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Taste and see that the Lord is good.   [Psalm 34:8]

Just imagine if Our Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to you and saying...

He is good.  Trust in Him.  Know that all is well.  Say "God is good.  God is good."  Just leave in His Hands the present and the future, knowing only that He is good.  He can bring order out of chaos, good out of evil, peace out of turmoil.  God is good.

I and My Father are one.  One in desire to do good.  For God to do good to His children is for Him to share His goodness with them.  God is good, anxious to share His goodness, and good things, with you, and He will do this.

Trust and be not afraid.

miguel de Portugal Comments:  "God is good, anxious to share His goodness" - You do not need to wait for Stephen Hawking's book to explain to you the purpose of Creation - assuming that he is capable of doing so.

God Created man and woman in His image - His spiritual image. When man has something good - news, a joy, an experience and even something material - he/she "just cannot wait to share it with someone he/she cares for."  Where did man get that yearning to share what is good with someone he loves? From God, of course!

Being that God is the First Cause, to share His Goodness and Joy, He had to Create someone to share it with - thus you and I come into the picture with the Universe as the support system for our life form.

That you believe that there are other creatures equivalent to man in other parts of the Universe? That is not a a problem.  If a proverbial "little green men with funny eyes, no hair and spindly fingers" does exist - he is also a creature of God created for the same purpose with the same Savior, Jesus Christ, manifested to them in a manner they can relate to Him as Savior.

Brethren - it is that simple.  Man has brought complication into the relation between God and His creatures to "cash in" - the ever present "middle man" - a  position which the leaders of organized religion have taken to its limit. The "middle man", the priest and religious, are needed in organized religion to assist man  in his journey Home to the Father - not to make the connection complicated so that they can extort a "Salvation fee" from fallen mankind.


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