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Dropping Its Mercy Veneer, The Vatican Gestapo Unsheathes Its Claws

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November 19, 2017
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We have become aware of the outright Gestapo behavior by Francis' Vatican and we feel that we should share it with our readers. As the reader and viewer who is familiar with our function will quickly see another manifestation of what we have been warning the world for years - this time it is so obvious that only those in deep denial will not be able to recognize it.

Although we do not agree with every statement Don Minutella makes in this video declaration - for example he continues to refer to the Roman Catholic Church as our Mother when Mary, and only Her, is the Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ which, in turn, is composed of all Christians who are striving to live His Word - his core messages are on target.

For those who do not know us - we uphold the Catholic Faith, it is the Roman Catholic Administration we summarily reject with the noted exceptions.

Let us pray so that other priests join Don Minutella and stand up and proclaim that is is God Whom we must obey and not man [Acts 5:29] - and then live it.


It should be obvious by now that all the talk from the Vatican about "collegiality" and "dialogue" and "mercy" was just a smokescreen for the real antiChristian ruthlessness that is being brought to bear on any who conduct themselves in fidelity to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Don Minutella, an Italian priest who teaches the truth regarding marriage as opposed to what is contained in Amoralis Lamentia, has been the object of persecution by Francis and his henchmen - which, of course, is heavily penetrated by Opus Dei militants.  He was first subjected to a 9 month period of silence ordered from on high.  Now that the nine months is over, he is being ordered to publicly grovel before the Francis or else he will face excommunication. In response, he has issued the video below.  After watching, please scroll down for another account of persecution from the Vatican.

A few days ago, in Rome, a truck billboard honoring the late Cardinal Caffarra was stopped by police and its drivers were detained and questioned for hours because Cardinal Caffarra was one of the dubia signers.  The police let on that they were under orders to do so because the late Cardinal questioned Amoralis Lamentia.  This is an action right out of the gestapo training book. 

More and more, faithful Catholics, both lay and clergy, are waking up to the real damage being wreaked by Francis and his henchmen.  The Vatican is all too aware of this and are in panic mode.  They are pulling out all stops in their attempts to intimidate all who may disagree with them.  While praying for their conversion  we must remain steadfast and true to Jesus Christ.  As Don Minutella reminded us, Our Lady will assist us as we pray the Rosary.

Published on November 20th, 2017

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