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How Photographs Can Be Used to Manipulate Public Opinion

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Just making sure that when miguel de Portugal stands before the Throne of God his hands are clean after having been washed by his efforts in warning the children of God about how they are being deceived.


How Media Can Manipulate The Truth - in 15 Pictures

The traditional news media has been having a rough time in the last few years. According to a recent survey, more Americans have a negative (43%) than a positive (33%) view of the news media, and are finding it harder to be well informed because it is getting harder to determine which news is accurate.

The problem is bias. While ideally the media should be objective and hold power to account, in reality we know that most news outlets are partisan and have their own agenda to advance. Whether state-owned or run by some shady tax-avoiding billionaire, getting 'the masses' to view the world from a certain perspective has always been a priceless power to wield.

So why is trust in the media so low? Visit the Source link (1) below, scroll down and check out the fifteen manipulated photos for yourself.

We sincerely pray that our readers finally realize how the masses - on a global scale - are being manipulated.

If you wish to continue on denial (2), that is your God given right, but by calling everyone's attention to this our hands (3) are washed from any responsibility of not alerting one and all of how the world is being manipulated (4).

Perhaps you will now fully understand what God Will allow the near destruction of humanity.

As part of Our Function (5) the world has been amply warned (3) during the last 20 years through our pages  and miguel de Portugal (6) is at Peace!


If the reader wants to remain in Purgatory - which is very real and not and invention of the Roman Catholic Church - until the End of Time, that will be his/her choice!
(1) Source
(2) Dangers of Denial
(3) Selected Documents Which Will Assist the Faithful in Understanding the Warnings From Heaven
(4) Proven Conspiracy Theories
(5) Our Function
Who is miguel de Portugal?

Published on November 22nd, 2018 - Day of Thanksgiving celebrated in the U.S.

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