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The Immense Power of the Opus Dei

Why and How It Will End


Dear Members and Friends of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, Peace!

This document is designed to underscore the magnitude of the controlling power that Msgr. Escriva's child, The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, exerts upon the press and politics, especially in Latin America. A power which is indeed impressive; so much so that it has blinded its own leaders, members and friends.

Christian charity twice demanded from us to plead with its leadership to change their agenda to avoid their almost complete destruction. First was in the form of a letter dated July 20, 1995, and addressed to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the Spokesman for The Vatican in reference to the famous book allegedly written by H.H. John Paul II - The Threshold of Hope.

A second letter was written and sent on September 6, 1996, to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls and the Directors of all Official Opus Dei Centers Worldwide.

We have to admit that we knew that they were going to ignore our pleas, but, Divine Mercy always demands that all transgressors have ample opportunity to mend their ways before Divine Justice is dispensed.

This phase, dictated by Divine Mercy, has been totally fulfilled. Now, for the Glory of God, we shall share with the reader how, in spite of the impressive hidden power that the Opus Dei has accumulated, they will almost be erased from the face of the Earth. We say "almost" because a small group must remain so that at the end, after the period of the Anti-Christ, they will be instrumental to the manifestation of the False-Christ - satan's final snare - before the Glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


In an earlier and extensive work by us, Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who may they be? we make a comprehensive presentation of the degree of penetration of the Opus Dei in the political arena as well as the media worldwide.

A July 11, 2002, article published by Yahoo! News illustrates the level of such penetration in Chile. Even twenty years after the Opus Dei supported Pinochet dictatorship ended, the Opus Dei still manipulates the country through its media tentacles. More recently we see the same in Nicaragua, Philippines, Cuba, and others.

Escrivá, the man who was canonized on October 2002 does not seem to have been a real living person; he seems to have been invented to be used as a typical example of a demonically possessed individual in Fr. Gabriele Amorth's book "An Exorcist Talk". As the reader may know, Fr. Amorth was the Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome at the time these lines were being written.

Now, the reader may proceed to review the above referred article Chile's Newspaper Duopoly Tightens Its Grip.


Dear Members and Friends from the general readership, and again to the leaders, members and friends of The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei: As you may have been able to discern from the above referred to article, which is confirmed in its totality by our own report about the Opus, as well as by all other related world-wide events, they are ready to assume complete control of the world to "save it and save the Church".

[At the time this document was originall written...]

Europe is essentially ruled by the Center-Right, a commonly used euphemism for the Right-Right; the United States is already under the control of the Christian (Radical) Right, which is well penetrated by the Opus Dei; and they are confident that the next Pope will be totally at their disposal and not like poor John Paul II who, involuntarily, ended up being their hostage. A hostage under the watchful eyes of Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Psychiatrist and Spokesman for the Vatican.

Tragically for them, God will not allow that the fanatic hordes of Escrivá take control of the world - not just yet, anyway.

How is God going to do it? Well, that is none of our business. "Our Business" was to notify them, in the Name of God, and with ample advance notice, that they were going down the wrong path.

Why are we then openly announcing it thorough this media? For the Glory of God. So the faithful never think that god abandoned those "holy ones of Escrivá".

Unfortunately, many of the just will also suffer the consequences as it is always the case in such human cataclysms. God will generously reward those who will be faithful to His true teachings and not the false way promoted by Escrivá.

What about the Opus Dei leaders, members and friends? Well, they had the example of Lucifer who tried to be like God; they were amply notified, in the Name of God, by Miguel de Portugal; we have already prayed for them; now... may Divine Justice commence.

Do not forget that we have alerted you as to what is going to take place; now you may visit The Sequence of Events Which Will Lead Mankind to the End of These Times so that you may be informed about the rest of the Divine Program.

Published on July, 2002
Updated on October, 2012

Reference: Ecclesiastic Masonry - Who may they be?

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