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Why the Dates of Future Events Should Not Be Revealed

Unless God Wills It


The M+G+R Foundation is frequently asked to give specific dates about upcoming apocalyptic events or to comment upon the dates given by the ever increasing population of Prophets, Seers, Visionaries, etc. (1). The answer is always the same: That is not the function of Miguel de Portugal. Any date about which he may have knowledge of is strictly for our internal consumption, that is, for the planning of the work Miguel de Portugal must discharge in the Name of God.

One time, he made the grievous mistake of revealing a time frame; a "time window" within which a certain Apocalyptic event was scheduled to take place. Soon Miguel de Portugal realized the seriousness of the transgression. All he could do then was to plead to God for Mercy and to not allow such transgression to harm his credibility, thus, the work He had called Miguel de Portugal to fulfill at the End of These Times.

The purpose of publishing the following letter at this time is threefold:

(a) Graphically illustrate why dates are not to be revealed unless God has specifically ordered it.

(b) Illustrate why the faithful should not be seeking them.

(c) God will back up those He has chosen to serve Him in a special way.

The letter....

miguel de Portugal

through The M+G+R Foundation

March 14, 1997

Mr. James V. Scotti
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

University of Arizona
949 No. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Subject: Addressing the "X" Months Window Forecasted Before the Comet-Earth Collision.

Reference: All past correspondence

Peace, Love and Hope, Mr. Scotti!

We apologize that we neglected to address the 'missed' window given (2) for the Comet-Earth collision.

In the first place we should have never given a specific time frame because that attempts to impose a limit on God's Goodness and Mercy. If you recall, the collision in question must take place after a nuclear holocaust.

The Mercy of God has delayed the nuclear holocaust (3) almost to the its very limit which, in turn, delays all events that must take place afterwards [Comet-Earth impact included] (4).

However, in spite of our imprudent action He made our word good symbolically, and it could not have been any clearer, since you were the one to discover (5) the record breaking closest-approach-to-Earth (63,000 miles) comet, the 1994 XM1.

We trust that you also noticed that God did not leave room for you to doubt since the discovery date was December 8th, the date in which the Catholic Church celebrates the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, and before the time "window" given expired. (6)

He was generous enough to further provide Comet Hyakutake which happily made its closest pass by our planet on March 25th, 1996. The day in which the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord. This date exactly coincided with the 3rd Anniversary of the Discovery of the Shoemaker-Levi. As you recall, we used the initial collision of the Shoemaker-Levi with Jupiter (July 16th) as a reference point to define the 'missed' window.

In a few days another information document will be issued addressing the Hale-Bopp Comet. This Comet will miss the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25th) by making its closest encounter with our planet on Palm Sunday (March 23rd). In this manner God ties in the Jewish Feast of Purim with the Christian Feast of Palm Sunday and the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Mr. Scotti, we trust that you do not think that miguel de Portugal is behind all of this... (4)

We have confidence that your work continues to go well.

At the service of God, thus, at yours, I remain simply...

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal

Notes added for clarity as this letter is published in The M+G+R Foundation Domain
(1) So Many Visionaries, So Many Prophets! - Are they all from God?
(2) On June 30, 1993, we wrote... This letter is to confirm... and give you some time frames. Our planet - Earth - will be struck by a huge comet within "X" months AFTER the Shoemaker-Levi 1993e strikes Jupiter. The death toll on Earth will be in the billions.
(3) Miguel de P became aware of this delay before the expiration of the time "window" given, a delay which was further confirmed in Spring of 1997. This delay eventually reflected itself on the missed prophecies by others "scheduled" for 1998. Failed prophecies which are still being explained away by those who pronounced them. Now the reader knows the "why" of the apparent failure and eventually "others" will find out too as we publish this document. We look forward to see how long it will take for this explanation to be repackaged and published by "others" as their own.
(4) Will a Comet Hit the Earth?
(5) The Press reported that Comet 1994 XM1 was Mr. Scotti's first comet discovery. It was also reported that, had it been on a collision course with the Earth, Mr. Scotti would have had a scant 12 hours to notify the world before impact.
(6) Other recent Apocalyptic related events have occurred in that date as it has been pointed out to you in the past.

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