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Gamma Ray Burst  (1)

The Only Option Left to God?

A letter-document from Miguel de Portugal

Published on October 13, 2011
Updated on May 2nd, 2014

Gamma Ray Burst 221009A, Composite image from Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, Credit: NASA/Swift/A. Beardmore/University of Leicester


It is our desire to share with our readers how this revelation evolved because it Glorifies God and shows, once again, that if His instruments get out of the way and allow Him to guide, the destination is always reached in His time and manner.


May the Peace of God be upon you!

Recently God saw to it that I review a number of mega disasters that have struck our planet in a period spanning from hundreds of millions of years ago to just a few years ago. I did not know why, but soon I understood. Allow us to explain.

One issue that we have very much in mind is the awakening of those who have Eyes to see and Ears to hear, but who are still submerged in a deep slumber. This awakening would, of course, require a major and all encompassing global catastrophe... or so I thought.

After reviewing the most incredible (and seldom, if ever, mentioned) mega disasters which have struck this planet, it became clear to me that none of these would achieve the desired result: the awakening of the spiritually deaf and blind.

We are aware that the world is going full speed ahead into the chastisement, bypassing all opportunities that God offered mankind to mend its ways with plenty of time (such as the Warning, the Miracle, etc.). Therefore, the question was: What will it take to get most of humanity to fall onto its knees and beg forgiveness and mercy?

Only one answer came to mind: An event like the Fatima Miracle of October 13, 1917 (when nearly 70,000 individuals thought the Sun was descending upon Earth and all were going to die), but of worldwide scope and impact.

It is interesting to note this concept was what God revealed to me at the time He told me to “Leave all behind and follow me”. This vision became temporarily veiled from my conscious because of the hope that mankind —most especially the Marian-oriented Catholics— would achieve, through prayer, a substantial softening of the blows, so that the “Gentler Ending”, originally promised through Garabandal, could be possible.

But I digress...

As I was plowing through documentaries of Mega Disasters, God led me to one title, out of the many available, that did not even ring the proverbial bell with me since I do not recall ever hearing about it: Gamma Ray Burst (1).

Although it is not Science Fiction —even though it sounds like it— it is a reality that scientists would simply discount since the probabilities are millions of times slimmer than being hit by a comet or an asteroid. According to experts in the field, the last time the Earth was impacted by a Gamma Ray Burst was about 450 million years ago. That is almost 400 million years before the dinosaurs became extinct.

As the documentary unfolded, leading the viewer to the last eight minutes (the documentary trailer may be viewed at Disclose TV (2) ), I realized that we could not imagine a more perfect recipe for the End of These Times: A Warning-Chastisement-Regeneration triggered by the same source.

A Gamma Ray Burst —which would result, for example, when binary neutron stars merge (collide)— has all the, shall we say, required effects:

(a) An false second Sun temporarily appearing, unannounced, in the sky. (This would be a virtual image created by the effect of a Gamma Ray Burst has on the atmosphere as it impacts it.)

(b) As I understand the process, those who will receive the direct hit by the Gamma Rays will have at least a little time to beg for much needed mercy and forgiveness, as they go (literally) blind and before some of them would die.

(c) The Gamma Ray Burst will disturb the Earth’s atmosphere so seriously that Solar UV Rays —A, B and U— will pour upon the surface of the planet and upon all living things —human, animal and vegetable— resulting in (not necessarily in sequential order):

(c-1) Greenish Aurora Borealis-like illumination visible from everywhere in the Earth for weeks. (This brings to mind be the “strange lights” referred to in some prophecies.)

(c-2) Failure of all electronic devices – at first partially.

(c-3) Fires raging around the world without control.

(c-4) Chemical (liquid and gaseous) spills resulting from failed controls at chemical and petrochemical plants.

(c-5) A seriously damaged ecosystem resulting in a sharp drop of world food supply – threatening human life in a grand scale.

(c-6) Many will die – estimated at 90 % of population. (More time to ask for forgiveness and mercy during this relatively brief, agonizing period).

(c-7) All of our technological advances were damaged by the Gamma Ray Burst but most structures were left untouched.

(d) After about ten years, the atmosphere would have been able to recover and so would the eco-system. Those who survived the direct Gamma Ray Burst, the period of high Solar UV radiation and its consequences would start anew.

As you view the documentary trailer (2), which contains the key relevant information, you will get a more comprehensive picture. Keep in mind, however, that the scientists speaking are simply making assumptions based on theoretical estimates. All depends on how close the Gamma Ray Burst is to the Earth, how quickly well informed people act and, above all, how God allows the entire event to evolve. For example, the scientists claim that it would take ten years for the eco-system to recuperate. Considering that God shortened/delayed the events of the End of These Times by ten years, (3) the time for eco-system regeneration could be much shorter.

The above scenario seems to be a comprehensive Chastisement which would contain all factors prophesied and /or expected up to and including a regenerated (and very disinfected) Earth and a very small fraction of the world population surviving. This would be a situation quite similar to what existed for those who survived what we know as Noah’s Flood.

The manifestation of Jesus Christ —His Second Coming— would take place sometime within that period.

This is a real event (the proverbial “Act of God”) that could take place and would essentially fulfill most, if not of all, the prophecies for the End of These times and a completely New Beginning.

Interestingly enough, when this document was written such possibility was very remote, however, newly discovered galactic events (4) show that such an event may be right at our doorstep. This makes it a very probable Divine Choice. The perfect Green Apocalypse!

Let us continue to pray! ...

May God have Mercy on His Elect!

miguel de Portugal

PS. As this letter was being finished, I came to the jolting realization that many elements the Garabandal girls spoke about as of being part of the Warning (5) and of the Chastisement (6) and the Biblical Description of the End of These Times (7) perfectly fit the effects a Gamma Ray Burst would have on the Earth.

(1) Gamma Ray Burst in Wikipedia
(2) Documentary Trailer
(3) The Clinton Effect
(4) The G2 Cloud
(5) The Warning
(6) The Chastisement
(7) The Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times

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Published on October 13th, 2011 • Updated on May 2nd, 2014

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