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We have decided to publish the script of this play base on the life of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and Holy Face because, in a very personal and intimate manner, it explains great Heavenly secrets which help all the children of God to protect themselves from satan's snares while, at the same time, they are encouraged to progress in the road of perfection without guilt and with confident abandonment.

If we were to summarize the central lesson to be learned from this play, would be as follows::

On the day of the Final Judgment, God is not going to judge us by our level sanctity/perefection; He will judge us based on how hard we tried to sanctify/perfect ourselves in spite of our miseries and limitation. It is not "Where did we get", but "How hard we tried to get there."
The True Story of St. Therese of Lisiuex: A Scene from the Play by Fr. Peter Cameron, O.P. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have received the following mailing from Rev. Peter Cameron, O.P.  - the author of the play

Subject:  regarding THE SACRAMENT OF MEMORY
Fri, 12 Aug 2005 13:35:25 EDT
The M+G+R Foundation

The excerpt from THE SACRAMENT OF MEMORY has NOT been posted with the permission of the author
and should be removed from your website immediately.
Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.

The referenced excerpts were published thinking that whatever was good for the Catholic Faith - and deriving no financial benefit from it - would be pleasing to a priest, especially its author, thus we neglected to request the obviously necessary permission.

We seem to have been wrong making such sweeping assumptions and we regret any inconvenience and discomfort we may have caused  Rev. Cameron by publicizing his work

If our visitor wishes to review such excerpts, we recommend that they forward their request directly to Rev. Cameron at the address shown above.

Do remember to pray for Rev. Cameron, it is our responsibility. He seems to be as disoriented regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ as most clerics are today.

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