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The Papacy - A Historical Perspective

684-701 A.D.

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St. Benedict II : 684-685 A.D.

81. Born in Rome. Elected June 26, 684 - died May 8, 685.

He reintroduced the immunity of asylum that opposing factions did not respect because they continued to arrest or kill their enemies, even in church. He managed to free the Church from the influence of the Emperor, dating back to Justinian, by eliminating the clause of Imperial consent.

During his Pontificate, between Christmas and the Epiphany, an extremely bright comet appeared in the sky.

He is buried in the Vatican Grottoes. His Pontificate lasted about 1 year.

John V : 685-686 A.D.

82. Born in Antioch (Syria). Elected July 23, 685 - died August 2, 686.

He was elected Pope in St. John Lateran's Church and was the first Pope to be consecrated without waiting for the abusive confirmation of the Imperial Court of Constantinople. He restored order in the Sardinian and Corsican dioceses by claiming the exclusive right of the Holy See to consecrate the bishops of the isles.

He is buried in the Vatican Grottoes. His pontificate lasted about 1 year.

Conon : 686-687 A.D.

83. Born in Thrace. Elected October 21, 686 - died September 21, 687.

His pontificate was very restless given the serious anarchy that affected the Church. Platina says that Conon was defined Angelic because of his venerable gray hair and his dignified posture.

He had to accept the reintroduction of the Imperial confirmation for the election of a new pope, which was imposed by the exarch from Ravenna.

He was often the victim of cunning followers of the Byzantine Emperor. He supposedly died of poisoning.

He is buried in the Vatican Grottoes. His pontificate lasted 11 months.

St. Sergius I : 687-701 A.D.

84. Born in Antioch. Elected December 15, 687 - died September 8, 701.

He was appointed after two anti-popes. He tried to repair the schism arisen in Rome and put an end to the Aquileia schism.

He introduced the triple prayer of the Agnus Dei into the liturgy, which follows the break of the Host.

During his pontificate, the Republic of Venice was established.

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