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We, the People ARE We, the Government

and "The Buck" stops with each one of us (1)

Originally published in 2021


We, the people..., the opening words of the Constitution of the United States of America, are forgotten by many citizens of our great Nation when they criticize and accuse the government of the United States of anything and everything.

They also forget that precisely "We, the people" make up "We, the government". We are governed by men and women through laws which "We, the people", to an extent not seen anywhere in this planet, have legitimate control over through the Democratic process.

During the Timothy Mc Veigh saga, as usual, Conspiracy Theories abounded. The crash of TWA Flight 800, the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King assassinations, etc. have also spawned their share of Conspiracy Theories. But why?

That "Why?" is the purpose of this brief document.


The government that we elect, the laws that are enacted and the judgments handed down by the courts reflect the needs and fears of "We, the people". Therefore, it is imperative that we give a face to "We, the people" if we are ever going to correct what ails our society.

Why so many Conspiracy Theories and Official Quick Fixes are associated with major national catastrophic events?

The answer is very simple: "We, the government" feed "We, the people" only with what can be handled emotionally by the population at large otherwise they go on denial (2).

What would the Press do with, and how would the people of our great Nation react, if...

+ ... it became known that the Koresh Waco debacle was the result of the personal fanaticism of the leader(s) of the law enforcement agencies involved?

+ ... they knew why was a Spy Master, the CIA Director, is negotiating with the Israelis and Palestinians to achieve a cease fire instead of a professional Diplomat?

+ ... it was proven that Mc Veigh was just a cog in a major conspiracy and the rest of the organization continues to be a mystery to the US authorities, and could strike again at any time? People would live in fear. Paranoia would become the national ailment.

+ ... Kennedy had been assassinated as part of an internal conspiracy (3) and had been acknowledged by the U.S. government at the time? The people of the US would have stormed Washington, D.C.

+ ... TWA Flight 800 was in reality shot down by a terrorist missile launched from within our own country and the culprits could not be identified nor apprehended? Paranoia would reign supreme in the US and the air transportation industry would suffer.

+ ... the AIDS virus is being transmitted by a very simple non sexual method; a method to which the entire population is exposed daily such as being bitten by a mosquito? Mass panic would ensue.

+ .... the people knew the extent of the damage to the National Security caused by CIA's Rich Ames and FBI's Robert Hanssen (4)? What if people knew why they went undetected for so long? More panic and paranoia.

+ ...people knew the lethal effect of some of the petrochemicals stored by the millions of pounds in Petrochemical Complexes throughout the nation and they became aware of how easily those lethal chemicals could be released to the atmosphere by, say, a tornado, an earthquake, a terrorist, etc. and cause hundred of thousands of deaths?


"We, the people" like to think that "We, the government" is indeed Almighty and nothing can escape it. Such belief is what feeds cover up conspiracies which, in turn, feed the imagination of Conspiracy Theorists.

"We, the government" is forced by the certainty of a Media Circus and the insecurity and spiritual immaturity of the populace to:

(a)  quickly find an escape goat;

(b)  tack unto that escape goat the total guilt; and

(c)  dispatch it as quickly as possible to prevent the populace from finding out that they really are in a very vulnerable position.

If "We, the people" would have seen how overwhelmed was "We, the government" when Hurricane Andrew devastated Miami, Florida, in the Fall of 1992, leaving 250,000 homeless, they would become painfully aware that "We, the government" is:

(a)  Far from being all powerful;

(b)  Far from being able (5) to quickly and effectively respond to a major, but localized, disaster; and

(c)  Very far from dealing with the true forces (6) that lurked behind the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma disaster, the explosion of TWA Flight 800, S-11 (NY and DC), M-11 (Madrid), etc. and which continue to lurk in the background awaiting to act again as determined by their agenda.

Thus, the Conspiracy Theories are not just theories (7). It is just the way that "We, the government" can keep "We, the people" - uninformed by choice - from becoming a nation of paranoids.


May we suggest prayer (8)? We assure you, this is the key ingredient to the only real solution for our problems. There is no other way out. Neither death nor denial (2) is a way out as many poor souls find out... when is too late for them.

In every case it is best to face reality with Faith (9) and never despair (10).

May God Bless America!  (11)

(1) The Americans [USA] have a old saying about the nature of responsibility: "the buck stops here!" - It is a phrase that was popularized by U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. In his case, the phrase referred to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. (Source)
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(10) Do not despair! Do not give up! It is one step at a time!
(11) God bless America yes, but America must bless God!

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