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The Importance of the Meditated Holy Rosary

The Meditated Holy Rosary

May God inspire all of us to Pray the Rosary while Meditating Upon the Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

What Many Popes have said about The Rosary

Original Source: The Rosary And the Crisis of Faith

FATIMA AND WORLD PEACE - by: Msgr. Joseph A. Cirrincione and Thomas A. Nelson

Copyright 1986 by Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. - ISDN: 0-89555-306-6

The Roman Pontiffs have continuously and consistently stressed the importance of reciting the Rosary every day. Read below their glowing admiration for this holy devotion and for Mary, The Mother of God, to whom it is addressed.

"Would you like me to tell you a 'secret'? It is simple, and after all, is no secret: 'Pray, pray much. Say the Rosary everyday.'" - Pope John Paul II

"How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary in the evening." - Pope John Paul II

"Blessed are we if we are faithful in reciting that very popular and splendid prayer, the Rosary, which is a kind of measured spelling out of our feelings of affection in the invocation: Hail Mary, hail Mary, hail Mary. Our life will be a fortunate one if it is interwoven with this garland of roses, with this circlet of praises to Mary, to the mysteries of her Divine Son!" - Pope Paul VI

"Spread the Rosary, the prayer so dear to the Virgin and so esteemed by popes; by it the faithful can best fulfill the command of Christ: ' Ask and it shall be given; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.' (Mt. 7:7). The Rosary puts all who have trust in it into communication with Our Lady." - Pope Paul VI

"The Rosary is the glory of the Roman Church. As an exercise of Christian piety, it takes its place among the faithful after the Mass and the Sacraments." - Pope John XXIII

"The Rosary, as is known to all, is in fact a very excellent means of prayer and meditation in the form of a mystical crown in which the prayers Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father are intertwined with meditation on the greatest mysteries of our Faith and which presents to the mind, like many pictures, the drama of the Incarnation of our Lord and the Redemption." - Pope John XXIII

"The Rosary, which in its entirety we never miss, even for a single day of the year, is the most fitting formula for praying and meditating." - Pope John XXIII

"My day must be one long prayer; prayer is the breath of like. I propose to recite all fifteen decades of the Rosary every day, if possible in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament." - Pope John XXIII

"If you recite the Family Rosary, all united, you shall taste peace; you shall have in your homes concord of souls. Hearing the Christian home resound with the praised of the Queen of Heaven (is) a simple fact in appearance, but extraordinarily received by God, such as to enrapture the Angels, which from Heaven see and hear! The Rosary recited in common gathers the parents with their children, piously joins them with those absent, with the deceased, draws all there, close to the Virgin, who, as Mother, will be in the midst of her children. We esteem the Rosary to be the most suitable and efficacious means to obtain the help of God. The flowers of the Rosary never perish." - Pope Pius XII

"The Rosary is a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight and to keep oneself from sin... It not only serves admirably to overcome the enemies of God and of religion, but it is also a stimulus and an encouragement to the practice of the evangelical virtues, which it develops and cultivates in our souls. Above all, it nourishes our Catholic Faith...If you desire peace in your hearts, in your homes, and in your country, assemble each evening to recite the Rosary. Let not even one day pass without saying it, no matter how burdened you may be with many cares and labors." - Pope Pius XI

"The Rosary elevates minds to the truths reveled by God and shows us Heaven opened. The Virgin Mary Herself has insistently recommended this manner of praying. All Graces are conceded to us by God through the hands of Mary." - Pope Pius XI

"Nevertheless, if men in our century, with its derisive pride, reject the holy Rosary, there is an innumerable multitude of holy men of every age and every condition who have always held it dear. They have recited it with great devotion, and in every moment they have used it as a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight, to preserve the integrity of life, to acquire virtue more easily, and, in a word, to attain real peace among men." - Pope Pius XI

"From it (the Rosary) the young will draw fresh energy with which to control the rebellious tendencies to evil and to preserve intact the stainless purity of the soul. Also in it, the old will again find repose, relief , and peace from their anxious cares. And to all those who suffer in any way, especially the dying, may it bring comfort and increase the hope of eternal Happiness." - Pope Pius XI

"The prayer of the Rosary is perfect because of the praises it offers, the lessons it teaches, the graces it obtains, and the victories it achieves." - Pope Benedict XV

"St. Dominic knew well that, while on the one hand Mary is all powerful with Her divine Son, who grants all graces to mankind through Her, on the other hand, She is by nature so good and so merciful that, inclined to aid spontaneously those who suffer, She is absolutely incapable of refusing Her help to those who invoke Her. The Church is in the habit of greeting the Virgin as 'Mother of Grace' and 'Mother of Mercy,' and so She has always shown Herself, especially when we have recourse to Her by means of the Holy Rosary." - Pope Benedict XV

"The Rosary is the most beautiful and the richest of all prayers to the Mediatrix of all grace; it is the prayer that touches most the heart of the Mother of God. Say it each day." - Pope St. Pius X

"The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of attaining eternal life. It is the remedy for all our evils, the root of all our blessings. There is no more excellent way of praying." - Pope Leo XIII

"As the various mysteries present themselves one after another in the formula of the Rosary, for the meditation and contemplation of men's minds, they also make clear what we owe to Mary for our reconciliation and salvation. No one can fail to be sweetly affected when he considers who appeared in Elizabeth's home as the minister of the divine gifts, who presented Her Son to the shepherds, the kings and Simeon. One must remember, too, that Christ's blood shed for our sake, and those members in which He offers to His Father the wounds He received as the price of our freedom, are no other than the flesh and blood of the Virgin. The flesh of Jesus is the Flesh of Mary, and however much it was exalted in the glory of His Resurrection, still the nature of His flesh which He took from Mary remained and still remains the same." - Pope Leo XIII

"May the Christian nations cling more and more to the practice of the Rosary, to which our ancestors had recourse as an ever-ready refuge in misfortune, and a glorious proof and pledge of Christian faith and devotion. We have desired and desire nothing more ardently than that fervor of the faithful in performing this devotion should not languish, but should remain ever firm..." - Pope Leo XIII

"Among all the devotions approved by the Church, none has been so favored by so many miracles as the Rosary devotion." - Pope Pius IX

"Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world." - Pope Pius IX

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Published on October 1st, 2003

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