Appendix No.3

WORLD WARS I and II - Key Dates And Their Relation To Messages and Warnings From Heaven


The purpose of this document is to confirm, so to speak, the warnings which the world has been receiving from Heaven, primarily through Roman Catholic Church-endorsed Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, with the actual events occurring in and affecting the physical world.

The skeptics are invited to consider the information in here presented while at the same time keeping in mind the scientific background and mentality of the "Voice" behind these words.

The following tabulation does not include all the significant dates associated with World War I and World War II which are symbolically related to the Catholic Church Liturgical Calendar. Only those dates that may be related to the Messages and Warnings delivered from Heaven have been included.

As you ponder on the following apparent coincidences, please keep in mind that:

A. The Virgin Mary Appeared in Fatima, Portugal, starting in May of 1917, at the height of World War I. Records of the time show that God promised through Her to end the war if certain conditions were met. These conditions were met and the war ended, not by the hand of man, but by the very obvious hand of God: A worldwide influenza epidemic, with a casualty level in excess of 20 million victims, broke down the war machinery.

B. World War II was accurately prophesied(*) by Her during these same Apparitions.
[Note (*): Conditioned to the degree of our response to the call from Heaven to abandon our sinful ways.]

World War I

1 9 1 6

March 9: Germany declares war against Portugal.

++March 8th: Ash Wednesday [Variable(*) Holy Day] [Note(*): A "Variable" Holy Day changes calendar positioning every year.] {Possible Significance (PS): Atonement}

1 9 1 7

April 6: U.S.A. officially enters the war.

++Holy Friday [Variable Holy Day] {PS: Crucifixion, death, eventual resurrection}

June 16: First Soviet Congress in Russia.

++Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary [Variable Holy Day] {PS: Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a key item in the messages from Fatima. There is an intimate relation between Her Immaculate Heart and the errors that were to be spread by the Soviets in the following 70+ years.}

November 7: The Bolsheviks assume control in Russia.

++November 8th: Feast of Mary, Our Shelter. {PS: She has always been the acknowledged shelter for Catholics and Orthodox faithful in the most terrible times in the last 20 centuries.}

1 9 1 8

July 16th: Assassination of Russian Czar, Nicholas II and family.

++Our Lady of Mount Carmel. {PS: This manifestation of the Virgin Mary is associated with Apocalyptic events. She appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel at the great miracle of the sun in Fatima on October 13, 1917. The brutal and irrevocable end of the Romanovs ushers in the no less brutal era of the Soviets of which She had warned us about in Fatima.}

August 2: Japan invades Siberia. Civil war breaks out in Russia

++Mary of the Angels. {PS: This will result in the consolidation of the power of the Bolsheviks and, thus, the stage is set for the potential fulfillment of Her prophecies.}

August 15: The U.S.A. breaks relations with the Bolshevik government.

++Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.
++Anniversary of the fourth apparition in Fatima (the only one not on a 13th of the month.)
{PS: Many. One, the Virgin Mary, in Her Manifestation as the Immaculate Conception, is the Patroness of the U.S.A.. Another, the significance that this particular date will have in World War II and other events yet to become manifest.}

1 9 1 9

June 28: Germany signs peace treaty with Allies at Versailles.

++Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary [Variable Holy Day] {PS: Her Motherly assistance. Her manifestation as Queen of Peace. A preview of the prophesied triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.}

World War II

1 9 3 9

September 1: Official beginning of war. Germany invades Poland.

++In the Byzantine Calendar (the other being the Roman Calendar), September 1 is the first day of the Church Year. {PS: A "beginning". Poland is the birthplace of the last Roman Pontiff - Pope John Paul II. The rise of a Polish Pope for the End Times was prophesied by Blessed Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun, in the early thirties.}

September 3: Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.

++Feast of: Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted. (A variable Feast Day)
++Feast of: Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd.
{PS: Initial acts to stop Hitler and current and future atrocities.}

1 9 4 0

July 16: Hitler orders the invasion of Great Britain.

++Feast of: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (*).
[Note: (*) This manifestation of the Virgin Mary is associated with Apocalyptic events.] {PS: An apocalyptic type chastisement to Europe is on its way.}

September 15: Heavy bombing of London.

++Memorial of: Our Lady (Mary) of Sorrows. {PS: Accurate reflection of feelings of Heaven regarding the chastisement that must be meted out to Europe.}

1 9 4 1

June 8: Great Britain attacks Syria.

++Trinity Sunday. (A variable Feast Day)
++On the following day, the 9th, Feast of: Mary of Perpetual Help.
{PS: The importance of this symbolism is not yet visible to the world nor is to be revealed until the End of These Times}.

September 8: Leningrad is surrounded by German troops.

++Feast of the Birth of The Virgin Mary. {PS: The Virgin Mary, Her prophetic warnings about WWII and Russia and the spread of its errors.}

December 7: Bombing of Pearl Harbor and entrance of U.S.A. in the war.

++The following day is the 8th: Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the U.S.A. [At the time of the bombing it was already December 8th in Japan.]
{PS: Her prophecies of WWII and a veiled prophecy about the (conditional) fate of the U.S.A. toward the End of These Times.}

On the 10th: Feast of Our Lady of Loretto (Italy)
December 11: Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S.A.
On the 12th: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas (which includes the U.S.A.)
{PS: See above}

1 9 4 2

January 1: Twenty-six nations sign the initial Charter of the United Nations.

++Feast of Mary the Mother of God. {PS: Mary, Mother of the Church and Humanity - all nations.}

June 24: Eisenhower assumes command of the U.S. troops in Europe.

++Birth of John the Baptist. Precursor of the Savior and a date intimately associated with, what may be, the last Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje. {PS: The U.S.A. will deliver the world from the German-Japanese grip and veiled prophecy about the last official apparitions from Heaven in Medjugorge, Bosnia-Herzegovina.}

1 9 4 3

April 23: The High Command to prepare the Invasion of Europe is established in Great Britain.

++Holy Friday (Variable Holy Day)
++Feast of St. George, the Dragon Slayer, Patron Saint of England.
{PS: After immolation, comes resurrection. Europe has paid for its sins and is about to be resurrected. St. George's nation hosts the "troops of redemption"}.

July 25: Mussolini is deposed in Italy.

++On the day before, the 24th: Feast of Mary, Mother of Mercy. {PS: Mercy of God tempering His Justice.}

July 25 to August 3: Hamburg is devastated by Allied bombing.

++On July 24th: Feast of Mary, Mother of Mercy.
++On August 2nd: Feast of Mary, Queen of the Angels.
{PS: Mercy kisses Justice.}

September 8: Italy makes peace with the Allies.

++Feast of the Birth of Mary. {PS: Italy is back in the fold. Mary's birthday gift to Europe.}

October 13: Italy declares war on Germany.

++Anniversary of Last Apparition (and Miracle) at Fatima. {PS Unlikely turn of events. A miracle?}

1 9 4 4

June 4: Rome is freed.
++On the 5th: Trinity Sunday (Variable Holy Day).
June 6: Landing in Normandy.
{PS: Redemption of Europe is at hand.}

July 9: German Army is isolated in the Baltic States.

++Mary, Queen of Peace.
++Feast of Corpus Christi (Variable Holy Day).
++Mary, Miraculous Mother.
{PS: WWI prophecies and intimate involvement of Jesus and Mary with the final deliverance of Europe from the Nazi clutches.}

August 15: Allied Landing in South France.

++Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. {PS: See above.}

August 25: Paris is freed.

++Feast day of St. Louis (King Louis IX of France). {PS: Heaven underscores its intimate relationship with earthly events.}

September 3: Brussels is freed.

++Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd. {PS: There were two apparitions in Belgium between the last instruction from Heaven through the surviving Fatima visionary and the beginning of WW II. Perhaps two last reminders.}

September 15: U.S. troops march across German border.

++On the day before, the 14th: Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.
++Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.
{PS: Triumph of good over evil, yet, much sorrow in its accomplishment.}

1 9 4 5

February 13-14: Bombing of Dresden.

++On the 14th: Ash Wednesday (Variable Holy Day). {PS: Atonement}

April 30: Hitler commits suicide.
May 1: Berlin surrenders to the Soviets.

++On May 1st: Feast of Saint Joseph (husband of the Virgin Mary) the Worker and Patron of the Universal (Catholic) Church, of Workingmen, of Social Justice and of Departing Souls. {PS: Many}

May 7: Germany surrenders formally.

++On the day after, the 8th: Feast of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces. {PS: Mary's key role in dispensing Graces from God.}

July 16: First test of Atomic Bomb.

++Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (see July 16, 1940). {PS: Veiled prophecy of what is to come toward the End Times.}

August 6: Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

++Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. {PS: Veiled prophecy about the conclusion of the End of These Times period and the reality of seeing Him, on this earth again, as He really is.}

August 15: Emperor of Japan broadcasts via radio the Surrender of Japan.

++Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. {PS: Mary's WWII prophecies and Her complete involvement in the balance of Justice and Mercy until the end of the war.}

September 2: Japanese representative signs the Surrender of Japan.

++Feast of Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted (Variable Holy Day). {PS: As above.}

1 9 9 4
[Notice: 1 9 ninety four.]

September 8: The last of the Allied troops officially leave Germany. World War II is officially concluded.

++Feast of the Nativity of Mary. {PS: As above.}

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