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For many years miguel de Portugal, in the Name of God, has been quietly communicating with World Leaders regarding what is really taking place in the world; a world, said leaders thought was under their control.

The purpose of God was simple and straight forward: Delay as much as possible the most severe part of the tribulations.

This particular letter calls to the President's attention the serious mistakes made by the U.S.A. military in 1941. Mistakes which left Pearl Harbor in ruins.

Let us pray that something was learned from those mistakes.

Regarding the Explanatory Notes on the Letter

The following letter is exactly as it was sent in September 1993; almost nine months after the Clinton Administration commenced and before miguel de Portugal knew the plans God had for him.

The reader must keep in mind that it was written and sent ten years ago. The Explanatory Notes indicated by symbols such as {1}, {2}, etc. have been added now to assist the general public in understanding some of the issues covered in it.

You may now access The Letter....

Released to the general faithful for the first time on February 2001

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