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AOL and the Gates of Hell

They Will Not Prevail!


As we have said many times before, God continues to give us Hints as to what is really taking place in the world behind the scenes. As we get closer and closer to the abyss the frequency and clarity of the Hints make them harder to ignore.

Those over 40 may remember that in the 60's the song The Age of Aquarius was sweeping the airwaves in the United States. Radio, Television, Discos. Everywhere!

In retrospect, of course, we now realize that such catchy song with its enticing lyrics was heralding the nefarious New Age Movement which was soon to engulf the world and which would eventually attempt to eradicate the true Christian teachings from the face of the Earth.


On Thursday, July 26th, 2001, on the Feast of St. Ann and St. Joachim, the Washington Post reported that AOL Time Warner Inc. is going after Bill Gates' Microsoft to take away from Microsoft's MSN the leadership in the Internet access service; that is, an attempt by AOL to become the leading "connector" between "man and the internet".

The report states that AOL would pay Personal Computer makers about $35 for each consumer they nab for AOL's Internet access service. The Post quotes Microsoft as saying that AOL's actions were unprecedented and anti consumer... forcing people to select the most expensive service in the industry. [This is also known as The pot calling the kettle "black".]

Here we have the two leading computer giants, each in its field, in a titanic battle for the "flesh" of the consumer.

This bizarre battle would be amusing except for the message it may contain for the children of God.


A Message? Two Messages?

From the connection made above regarding the subtle introduction to the New Age Movement (1) using the catchy song The Age of Aquarius, should we be surprised that AOL is the leading "connector" between "man and the internet"?

Yes, we know that AOL technically stands for America On Line but it may also be heralding the Age Of Lucifer or being highlighted [for our attention] as Agents Of Lucifer.

But do not be disturbed...

...we are assured that The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the children of God (2).

That means that neither the products of Bill Gates and all other Gates', that is, other computer manufacturers and suppliers, will prevail, in the long run, in their attempts to separate man from God.

Once again, mankind is being nudged by God in the hopes that it recognizes where we are heading and that the only solution is to make prayer (3) the centerpiece of our lives.


(1) The New Age Movement

(2) The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the children of God

(3) The only solution is to make prayer

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