of her books), they are implying some kind of supernatural communication: name it whatever you like, “channeling”, “telepathy”, “dictation”, “automatic writing”, “astral space”, “another dimensions”... In the end, nothing but means from hell to influence people making them believe that they are contacting “evolved humans”, “angels of light”, “aliens”, etc.

(10) Theosophy Wiki: Annie Besant

(11) A Casebook of Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas

(12) See, for example: The Spiritual World and How It Influences Our Behavior and Miracles and Prophecies – Their Mechanism

(13) Divination and Miraculous Healing, but, What About God?

(14) Documents about the “New Age” Movement:

(a) A Comprehensive Exposé of The New Age Movement
(b) The miracles performed by Jesus do not make Him a magician
(c) The radical incompatibility of Christianity with the teachings of “New Age”

(15) Source: Wikipedia: Theosophy

(16) Reincarnation: An appearance created by impure spirits gaining access through spiritual wounds

(17) Please note that the seemingly harmless ideology that goes along with the practice of “Yoga” is a particular case of the False Mysticism that we define in the same lines: the false belief that a soul can harmlessly develop herself without the help and guide from the True God. It cannot be harmless, in any way, an ideology that leaves God aside in the search for spiritual progress because, along with apparent progress and benefits, one is opening the door to spiritual influences that do not come from God.

(18) A perfect example of false mysticism: Drug induced mysticism

En Español:  La verdadera naturaleza de los "Maestros de Sabiduría" de Helena Blavatsky y su Teosofía

Em Português:  A verdadeira natureza de os "Mestres de Sabedoria" de Helena Blavatsky e a sua Teosofia

Published on August 18th, 2022

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