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We are sharing with our readers a letter which we have received illustrating, step by step, one of the many ways in which God, The Father, calls His "Prodigal Sons" and how this particular "son" responded and started his journey back Home to The Father.

We have the explicit permission from the sender to publish the unedited letter and to use his full name because, using his own words: "I shall never stand ashamed before men for my faith in God."

At the end of his letter, we will add some comments which we deem pertinent.


The letter - exactly as providentially received from Daniel Noe:

Greetings In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I wanted to write to you and share what has been happening with me of late. I was led to your web site after watching a program in November (2005) on the History Channel, I believe, about the Blessed Virgin. Although its content and innuendo obviously were aimed at distorting Marian devotion, it prompted me to do a web search and I found your site. I devoured it! You verbalize so many things that have been on my mind, and call attention to the state of things I was beginning to think that only I was noticing.

My bothers and sisters, I thank God that you are there!

I am one of the so called “Cradle Catholics” and had wandered far from the institutional church, however not the faith. The flame was dim from despair of the situation in our Church, but it was not extinguished. Your web site was as a breeze to the embers of faith within me. As I read more and more, I felt compelled to locate my Rosary. I've had the same one since my First Communion some 40 plus years ago in the era of the Tridentine Mass. It had fallen into disuse years ago, but I had always taken notice of it as I changed my residence and was deployed across the country and world as a soldier; always taking care to make sure it made the move with me and I could account for its location.

I began to pray it again, although I must humbly admit I had to print out your web page on the prayers and mysteries as my memory of them had dimmed a bit. My prayer life has increased 100 fold! I returned to attending Mass again. I prayed for a confessor and sought out a Priest and made my confession, the first in many, many years. I received the Holy Eucharist for the first time in a state of grace in an equally long period of time. My heart leapt and my eyes filled with tears of joy as the Blessed Host was raised before me. I felt truly like the Prodigal Son returning to the Father.

His Grace and Mercy continued to pour out on me. I was able for the first time in 5 years to speak to my wife about my faith and what was happening to me. She attended Mass with me at Christmas. She had mentioned my using my Rosary in passing one day and that she didn't know the prayers to pray it. I explained what they were and how it was prayed.

I had wanted to go to a Religious Articles store near here for some time to replace a Four Way Scapular medal that I had worn for the past 30 years. I had given it to my son when he deployed to Iraq in November. I thought it might also be a good idea to purchase a Rosary for my wife since it was her birthday yesterday, but was unable to until today due to it being a federal holiday and the store being closed. I found the Scapular medal, and selected a Rosary that I thought she might like. As I was wandering around the store, I was thinking that I needed to track down a Priest and have the Rosary and Scapular blessed. With the consolidation and closing of our Parishes here, I was thinking it may be a few days before I could have them blessed and perhaps not until Sunday before or after Mass.

To my astonishment I overheard the store manager greet someone and then address him as “Father”! There was a Priest in the store! Now that might not seem particularly unusual since it is the type of store that also supplies the articles that are used in Catholic Churches and at Mass. But the circumstances of that precise moment, being early afternoon, a usually slow time for shoppers, were not lost on me! Some of our diocesan priests dress rather well and seem not to be what one would expect of a person who has taken a vow of poverty. To me that seems to be hypocrisy. This Priest was not that image. At first glance I thought perhaps he was not a Priest, and I had mistaken him for the person the store manager had greeted. He was wearing well worn, but comfortable shoes, and a slightly frayed black jacket.

I approached him and asked if he was a priest. He answered affirmatively and I introduced myself and apologized for being forward. He told me that he was with the Diocese outreach program to Aids sufferers and was based out of St. John's Cathedral here. I explained that I had just purchased the Scapular medal and Rosary and needed to have them… he concluded my sentence “…have them blessed.”  There at the check out counter, with the store clerk looking on, he gently opened the boxes and lifted out the Rosary's Crucifix. Making the sign of the Cross he offered up a prayer, blessed and consecrated them to the wearers and bearers of “this Scapular and Rosary and all who should look upon them” and placing his hand on my head, blessed and consecrated me as well. I knew in my heart I was indeed in the presence of a true Shepherd of Christ.

Thank you for letting me share the above with you. Offer a prayer for me, if it pleases you, that I may continue on the road God has called me back to. I will offer mine for you as well.

Yours In Christ Jesus,

Daniel Noe (USA)


[In case that you may not know exactly what we mean when we frequently talk about Daniel and his  interpreting the handwriting on the wall,  Click Here for a brief explanation.]

As you may have seen, Daniel was graced with having placed his faith in God - not on an institution and/or men. Even though "The flame (of his faith) was dim from despair of the situation in the Roman Catholic Church, .... it was not extinguished." If his faith had not been well anchored in God, the return would have been very difficult... How can one "return" to where one never was?  When our faith is fundamented upon the Rock of Christ, nothing, but nothing!, can possibly snuff it out.

As we have also said - organized religion has a very definite and needed function, otherwise, Jesus would not have founded such an institution to teach and spread the Good News. The problem arose when the institution became the object of our faith instead of God. Just as the "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath" [Mark 2:27], the Church was made for man, and not man  for the Church. Man was created exclusively by and for God!

As if God wanted all of us to clearly recognize His Hand in this letter consider.....

Just about the time we are publishing documents such as What Time Is It? (1), Biblical Literalism Parts I (2) and II (3), It Is About That Time (4), Mercy In Action (5), What Can We Do? Part I (6) and II (7), etc. Daniel Noe lives through the above narrated journey and writes to us with the details.

By now the reader knows who Daniel, his Biblical namesake, was and what is meant by his reading and interpreting for King Belteshazzar the Divine handwriting of the wall. Something that obviously Daniel Noe did for his own benefit (at first) with God's assistance. What makes this providential event even more interesting is that the family name of  Daniel is "Noe", which is the Spanish and Portuguese translation of Noah...., yes, "the Noah" so well known for the Ark and the deluge. [Genesis Chaps.. 6,7 & 8]

May those who have Eyes See, etc., etc.


For the Glory of God, we dedicate this document to those few souls who have, unsolicited, offered to us direct material assistance; to the other souls who have given us supernatural  assistance through their acts of charity to relieve the misery of  the poor (offered for our benefit); and those souls who have offered, and continue to offer, the suffering God deemed they endure in their lives, as well as many prayers, so that miguel de Portugal can, partly through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation, fulfill part of God's Plan through him for the End of These Times.

May God continue to reward them richly for making available to "all the Daniels" out there, just waiting for His call to come back, the platform from which to issue "the call".

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