A Book on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

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Glossary of Commonly Used Terms

This Glossary is not intended to be of encyclopaedic scope or of theological exactitude. It is simply an attempt to define in every day terms some words that are very specific to the work at hand and that are usually misunderstood, or not understood at all, even by the Catholic faithful.

It is NOT the same as Adoration. Adoration is only due to God. Devotion is a form of loyal dedication. In the context in here used - "Marian Devotion" - it means dedication to the desires and plans of the Virgin Mary. These desires and plans, always, without exception, lead to a deeper level of Adoration of Her Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Our God.

Eucharistic Presence of Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament
Once a host or a specially prepared bread is consecrated by a properly ordained priest of the Orthodox or Roman Catholic Church, it becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Although invisible to the human eye, Jesus Christ is truly present in that host - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - just as He is present in Heaven. This is what is referred to as the "Eucharistic Presence".

Immaculate Conception
This term signifies that the Virgin Mary was conceived without the stain of the Original Sin in Her soul which all humans are born with. It DOES NOT MEAN that Her parents did not use the God created method to conceive off springs.

Immaculate Heart
The heart of the Virgin Mary, by an act of Divine Grace, was not only free of Original Sin, but, it was kept free of sin throughout Her entire life. Thus, Her heart is pure - thus - "Immaculate".

Interior Locutions
Very clear words and/or information perceived by the person who receives them as though they were being born from the heart and impressed on the mind, and which comprise a message. [Ref. 15]

Marian Apparition
An event in which the Virgin Mary becomes visible to some human beings. In most instances, She will also speak. In rare instances, She may be touched. [Ref. 15]

Sacrifices made, primarily, by depriving the body of comforts, conveniences and physical or (apparent) psychological pleasure. This is done as a form of retribution for our sins or those of others, known or unknown to us.
The normal daily aggravations like a traffic jam, flat tire, a broken bibelot, etc. may become, if specifically offered, part of our Penitence/Penance due to God from us.

Pope or Holy Father
He is the recognized Spiritual Leader of all the Roman Catholics of the world and the unrecognized Successor of Peter to all of humanity.

It is basically a retribution or payment through penitence / penance offered to God for sin. An Act of Reparation made because of insults hurled at the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary may take the form of an act on our part (an offer of a certain set of prayers, or do without some pleasure for some time, or an act of charity) offered to God, in 'Reparation' for insults against His Mother.

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