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Os Donos de Cuba

by Juan Vivés


In writing this book, my sole intent was to shine some little light on the controversial history of the Cuban Revolution, which, undoubtedly, was and still is one of the most enigmatic events in the history of the second half of the 20th century.

Its influence in the political context of Latin America and Africa, and generally, within the nonaligned countries represented a major role: a pawn to be used by the aggressive expansionist policy of the USSR. Foreign observers who looked with sympathy upon the revolution of Fidel Castro, as well as young group which formed the Rebel Army in 1959, were far from realizing that behind this event was the concealed germ of communism in America and that the leader of the Revolution was a communist agent since 1947, as well as his brother Raúl and numerous leaders of this movement.

Just as returning from a dark and chaotic world, where the reality sometimes go beyond the fantastic, this book, which is the reflection of such world, also gained a chaotic and baroque character. Obviously, to be able to explain how I got access to certain levels of information, as well as structure and maneuvers of the secret services which support Cuban foreign policy, so much talked about today, the first two parts of the book are autobiographical, although I tried the best I could, to be present only when it was indispensable.

I wanted to take the reader by the hand and lead him to relive twenty years of history, trying to make him understand how the man who was part of the Rebel Army, under the command of Commander Ernesto "Che" Guevara; the man who was part of the "Suicide Squad" (the elite of the revolutionary troops); the man who was one of the founders of the Cuban secret services, G-2; the man man who traveled all over the world to perform dangerous missions in Asia, Africa and America (U.S. included), eventually understood the truth of international communism and felt asphyxiated by the structures of a totalitarian country and the lack of the most fundamental freedoms.  This work is not the product of a disillusioned intellectual who could not satisfy his petite bourgeois tastes in a socialist regime; rather, it is the work of a member of the totalitarian system who resigned his privilege, in search of a truth that led to a full and absolute refusal of communism.

The third part of the book is written in a totally different style, and, if I decided to integrate it throughout this work, is because the content is extremely revealing. I have endeavored to describe in exact detail all the machinery and repressive systems of the communist regime in totalitarian countries which allow the maintenance in power of this ideology, thanks to a sprawling and omnipresent police regime. All the structures of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, whether public organizations, independent organizations, counterintelligence or intelligence services, are described, as well as the close working relationships with the KGB and the directors of this Machiavellian machine who created in Cuba an exact replica their own organization.

I wanted to show the readers the truths of communism, for which I fought and defended, ideologically speaking, until the moment that I began to understand that I had been fooled like so many others and that I was not more than a puppet serving the appetites the imperialist Soviet Union. In addition, I address those who, by their youth and thirst for social justice, let themselves be ensnare in the maze of international communism. Those who wonder about where the paths of freedom are, will not find answer in this book. I personally am not in a position to even give a rough answer, but there is one thing I can say with certainty: Those paths do not pass through Cuba.

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