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Ecclesiastical Sects - How to detect them?


How can one truly identify an organization that functions as a secret society? In the same manner you would look for an invisible, yet solid, man in a forest. By seeking his footprints. But first, we want to clarify the concept of Ecclesiastical Sects.

Ecclesiastical Sect, as we define them, is any sect like group within the Church which works behind the scenes and under the cover of darkness. Their common governing method is against the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ, Whom they claim their as their Lord: To subtletly impose their views on the world through manipulation - even if coercion and/or force is needed - just as Catholicism did in the Dark Ages. (1)


A secret society has an agenda and the only way to detect it and follow its trail is by looking for its "footprints" as the agenda is fulfilled, one agenda item fulfilled (a "dot") at a time. Then it is a matter of a simple "dot-to-dot" image composition.

If the leaders of an Ecclesiatical Sect, with a Messianic Complex, were to spring upon humanity a False Christ to "save humanity from itself", we must consider the following:

Is the False Christ going to storm the Vatican by force and then hope to pass as the real Christ? Of course not! He must be introduced by his "Master of Ceremonies" who is already in control of The Vatican.

The safest cover is that of False Piety generously doused with Diplomacy and Duplicity. (2)

For coat-tailing the many Prophetic Messages - real or invented - swirling about to be coherent and achieve fruition, the ecclesiastical sect...

A. Must already have tight control of the Vatican.
B. Must appear to be amongst the most pious group within the Church.
C. Must be, in practice, independent of the rest of the Church hierarchical structure and report directly to the top - the Pope.
D. Must be very secretive about their organization.
E. Must operate behind a multitude of apparently unconnected façades. (3)
There appears to be only one group or organization within the Roman Catholic Church that seems to fulfill all those requirements. Upon  examination of their "footprints" we must opine that The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei [hereinafter simply referred to as "Opus Dei"]  is such organization.

More than enough reliable evidence has been made public that, to deny it, would be ludicrous. Even the objective description of said organization by a Spanish Historian, Professor and Author - Dr. Ricardo de la Cierva - considered a friend of Opus Dei - has published enough information (4) about their duplicity, secretism and Messianic agenda - to pronounce them "Guilty as accused".

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