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The Rise and Fall of the Regime of the False Christ


Mr. Lee Penn offered to review every single document or post that we have prepared regarding the manifestation of the False Christ, and to summarize all that we have announced about the final deception to be sprung upon humanity.

For the convenience and benefit of all, he prepared a 350 word summary of The Summary, which we have labeled "IN SUMMARY", and the complete summary which we have labeled "IN DETAIL".

At the end, Mr. Penn has listed all the sources that he used from The M+G+R Foundation domains

We wish to publicly express our appreciation to Lee for such an arduous, but well worthwhile, effort.


The final, deadliest spiritual threat we face as we move toward the End of These Times is the appearance of the False Christ. He will carry out a satanic counterfeit of the Second Coming of Christ, and will attempt to set himself up as "God" and as world ruler. Most Christians will follow this deceiver, to their spiritual doom. The only protection for each of the faithful is to be connected to God, to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and to be obedient to God's prompting. Intellectual "faith" will fail; an ongoing spiritual connection to God is essential.

Before the False Christ appears, there will be great worldwide Tribulation: a brief nuclear war, social chaos, and Apocalyptic-scale natural disasters. The False Christ will arise from within the Catholic Church, with the full support of Opus Dei, Benedict XVI (or his successor), and most of the Church Administration. The False Christ will come to Rome, and claim the Vatican as his own. He will say that he is the Christ, and will attempt to rule by deceit, seduction, and miracles. Were there enough time, the False Christ would ruthlessly persecute Jews and all those who refuse to worship him.

The power of the False Christ will be broken by the appearance of the Sign of the Son of Man in the sky. Christ will resurrect the faithful dead (the first resurrection – Revelation 20:5), call the faithful living to Himself, and complete the global Chastisement. Christ will come to Earth, destroying the False Christ, the Antichrist/False Prophet, and their supporters. Then He will renew the face of the Earth, and will lead His Elect into the New Creation, a kingdom of justice, mercy, and peace. The miracles that God will accomplish then will be greater than any since the Creation.


The following facts will help people recognize the False Christ, reject him, and wait in hope for the coming in Glory of our Lord, God and Savior: Jesus Christ.

Long-term and short-term preparations for the appearance of the False Christ:

  1. The way for the False Christ has long been prepared in secret within the Catholic Church – in particular, by Opus Dei, Benedict XVI, and the Marian Movement of Priests. Other Catholics who have prepared the way for the False Christ include those who have taken control of, distorted, and commercialized the message of legitimate Marian apparitions, those who have debunked legitimate Marian apparitions, those who have promoted false Marian apparitions, and the "new ecclesial movement" cults within the Church.
  2. For the last 1,600 years, the undue exaltation of the Papacy and the Church Administration (including the use of the fraudulent "Donation of Constantine" to justify Papal claims to earthly power and wealth) has been preparing the way for the emergence of the False Christ.
  3. Since the 1950s, there have been rapid and confusing changes in Catholic liturgy, devotions, penitential customs, church art, and church architecture. First, there was "tradition," then "revolution," and now a "restoration." All of this has the effect of conditioning the faithful to follow whatever the ecclesiastical Party Line of the moment may be. Some have been driven away from the Faith by the upheavals; others have become willing to follow the Church Administration wherever it leads. Such alienation and disorientation prepares the way for the False Christ.
  4. Fanatics among Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians are likewise, and unbeknown to themselves, paving the way for the Final Deceiver.
  5. As far back as 1958, Bishop Fulton Sheen gave an accurate, in-advance "job description" for the False Christ. On p. 21 of his book Life of Christ, he wrote: "we have a virile Christ and a leader worth following in these terrible times … a leader to Whom we can make totalitarian sacrifice without losing, but gaining freedom … We need a Christ today Who will make cords and drive the buyers and sellers from our new temples; Who will blast the unfruitful fig-trees; Who will talk of crosses and sacrifices and Whose voice will be like the voice of the raging sea. …a Christ Who will restore moral indignation, Who will make us hate evil with a passionate intensity, and love goodness to a point where we can drink death like water."
  6. The ideas of "restoring Christendom," the expectation of a coming "Great King" and "Holy Pontiff," advocacy of a restored Inquisition, and support for a new Crusade (propagation of "Christianity" by force of arms, as in a battle against secularism or Islam) all prepare the way for the False Christ and his teachings. Likewise, any attempt to attain justice and peace through global governance by anyone other than Jesus Christ is a manifestation of False Christ thinking.

At the present time:

  1. John Paul II was the last legitimate Pope. However, during the final decade of his reign, he was – in effect – hostage to Opus Dei.
  2. Benedict XVI is not a legitimate successor of Peter; he is the AntiChrist. He is also functioning as the False Prophet, because he is paving the way for the False Christ.
  3. If Ratzinger dies (or leaves office for any reason) before The End of These Times, his successor will be no more legitimate than he is.
  4. Since Benedict XVI is the forerunner of the False Christ, the faithful should not pay him homage or pray for his intentions. Since Josemaría Escrivá founded Opus Dei, and since that organization continues to pave the way for the False Christ, the faithful should not venerate him, or seek his intercession, or recognize him as a true saint.
  5. The September 14, 2005 blessing of a statue of Escrivá, placed in the outer wall of St. Peter's Basilica, is a symbolic fulfillment of Christ's prophecy of the "abomination of desolation." This prophecy will be fulfilled, literally and in full, when the False Christ appears within the Church and claims to be God, the Messiah.
  6. The manifestation of the False Christ had been planned by its promoters for 1998-2000. Due to an act of Divine Mercy, and in response to prayer, this event has been delayed for more than ten years. Thus, the Great Tribulation that precedes the Return of Christ in Glory has been shortened from a period of years to a period of months, or less.

The near future – the beginning of the Great Tribulation, before the False Christ appears:

  1. Before the False Christ appears publicly, there will be global disaster: all-out nuclear war, worldwide political and economic chaos, civil wars, dictatorships, religious persecution, apostasy from the Christian Faith, natural disasters, and plagues.
  2. These events will disorient humanity, producing widespread terror and despair. People will think that the world is ending – which it is not.
  3. The False Christ will exploit mankind's fear and despondency. He will claim to have the solution to humanity's woes. Nevertheless, the natural and man-made disasters will continue and worsen throughout his brief reign.
  4. Taken as a whole, this Tribulation will be a punishment greater than the Flood. The prophecies of global Chastisement given at Fatima, Garabandal, and Akita will be fulfilled.

The manifestation and rise of the False Christ:

  1. The False Christ is an individual person, not a philosophy, or an institution, or a social system.
  2. When the False Christ appears, he will not present himself as the enemy of Christ. He will come in his own name, claiming to be Christ, God come to Earth. His manifestation will be a cunning, seemingly plausible counterfeit of the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  3. The False Christ is not bound by consistency, principle, or logic. He is wily and devious, a liar and a murderer from the beginning. He will assume any guise or role that he needs to in order to gain followers.
  1. The False Christ will appear with triumph, pomp, and earthly glory, acting like a victorious Emperor. This will be part of his allure to his deluded followers. At the start of his reign, he will gain supporters through seduction and deceit, rather than through violence.
  2. The False Christ will arise from within the Catholic Church; Opus Dei will play a critical role in this.
  3. When the False Christ comes, Rome and the Vatican will be standing. Rome will be the seat of government for the False Christ.
  4. Within the temple itself – perhaps at the Vatican, or at some other site revered by Catholics – the False Christ will proclaim himself to be God. He will demand to be worshipped.
  5. The False Christ will not tolerate Islam, atheism, "interfaith," religious diversity, polytheism, Neo-Paganism, or worship of anything other than himself.
  6. When the False Christ appears, he will be introduced, sponsored, praised, and worshiped by Benedict (or his successor), and by almost all of the Church Administration. In turn, the False Christ will exalt the then-ruling "pope" and his allies in the Church.
  7. The False Christ will attract and honor the rich, the powerful, the well-connected, the aristocrats, the nobility, royalty, the proud, the self-satisfied, and the ruthless.
  8. Once the False Christ stands forth, the faithful should stay out of any religious organization that follows him, and avoid any observances or services that honor him.

The reign of the False Christ:

  1. The False Christ will be satan incarnate. Hitler is the clearest historical precursor of the False Christ.
  2. The False Christ's servants will disguise themselves as orthodox and righteous.
  3. The False Christ will promote a fanatical perversion of Catholicism. Among other things, he and his followers will insist that only those who are in communion with Rome, and submissive to the then-reigning Supreme Pontiff, can be saved. They will claim that Catholics are obliged to accept all future teachings of the Church, whatever these may be. They will seek sentences of excommunication (or worse) against those who leave the Roman Catholic Church. In this way, they intend to force the faithful to accept the False Christ.
  4. The False Christ will try to convince people to follow him to achieve a thousand years of Earthly peace and prosperity. Thus, he will attempt the "falsification of the kingdom to come," as the Catechism of the Catholic Church warns (paragraph 676). His regime will be an "intrinsically perverse" form of secular messianism, in religious vestments.
  5. The False Christ will hate the Jews, as the Nazis did; if he has sufficient time, he will attempt a new Holocaust. The Jews will be his number-one target. The other targets of his New Inquisition – liberals, homosexuals, leftists, and those (of any faith or none) who reject his evil religion – will be similar to those whom the Nazis persecuted. Additional targets of this persecution will include Muslims, and those Christians who reject the False Christ.
  6. For a very brief time, the False Christ will attempt to conquer and murder his opponents. This persecution will be the crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ.

The propaganda of the False Christ:

  1. The False Christ will perform deceptive, showy "miracles," using magic and/or technology to dazzle his audience. His "miracles" will be materialistic, making it seem that mankind can live by bread alone; they will be stunts that manifest pride and presumption rather than Divine compassion and love; they will be oriented toward the assertion of power over the world by satan.
  2. The False Christ will rule as much through seduction and hypocrisy as through violence – especially at the start of his reign. He and his supporters will use every available, proven brainwashing tactic on the population.
  3. The False Christ will present his regime as the corrective to the godlessness and decadence of the present time, and as a justified reaction against any preceding left-wing attempt to impose an atheistic New World Order. Like Robespierre, he will present himself as the embodiment of austere Virtue.
  4. The False Christ will attempt to replace the authentic Christ-centered Mary of Fátima with a false "Mary" who will point people to the False Christ.
  5. The False Christ will send out missionaries, and will engage in propaganda to win followers. His skills as a propagandist will surpass those of the Nazis, or the Communists, or the most effective of advertisers. He will use all available media – including social networks – for this purpose.
  6. Part of his brainwashing strategy will be to exploit habits of obedience among the faithful, and to create false guilt. He will say that all those who oppose him will be damned.
  7. Catholics – including those who consider themselves to be "faithful and obedient" – will be particularly susceptible to the False Christ's allure. The orthodox and the rightists will be tempted by means of their own conservatism, religiosity, and habits of obedience. Very many will be lost. (Indeed, a higher proportion of Catholics will be lost than those of any other religious group.)
  8. The False Christ will be a seductive, popular "messiah" – but those who know Christ will be able to use the Scriptures and their own relationship with God to resist the allure of evil.

The duration of his reign:

  1. The time of the False Christ's manifestation has already been significantly delayed, reducing the time that he will have available to lead mankind to perdition. Some of his "best laid plans" have already been frustrated. It is likely that he and his allies will hit other obstacles that they do not expect, since they will be forced to rush and improvise their activities, rather than executing them on a schedule of their own choosing.
  2. The reign of the False Christ will be brief. It may be as short as a few days or weeks, or as long as several months. It will not be the long-dreaded 42 months, let alone 7 years. As an act of mercy by God, the days of the False Christ's power have been greatly shortened; otherwise, no one – not even the Elect – would be able to withstand him.

The beginning of the end of the False Christ's reign:

  1. Just when the False Christ's power is at its peak, the sun, the moon, and other heavenly bodies will be darkened.
  2. Immediately after these upheavals in the heavens, the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, to everyone, worldwide. All will then know who the true Christ is. The faithless will lament – but the time for repentance will be past.

The Return of Jesus Christ in Glory:

  1. Christ will return on the clouds of heaven, with the angels, in awe-inspiring power and glory. This event will be sudden, and evident to everyone worldwide. No mass media coverage of it will be needed – or possible. Christ will not be proclaimed at the Vatican by the person who claims to be his vicar on earth.  Nor will He announce Himself at a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, or at any other shrine or holy site made by man.
  2. Christ will summon His angels to resurrect and transfigure the faithful dead, and then to take up and transfigure the faithful living. Both groups of the Elect will be taken to meet Christ in the air. Christ will gather His own to Himself; He will not need to send missionaries, or to engage in any kind of propaganda to do so. Those who are chosen by Christ to be with Him will be taken suddenly from amongst their families, neighbors, and co-workers. This is when the "Rapture" will occur and when the wicked will be "left behind" – not before the beginning of the Tribulation, but at its end.
  3. The Chastisement of the Earth will be completed – whether by means of a devastating Gamma Ray Burst or by some other all-encompassing planetary disaster.
  4. Rome, the spiritual Babylon of our time, will be destroyed forever. This will be done by Divine action, not human military action.
  5. Christ will come down from Heaven to the Earth to begin His earthly reign.
  6. Christ will destroy the False Christ and the Antichrist/False Prophet. He will cast satan into the Abyss for a "thousand years" of captivity. Christ will cast those who were on top of the world during the reign of the False Christ down to the bottom of all worlds, and their doom is eternal.
  7. Christ will likewise execute Divine Judgment on his other earthly foes – with no need of human courts, prisons, or executioners.

The inauguration of the millennial Kingdom:

  1. Christ will renew the face of the earth, and there will be – at last – Paradise on Earth. The miracles performed by Christ at His return will be greater than any on Earth since the Creation.
  2. Christ will begin His Reign by giving a wedding feast for all His faithful.
  3. Christ will write His law on the hearts of each of the inhabitants of His kingdom.
  4. During His Reign, there will be no need for the Papacy as we have known it.

These events are imminent!

  1. The Great Tribulation could start at any time now. Nothing stands in its way.
  2. Once the Great Tribulation starts, events will move very rapidly to their conclusion with the Return of Christ in glory.
  3. miguel de Portugal has written, "There is only one God: an Omnipotent God Whom even satan (or an extraterrestrial, if the reader so wishes) must serve. Therefore, the Faithful may rest assured that what is to come, The End of These Times - IS NOT the end of the world." ( quoted from "The Mayan Calendar and the December 21, 2012 End of the World Deception," and repeated in the July 10, 2011 For Your Information and Reference post)

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Published on June 30th - Memorial of the First Martyrs of the Roman Church

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