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"I tell you, if they keep silent, the stones will cry out!"... [Luke 19:40]

...and they would certainly cry out now if miguel de Portugal would remain silent.... because of the unnecessary suffering the children of God, regardless of which side they were in, endured throughout World War II.

The horrendous World War II was conditionally announced, and the simple formula to prevent it, as well as the spread of godless communism, was clearly given to the Roman Catholic Church Administration for its prompt execution.

"Prudence", the shield most frequently used to ignore the demands from Heaven, prevented the Church Administrators from acting on a timely basis. This inaction yielded over one hundred million deaths and untold suffering... in the name of "Prudence" - also known as cowardice and lack of true Faith.

But, as we never tire of echoing Our Lord Jesus Christ, since: "The worse sin man can commit is but a grain of sand as compared to the oceans of His Mercy", Heaven would have forgiven the Church Administrators for that horrendous sin too. However, although H.H. John Paul II has asked for God's forgiveness over ninety times for the terrible transgressions committed by the Church Administrators, in the Holy Name of God, he never did ask for forgiveness for their stiffed neck disobedience to the demands from Heaven.

The Roman Catholic Church Administration, with its exceptions duly acknowledged, should be ashamed that its Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ, has had to send His Mother repeatedly in an attempt to correct the endemic transgressions, heresies and living blasphemies of said Administrators.

Heavenly visits and messages were completely ignored except in the measure that they would enrich the Church coffers and become another tool to manipulate and control the disoriented and fearful Faithful.

It is for this reason, and for fulfillment of what was written millennia ago, that He commanded miguel de Portugal to travel to The Vatican at the end of the 20th Century, the bloodiest century in the history mankind, and make a pronouncement (1) in His Holy Name in the middle of St. Peter's Square.

May one and all know that God has not turned His back on the Church founded by Jesus Christ... it is the Church Administrators, with noted exceptions, who have turned their backs to God. Therefore, as the world witnesses the fulfillment of said pronouncement, may it be known to one and all that such catastrophes are nothing less than Divine Mercy in Action, so that the Church be purified from its many sins and rise Gloriously from its virtual tomb as Our Lord Jesus Christ did!


miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God

Originally signed on June 5, 2004 and
Confirmed on April 20th, 2014 - Easter Sunday

(1) To make this Pronouncement miguel de Portugal was moved to go to Rome at the last minute in December 2000 - as the Jubilee was coming to a close. As expected, miraculously the space was available and all else fell in place - unrequested (to man) financing included. The text, unknown to him beforehand, was given to him once in Rome.


One may think: "How is it possible to defend the Catholic Faith with such steadfastness while at the same time tear down the (Administration of the) Church through which such precious Faith has reached the 21st Century?"

The answer may be found through the following parable:

There was a pure and holy maiden who mothered three holy children: Faith, Hope and Charity

As time went by, the pure and holy maiden started to become corrupt. As the corruption progressed into full-fledged prostitution, the first victim of this tragedy became the third holy child: Charity. Soon, Hope was corrupted too, as the result of the activities of the once holy and pure maiden, now turned into a prostitute, and Hope was no more.

Only one child was left - the first one: Faith. The father took notice of the tragedy in his family. He simply could not allow his firstborn, Faith, to also be corrupted, therefore he decided to directly intervene to preserve Faith because he knew that through Faith he could bring back to life his two other children, Hope and Charity. Then, with the assistance of Hope and Charity, he could finally bring back to life, in its original state of holiness and purity, His Bride - the Church.

May all who have "Eyes, See" and "Ears, Hear".

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