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Announcing a Murder Plot

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From miguel de Portugal

This unusual, and perhaps troubling to some , communication is being composed and published at the directive of God.

There may be two different reasons as to why I should make this information public through our Update Board, but I am not privy as to which one applies.

To the point...  

God has communicated to me that there is an active plot to end my life in a manner which will appear as a natural death caused by an existing medical condition.

I have not been aware of an attempt to eliminate me for many years, so this is a reversal of the position and methodology (*) that our enemies have held for a long time.

The plan is to come in my living quarters while I am asleep and somehow end my life in a manner that it will appear as natural and logical occurrence - considering the existing medical condition.  We must admit that they have thought out this plan quite well. Not even an autopsy would show any foul play.

Since I do not know which is the real reason why God wills that we make this information public, I will briefly discuss both possibilities. Remember, God is above all and whatever is the outcome it would have been allowed by Him.
(a) Nothing will happen to me once I have implemented the basic security conditions which we developed with the infused  knowledge of the planned procedure and published this information through our Board of Updates.
If option (a) is the reason, then we are Glorifying God by making this information public.

(b) I am finished here already and this would be a simple, painless and effective way to go Home.
If option (b) is the reason, besides Glorifying God by making this public, we want to assure you that all that we have written is on line in three different servers which are in three different countries. My devoted-to-God assistant will make sure that those files are available until the end of the Internet for our regular readers and any late comers. 

Of course, if the Will of God is option (b), my assistant will post on this Board the appropriate notice.

I am not concerned either way since His Will be done one way or another and His Will is perfect.

I have now taken the security steps that I was moved to take and made this information public for all to see, thus, I will continue in a "business as usual" manner.

May His Will be done and may He have Mercy on his Elect!

miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God
(*) The earlier attempts against my life were sloppy because it did not matter if it was obvious that I had been murdered by someone. However, 20 years after an Internet presence, having had tens of millions of visitors downloading and reading material about what is now being manifested in the world, a violent death would certify the truth of the information that we have published over the last 20 years... and that is not what they want.

Published on June 1st, 2018

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