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The Comet Elenin Hype

A Psy-op?

A guest Document from Dr. I.W.


One cannot help but wonder if all the hype associated with the comet Elenin is no more than a psy-op to focus the people's attention on something in one direction, while a truly significant event happens from another direction, where nobody expects it.

A frequent contributor to The M+G+R Foundation from the scientific community has addressed this very serious issue so that we may share it with our readership.


I have spent a few days looking into the blogosphere and youtube on the phenomenon of incoming Comet Elenin, and perhaps my observations might be of some interest.

NASA has a program by which people are able to generate the positions of the comet and the planets on any given date, through its passage in the solar system (1). With this, numerous people have plotted alignments of Elenin with Earth and the sun, and made conclusions about past earthquakes that fall on those dates. Among them were the Christchurch, NZ quake under 7.0, a large Chile quake of 9 or so, and most notoriously, the Japan quake, for which there was a now-famous youtube post by "9Nania" two days in advance of the quake, warning people to leave fault zones for the coming days, because of the alignment. Regardless of the possible accuracy of that prediction, there never really were any alignments, because the program from NASA only shows a 2-D projection. In reality, Elenin is below the plane of the solar system, and will cross the plane at perihelion. So in 3 dimensions, it never aligned with Earth and sun. Any coincidences are either accidents, or preternatural deceptions. Looking at "9Nania" a little (2), she seems like a disturbed individual, who mixes esoteric beliefs with Christian ones.

There is a more transparent charlatan by the name "Terral03" (3) who states unequivocally that Elenin is a brown dwarf that will flip the poles of the earth and cause wide destruction, and only by signing up with him, sending money most likely, and joining him in the limestone caves of the Ozarks, will one survive. If one searches "Terral03" on youtube, there are pages of denunciations of him before one actually sees one of his videos.I then pursued a number of other leads, and became increasingly frustrated at the misleading nature of much of it. Some examples: The overall consensus seems to be that the "alignments" in the past, happening at the same time as earthquakes, "prove" that it is not a comet but a brown dwarf/Nibiru/Hercolobus, etc. Then they look to this fall, when the perihelion occurs September 11, the closest approach to Earth Sept. 26, and some more alignments through October and November. Even these events and dates are swapped around a fair bit. Information that would suggest it might not be as they say is simply disregarded, like an actual person (Mr. Eelenin) who they say can't exist.


Based on what I've said above, why don't I just ignore this seemingly obvious hysteria? Because it has evolved into such a cult belief, to the point of willful ignorance, that as a few enlightened people have suggested, it may be a psy-op. That is, focus the people on something in one direction, while a truly significant event happens from another direction, where nobody expects it. Speculation on what that might be spans the spectrum, but it need not be astronomical to be significant. If something is planned for this fall, having everyone watching for the comet certainly does provide a perfect distraction while the plan is rolled out. That warning is why I wanted to share this information.

EPILOGUE from The M+G+R Foundation

Indeed it is hard to believe that so much effort is invested in something that obviously is of no importance to humanity, unless there is a definite agenda behind it - such as a very effective psy-op.


Note: Internet citations were done during 2001. Documents may have moved to different Web pages, or may have been removed from the Web entirely, since then.





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Published on August 2nd, 2011

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