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The following are the ten most visited documents in English in our Domain:  (1)

1.  The Three Days of Darkness according to Padre Pio

2.  The Holy Rosary with Scriptural Meditations

3.  Novenas to Mary, Rosa Mystica

4.  Apparitions of Our Lady - Rosa Mystica, at Montichiari-Fontanelle

5.  The Chaplet of Tears in Honor of the Seven Sorrows of Mary

6.  The M+G+R Foundation - Our Purpose

7.  The New Order of Barbarians - The New World System as revealed in 1969

8.  Frequently Asked Questions About The M+G+R Foundation

9.  "We, the people" make up "We, the government"

10. The New World Order / New International Order

And the next ten:

11. First Friday of the Month Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

12. Prayer of Exorcism Against Satan and The Rebellious Angels

13. Hitler's Demonic Possession - Definitive Historical Confirmation

14. The Warning conditionally announced through the Apparitions at Garabandal

15. Books by miguel de Portugal

16. Opus Dei in US Government - The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and Their Faith

17. False Dawn - Chapter 11 - Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust

18. General Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times

19. A Psychiatric Case Study on Religious Fanaticism

20. God spoke frequently to us through the dates of World Wars I and II

(1) The period accounted are the months of March, April and May of 2021.

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Updated on June 6th, 2021

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