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Illumination of the Secret Concept


Even though the well known St. Augustine, after much to do, wrote fifteen books (1) trying to explain the Secret Concept of the Holy Trinity, he could not because God chose to reveal it at the end of the 20th century as we approach the End of These Times.

The answer to the millenary question: "How can there be only One God yet Three Persons?" will begin to take form in the minds of those who will partake of this gift from Heaven.

The lack of understanding of the Trinitarian Concept has been the major stumbling block between Christianity and Islam, and among some Christian Churches; thus, the source of untold suffering as they have battled throughout the centuries in defense of what they thought was the "Truth".

No words nor expressions exist in our world to fully describe a reality which is beyond the Created Universe. Therefore, physical world parallels and equivalents will be used as the means of answering this millenary question.


The concept that has been a mystery throughout the centuries is best defined with the question: "How is it possible that there is only one God, yet, simultaneously is three distinct Persons?" We shall see....

Just as water is only one substance that manifests itself in three different manners/forms (three physical states - liquid, solid and vapor), the nature/essence of God is One and Unique. There  Is only one God - Who manifests Himself in three distinct Divine Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Even though the essence/nature of God obviously is not a compound nor chemical substance as water is, we express the parallelism/parable stating that there is only one unique and indivisible Divine "Substance" [only one God] but three manifestations - three different and distinct Persons. (2)


+++ One Substance

We shall use a chemical parallel for illustration.

The molecule of the compound which we call 'water', is composed of: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The chemical formula is: H2O.

Whenever two atoms of hydrogen are chemically combined with one oxygen atom to create one molecule, the result is always the same and unique: water [H2O].

This unique substance has a group of physical and chemical properties which are always the same and which no other substance has.

+++ Three Manifestations

 Water [H2O] may be in vapor form (like steam), liquid form (like water) or solid form (like ice). That is, it manifests itself, according to the pressure and the temperature of its environment, in three different forms or states, yet, it is always the same (chemical) substance: Water [H2O].

+++ The Parallel

Water at room temperature and pressure exhibits its 'Normal Manifestation' in the 'Liquid Form'.

Consider then this parallel (remember, it is only a parallel used to describe the indescribable in human terms).

God, The Father ~ 'Normal Manifestation' ~ 'Liquid Form'; then,

'Concrete Manifestation' ~ 'Solid Form' of God The Father, is Jesus Christ; and the

'Spiritual Manifestation' ~ 'Vapor Form' of God The Father, is the Holy Spirit.

One and the Same Substance, Three Distinct manifestations.

Both the 'Solid Form' and the 'Vapor Form' of water [H20] come from the 'Liquid Form': The Source.

To the 'Liquid Form', they go back, because: At Standard Conditions, the 'Liquid Form' is the "Greatest of All" (3) [just as Jesus Christ qualified The Father], yet, all three are equally The Same Substance: H2O - thus only One God.


 The Divine is always reflected in the physical world. Thus the Triune concept reflects itself in the three states: Solid, Liquid and Vapor.

Man has two of the components of the Triune God manifestations - body (solid) (Jesus) and soul (vapor) (Holy Spirit). Man was created in the spiritual Image of God, yet, man's complete fulfillment will only be achieved when he returns to The Father and become one with Him, without assuming the Divine Nature.

Man was made 'In The Image of God'- An 'Image' from a mirror or from a projection will never be as perfect as the 'Original'. However, the more perfect the mirror or the projection is, the closer in fidelity the 'Image' will be to the 'Original'.

The reminder "... be perfect as The Father is perfect..." calls us to be as mirrors, perfected to the highest possible level, so that His 'Image', reflected from us, be as perfect as possible. But we must remember, an 'Image' will always be an 'Image', no matter how perfect for... "Who is like unto God?"

When Our Lord Jesus Christ said that seeing Him was like seeing the Father, that is precisely what He meant. Jesus is not an "Image" of God; He is the manifestation of God, thus no different than the Father in substance for... He Is indeed God!



(1) St. Augustine fruitless efforts

Clearly defining some of the terms that we will use as we try to explain the Triune Concept.

We will use two terms: substance and nature. Linguistically  they have more than one meaning. The two meanings of each word that we will use are listed below so that the reader does not become confused during the explanation.

substance = matter of a definite chemical composition (in the case of H20)
substance = that of which something consists (Divine in the case of God)


nature = element of the natural world (such as in the case of a chemical compound)
nature = essence of something (Divine in the case of God)

Obviously when we refer to the substance or nature of God, we are speaking of His Divinity, which is unique in the Universe.

Conversely, when we speak of the substance or nature of water, we are speaking of the element composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

(3) For the science buff: We have purposely left out the portions of the explanation which deal with Thermodynamic Phase Equilibria, etc. We do not want to illustrate what was learned under Prof. Prausnitz at the University of California, Berkeley. We only want to share what was given by God.

Originally issued only for Worldwide Ecclesiastical Distribution on June 15, 1995. Nazare, Portugal

Terminology clarified on May 9th, 2014

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