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The World Has Been Amply Warned

Selected Documents which will assist the Faithful in heeding and understanding the Warnings from Heaven
Realize that Time is Almost Out

A Hidden Prophecy?

From the First Book of Kings - President Bush was amply warned before embarking in "his" Middle East insane Policy.

A Letter to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

"For the first time in my life I know what 'fear of God' means and I want to share it with you..."

Arch Bishop Levada's 'Holy' Record

The purpose of this page is to bring to light the alleged Hidden Record of the man who is supposed to be the Guardian of the Catholic Faith.

Are We (Almost) There Yet?

"Plain talk" to stimulate the thinking of the faithful, so that, under the direct and individual Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, a better awareness of What Time Is It? - Apocalyptically speaking - is achieved.

Cantalamessa Preaches Penance

Refuting spiritual remedies suggested by Benedict XVI's preacher for the damage done to the Roman Catholic Church by the Sexual Abuse Scandal

Countdown To A Showdown

"Jan. 23, 2006 - If Armageddon happens, those who survive will look back and see the warnings—so many of them—that were somehow lost from view in the numbing rush of 24/7 news..."

Egan Protected Abusive Priests

Secret court documents reveal that New York Cardinal Edward M. Egan, while serving as bishop of the Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocese, allowed several priests facing multiple accusations of sexual abuse to continue working for years

His Holiness John Paul II Should Resign

Written on October 28, 2002 to His Holiness John Paul II, Successor of Peter and Bishop of Rome, entreating his resignation.

Holy Real Estate

About the real estate holdings of various U.S. Archdioceses that may need to be liquidated to settle abuse claims.

How To Get Ready For What Is To Come

The Instructions

It Is About That Time

When the forces of evil have reached a level that they are at the threshold of ensnaring even the Elect, then God will act decisively and break the backbone of such forces. That time, is now.

Letter to Cardinal Bertone - Vatican Secretary of State - September 19, 2007

Response to Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone's criticism of lawyers acting in America's clerical sex abuse cases

Letter to Former U.S. President Carter on June 3, 1993

The purpose of God was simple and straight forward: Delay as much as possible the most severe part of the tribulations. Although the overall timetable of the events have been set from all Eternity, the timing of the signpost events on the road to the End of These Times, as well as their severity, remains flexible--a flexibility granted by the Mercy of God in response to man's cooperation with His designs.

Letter to Former U.S. President Carter on September 1, 1993

Another request to address then-President Clinton - This particular letter calls to the President's attention the serious mistakes made by the U.S.A. military in 1941. Mistakes which left Pearl Harbor in ruins.

Letter to President Bush - A Dangerous Miscalculation

The Iraqi Crisis and the threats to Saddam Hussein

Letter to President Bush - A Dangerous Miscalculation - Part II

The intention to replace Saddam Hussein - the U.S. cannot afford a fatal miscalculation.

Remain in a State of Alert

Live in readiness as if a major catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, floods, fire, accident, brief nuclear exchange, etc.) was about to strike. That is, ready to properly function for a few days under adverse conditions.

Russia Is Given Up for Lost

The contents of this article published by PRAVDA in 2003 should be taken very seriously because it was written not by the enemies of Russia. May the information in here presented serve as the last nail in the coffin of the lie about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It could not be any clearer, to those who have Eyes to See, of course.

satan's Plan

The real objective of the terrorist campaign is to gain absolute control of the world - and - how satan is doing it.

State of the Roman Catholic Faith

A current profile (a profile which is getting worse day by day) of the population of the country where "the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved" - Portugal.

Terrorism: The Only Solution is Obedience to Jesus Christ

Claiming the promises of Jesus Christ, simply pray for the conversion of one and all. Every single terrorist that walks on this planet.

Terrorism: The Only Solution is Obedience to Jesus Christ - Part 2

We, individually, and collectively as a Nation, militarily and financially, are Sitting Ducks unless we listen to Jesus Christ and obey Him - with coherent actions and not just hollow and unfulfilled promises.

The Near-Apocalyptic Climatological and Geological Events Worldwide

A theological explanation using the 2005 tsunami in SE Asia as a "textbook" example.

The Position of Miguel de Portugal Regarding the Roman Church Administration

miguel de Portugal holds the Vatican Administrators in the same contempt as our Lord and Master Jesus Christ held for the Temple Administrators 2000 years ago... and for the same exact reasons.

The Sin of Judas - Part 2

Observations about the Gospel of Judas by Mr. Charles Upton, to compliment The M+G+R Foundation's document denouncing such self-evident blasphemy.

The Smoke of Satan is Everywhere

A snare of satan is to convince the faithful that the manifestation of the Antichrist is far off.

The Symbolic Manifestation of the Steps Nos. 1 and 2

How these earliest steps in the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times have been symbolically manifested as a special Grace from God.

To the Roman Curia - You Were Amply Warned

The warning through Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to the key members of the Church in reference of the rampant sexual abuse by members of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, was ignored.

True Tradition IS NOT Fascism!

We wish to warn our readers warn about the deadly error of equating "Tradition" with "The Good Old Days" (of Hitler and Mussolini), and to show that the unsuspecting Faithful, as well as average citizens, are falling into that trap.

Warning to The Roman Curia About Clergy Pedophilia

Because God wants all His children to know that the Roman Church has been amply warned and when the full fury of satan is allowed by God to descend upon the Church - that was the only choice He had left to bring it to its knees before Him so that it may then be regenerated to what He intended it to be.

You Are Being Warned For the Last Time

You are being led to believe that All Is Well precisely by those who, in sheep's clothing, are serving satan.

The Attempt to the Rehabilitation of Judas....

...may be the last blow to the Christian Faith and just in time for the "Grand Finale"

The Manifestation of the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place...

...On September 14, 2005, will officially become a physical reality

A Letter to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls and the Directors of the official Opus Dei Centers in each country where they are officially represented

Plans of Opus Dei - Please Cease and Desist! Letter dated: September 6, 1996

A Letter to the Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church

The Pruning of the Ranks of the Holy Roman Catholic Church-An Apology Letter dated: June 14/15, 1996

Approved Messages of Mary at Akita, Japan.


Approved Messages of Mary at La Salette, France

Messages - Response - Consequences

A Letter to Dr. Joaquín Navarro Valls, Director Public Relations Office, The Holy See.

Who really authored "Crossing the Threshold Of Hope"? Letter dated: July 20, 1995

A Letter to the Principals of Episcopal Commissions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church Worldwide

Beyond Pope John Paul II - What to Expect. Letter dated: May 18, 1994

An Open Letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II

This document addresses the State of the World in relation to the Responsibility entrusted by God to the Roman Catholic Church. Letter dated: February 22, 1997

A Letter To Those Who Control the Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church .

The lack of adequate response to the Exhortations and Warnings from Heaven and Its possible consequences. Letter dated: August 29, 1995

A Letter to Cardinal Bernardin Gantin.

(A) The lack of adequate response to the Exhortations and Warnings from Heaven and Its possible consequence - Part II
(B) The Developments in Iran regarding Fátima
Letter dated: December 15, 1995

A Letter to Cardinal Bernardin Gantin.

Pontifical Approbation of The Marian Movement of Priests. Letter dated: January 6, 1998

A Letter to Archbishop of Constantinople.

The Manifestation of the False Christ. Letter dated: January 6, 1998

Our Lady of Lourdes, Guadalupe, Miraculous Medal, Beauraing and Banneux

Messages - Response - Consequences

Our Lady at Montichiari-Fontanelle.

Apparitions - Messages

Published in the year 2003

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