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October  2016

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Published on October 27th, 2016

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Q.  Exactly what do you mean when you refer to "smart Prayers"?


There are some very specific prayers which, in these times of "road Maps" and "smart Bombs", should be called "smart Prayers" - that is: They go straight to the core of the problem and their effectiveness is the highest possible since they have been given by God.

Have you ever stopped to think why with the billions upon billions of prayers and Masses Catholics have offered over the centuries the world continues to slip into the abyss? Even by the time of Francis of Assisi
(1181 - 1226) God was asking him to repair His Church for it was already quite broken. The problem stems primarily from a trinity of errors:

(1) "We do not need to be very specific in our prayers; after all God knows what we need" - is a very common, and very erroneous, belief.
(2) "By just 'spitting' out the prayers or just 'mouthing' them, somehow, automatically, they will work" - most faithful believe.
(3) Most Catholics do not know how to pray because they have not been taught properly - a product of the failed Evangelization of the Churches of the East (Orthodox) and the West (Roman)

We will address each error in the hopes that many will understand what has gone wrong.

Error No. 1 - If we did not have to be specific in our requests to God because He "knows what we need".... Why in the world would Jesus have taught the Our Father to the disciples?  That is a prayer with very specific requests. We must be specific just as Jesus taught us.

Error No. 2 - The prayers must come form the "trinity" of heart, mind and mouth.  We should strive that our heart, with great faith, feels what our mind is thinking and our mouth is saying.  Otherwise, why not record a Rosary on a tape and turn it on to play incessantly day in and day out? If you do so, you will see that the only result will be: (a)  run down batteries and (b) a worn out tape (and an irate neighbor if the cassette player volume was too high....).  The way most prayers are offered have the same effect. It is hard to do, but we must strive to do so and never give up in our efforts.

Error No. 3 - The invocation before a prayer is key and few people have been Evangelized and Catechized on this manner. Let us review the following example that should be used when we are trying to reduce abortion from being a birth control procedure, as it is mostly used now, to just an aberration of society.

Eternal Father, invoking the Communion of Saints  I offer the merits of (this prayer) (this sacrifice) (this offering) as an act of reparation for the sins and offenses committed by my sisters who are now pregnant and considering an abortion; sins and offenses for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before You can work the pleasure of Your Mercy in their souls, draw them to conversion and, consequently, the abandonment of the consideration of abortion. I ask this in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who Lives and Reigns with You in union with the Holy Spirit - One God For Ever and Ever - Amen!

As we have explained elsewhere, there are some sins that we may have committed which basically shield us from the Merciful action of God.  That is - some conditions must be met by a soul before God can "roll up His sleeves" and apply His Mercy to a soul steeped in sin. Therefore - we, invoking the Communion of Saints, because we are all members of the Body of Christ, are now offering, on behalf of another part of the Body of Christ, the reparation demanded by Divine Justice before God can apply His Mercy to the soul we are praying for.

In simpler world terms: When we have a headache - our head aches but it is by means of the hands, the eyes and the mouth - all parts of the same body shared by the head - that we are able to take an aspirin which will relieve the headache.  The head by itself cannot do it.... some conditions must be met first.

Secondly, we are asking for their conversion for that is key to abandoning their preference for abortions. We do not want "a one shot deal" - we want the conversion of the individual in question, thus, we ask God for it - now - that we have already cleared the way for His Mercy to freely act on that soul.

Using the aspirin parallel - If  the headache is a chronic headache caused by some disease - whether allergies or a brain tumor, we must go beyond the headache, we must strive to heal the disease which is causing the symptom.  In the example that we use: Abortion is not a disease - it is a symptom of the condition of the soul.

Lastly, we ask using the "key" Jesus gave us: We ask the particular favor in the Name of Jesus Christ. Not "through" as many official prayers read. 

He taught us to ask in His Name. Why? Because Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word of God, thus, in essence, what we are asking God, the Father, is: "Grant this favor to us as Your Word told us You would."

What we explained above is what was meant by:
"smart Prayers"; prayers which yield results.

We pray that this will serve many in improving the effectiveness of their prayer life.


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