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It is wonderful that you have reached the pages of The M+G+R Foundation and are about to begin to discover the treasures hidden within its documents and writings. We are glad you are here, want to welcome you and make this visit as rewarding as possible.

The following selected readings are intended to point new visitors to documents that will enhance the understanding of the rest of the publications in this Domain. The references we present to you here cover the basics - the Who, What, Why and How of these writings - and introduce concepts common to many of our other documents and writings. With this information as background, we pray that you will be inspired to explore even further, to review articles addressing current world events, faith and spirituality, history, science, to visit our frequently updated boards and more.

As you navigate these pages, know for certain that you do not walk alone! God will be with you every step of the way, and you are encouraged to talk with Him about what you read and learn, ask questions and pray for His Guidance.

God Teaches us About Himself

You will find an ample and varied discussion of God and His Attributes throughout the documents and writings of The M+G+R Foundation domain, but you will not find any particular document specifically addressing "Who is God?" Since our life journey is to come to know, love and serve God, perhaps He leaves this mystery for each to learn by personal interaction with Him at the individual pace only He can set.

Instead, through this selected group of documents you will get acquainted with ways God has revealed Himself, through His Written Word - Old and New Testaments, by revelation to individuals but, primarily, through His Word made flesh, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The fourth document of this set is an interactive one… search out the scripture passages and you will be able to confirm the coherence between prophecies of the Old Testament and their fulfillment in Jesus.

Biblical literalism or symbolism - Part 1 and Part 2

Coherence among Supernatural Messages and the Holy Scriptures

Old Testament prophecies identifies Jesus as THE Unquestionable Awaited Messiah


How the Spirit World interacts with the Physical World

These fascinating documents disclose some of the laws governing the spiritual world and show how closely that world is linked to the physical/visible world. Mechanisms behind some unexplainable happenings, premonition, healings and miracles may become clearer to you after reviewing the following listed documents.

Here you'll also discover the immense value of Jesus' insistent entreats to love our enemies, and how and why disordered behaviors can be miraculously "cured" by applying that teaching.

Mysteries of God that allow us to better understand Heavenly Messages

What about Sin?

Spiritual Dysfunction - Its identification, treatment and cure - (this has an absolutely great premise section discussing God's application of mercy)

The Supernatural World and how it influences our behavior

Miracles and Prophecies - Their Mechanism


His Complaint about Mankind

From age to age, as recorded by scripture and denounced in person by Jesus, mankind has offended God by idolizing - be it false gods and images, self, human esteem, institutions or wealth. So great is man's tendency to displace God, that God set the warning against this behavior as the first of His Commandments.

Read these quite direct definitions and explicit examples of the various manifestations of the sin of idolatry as the background to the happenings unfolding on the world stage as God responds - as an act of His Mercy - to save His Children from the snares of satan. Details of God's Response are spelled out to provide reassurance as the world awakens from its slumber to witness these events.

Please note that The M+G+R Foundation does not attribute evil to any human, but rather views all as victims of, or under, the influence of satan's snares, and recommends prayer for their release.

We MUST NOT adore man

Understanding the Divine Designs of the Mercy of God

General Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times

Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who may they be?


He Provides Encouragement for All

As world events deteriorate, the Children of God should be hopeful and comforted by the information contained in our pages. The consoling thoughts are universal, yet very personal. Indeed, as you'll see, Jesus walks alongside each one of us, sharing the weight of our individual crosses. God loves each one of us as a unique creation and has a special plan for which you are exactly the right person!

Comforted by these thoughts, why should we worry? Let us rejoice and return Our Lord's wonderful love by embracing His Will for us. A simple way to discern that Will, along with the guidelines to live it, may be found within these pages. We trust that this will make your journey an easier one regardless of the obstacles that may be found in the way.

Do Not Despair - Never Give Up!

Suffering: Mankind's Participation in its Own Redemption - Why do some of God's Children Must Suffer?

Suffering? You do not have to. Take up your cross and follow me

The Will of God

In Conclusion

You are invited to become a frequent visitor to The M+G+R Foundation, and we hope that you take away from each visit a measure of the Divine Love that inspires these writings, a deeper faith in God and the peace that will carry you fearlessly through challenging times now and in the future.

The document, The Will of God - Part 1 (above), states, "…if in your heart you truly want to live with and in God, ask Him and He will immediately set in motion all that is necessary so that your (and His!) desire becomes a reality." Within these pages, and the others at The M+G+R Foundation, we trust that you will find an abundance of material to nurture and cultivate that heartfelt desire.

May God Bless You!

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