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Letters/Questions - Addressed on April  2006   


From  MSH @ USA  [Published on April 26th - Mary, Mother of Good Counsel]

Q. Please pardon me here, however, I was reading a rather old (perhaps as much as 3-4 years) post of yours, titled, "It Is Imperative that the Faithful Understand the Faith... To Avoid Dangerous Doctrinal Errors".

Respectfully, it was my full understanding the church engaged in and practiced pedastry (pederasty) in its early years, at the very least.

With regards to your aforementioned article, it would seem that Catholic doctrine, at least pertaining to your quoted, No's 2389 on Pedophelia, and, 2356 on Rape is in direct conflict with itself in these early practices. However, given that the Church was knowledgeable, some argue fully culpable, in sexual abuse cases of late involving clergy, this would also seem to "fly in the face" of faith as dictated by doctrine.

There is no doubt that some in Church hierarchy were aiding and abetting this behavior in protecting and shuffling around guilty priests.

How can this be?

Most respectfully,

A.  The article in question   perhaps was mislabeled by using the word "Doctrine". Therefore, we have modified the title.

You are right - the Church Administration has contradicted itself so many times that we almost feel embarrassed in pointing them out as the easy-to-spot contradictions come into our scope.  We have partially addressed this issue in our document titled "...Do and Observe... Whatsoever They Tell You, But Do Not Follow Their Example, For they preach but they do not practice.

As we have said many times - they (the Church Administration) are not even good at being bad! [As the American saying goes, spotting their incoherence: "It's like shooting fish in a barrel."]

Regarding the early record of their sexual misconduct, we invite you to review two new documents we have recently published regarding the Administration's past, and not so remote, moral record - The Truth About Some Popes and  The Claim of Papal Infallibility.

That is, we do not disagree with your understanding. As a matter of fact, years ago we called to the attention of the key members of the press - worldwide -  Matthew Parris's book "The Great Unfrocked - Two Thousand Years of Church Scandal"  so that they would have a solid foundation upon which to report the current sexual abuses within the Roman Catholic Church.

From  KMD @ USA  [Published on April 23rd - Orthodox Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday]

Q. You and your readers may recall a prediction on your site (not made by MGR) from August of 2004, which declared that "the great miracle
 announced in Garabandal will take place on Thursday, April 13,  2006."

 The individual who made this prediction was considered by some to be "one of the world's foremost experts on Garabandal."   This goes to show that looking for specific dates leading up to  God's return is futile.


A.  Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue - again.

We certainly recall the item you quote and we already addressed your point/concern/observation back on August 20, 2004. We trust that it is clearer now than it was then.

A similar situation occurred (and similar logic used) with the recently announced "impending" nuclear bombing of the Houston-Texas City area which was allegedly "scheduled" for the Easter weekend.

From  FP @ USA  [Published on April 23rd - Orthodox Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday]

Q. I wonder what this is all about!! Article: New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery: New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery. The fortress-like compound in Baghdad will be the size of Vatican City, with the population of a small town, its own defense force, and self-contained power and water.

A.  Headquarters for Armageddon? [Rev 16: 16]

From  LP @ USA  [Published on April 17th]

Q. I have read an article from a far right Roman Catholic Site whereby the claim is made that Sister Lucía was switched around the Vatican II time frame. The article  ends thus:
"These are the comparisons I would like to offer to my reader. My conclusion is simple: the face, the features, the gestures, and the spirit of the two Sister Lucy's are dissimilar. It would seem, then, that we are looking at two different persons.

If this is true, we would have been duped by some impostor who was presented as the authentic witness of the visions of Our Lady.

In this case, some hypothetical questions arise. What happened to the true Sister Lucy? When was the replacement made? And more importantly, why was such an exchange necessary?

Perhaps if we ask the classical question "Qui bono? [Who benefits?]"  the answer emerges. The retirement of Sister Lucy I and introduction of Sister Lucy II before 1960, the year the secret was to have been revealed, would prevent the true witness from telling the world the full content of the Third Secret. This could only have been to the benefit of the progressivist wing that is dominating the Church in our days." 

The same web page advertises a book that is a blanket condemnation of Vatican II..

What is you reaction to this?

A.  Thank you for bringing this new aberration of the truth to our attention. Fist of all, the author must have read what we published long ago in reference of the true Third Part of the Secret of Fátima and drew his conclusions from there.

However, as we also pointed out, when the Vatican officially revealed what they claim to be the official Third Part of the Secret in May 13, 2000, what they revealed was diametrically opposed to what the real Third Part was as we  showed in the previously referenced document.

The author must have also read where we reported that the "new and improved"  Vatican version of the Third Part was not even penned by the same individual who penned all else before 1960.

All that was mixed in a  bag, shaken well and the wrong conclusion was drawn. If there was a switch, it was done to justify the take over of the Vatican by extreme right elements of the Faith as we have also amply explained.

From  LC @ USA  [Published on April 17th]

Q. Do you know where I can get , or do you have a booklet in english of the novena to Maria Rosa Mystica that I can purchase?

 If so can you help me get a copy of it?  We need it for our coronation ceremony in May.

 Thank you,


A.  We are not a commercial organization, however, you may acquire the novena book through the 101 Foundation.

 The Link is

 Many Blessings for your worthy intentions.

From  JL @ USA  [Published on April 17th]

Q. I was beginning to get interested in your doomsday scenarios...... 'til I read your strange interpretations of scripture regarding homosexuality!!

You are playing God.


A.  Thank you for the opportunity to illustrate that extremism is the same from either side.

It is hard to tell whether you are pro homosexual or a homophobe. We are neither, nor we play God.

 miguel de Portugal only speaks what God Wills he does.

When you see the "doomsday scenarios" manifest themselves as we have announced, you will also know that the rest is true too. Then, we will welcome you back with open arms.

A Reminder From  miguel de Portugal @ EU - USA
Published on April 13th - Last Supper and the Begin of Pesach - Night of the Passover [Exodus 12: 1-14]

Let no one forget that the most efficacious Divine Mercy Novena commences on Good Friday and that our Faith inspiring Biblical and Pictorial Viacrucis is available to all.

 Please Note: It is the Will of God that we devote this very special Holy Week to various Spiritual Exercises and Devotions, therefore, there will be no further postings on this Public Forum nor mailings to our Lists until after Easter Sunday, unless... world conditions require it and Divine Mercy demands it it. Nonetheless, we will strive to continue posting the Divine Instructions and Encouragement on a daily basis throughout. May you and yours have a Blessed and Spiritually Fruitful Holy Week. [Published on April 9th - Palm Sunday]

[A Commentary] From  miguel de Portugal @ EU - USA 
[Published on April 7th]

Probably the most important Link in the story About the Announced Nuking of Houston  is The Making of a "Patsy". Even the most incomprehensible events - political and religious - which are leading the world to the End of These Times could be better understood through such insight, yet a scanty 7% of the readers of the main story made use of that Link.

I thank God that He already prepared me for this kind of behavior/response fourteen years ago.

Kyrie Eleison!

m de P

From  TJ @ USA  [Published on April 4th]

Q. Thank you for the story [About the Announced Nuking of Houston] , which I found very interesting.

I thought about the potential target of Houston or thereabouts.  If the case for nuking Iran is to be solid, then the attack on the US must be plausibly directed against a worthy target.  Were they to hit Daytona Beach, for example, then aside from some lost tourism, the US economy would not be hit, and we would be left questioning why they would bother wasting their one nuke to hit something so relatively unimportant.

A.  Thank you for writing which alerted us to clarify a point that may escape most. In said document we stated:  "The US Faction of the Threesome of Saviors would never strike a city with the Industrial and Oil Refining importance of Houston has." The easy to overlook qualifier is "the US Faction of the Threesome". Of course, as you logically point out, the other two factions would choose the Houston-Texas City-Galveston area precisely for the reason of its strategic importance.

Mr. Welch's article was pointing the finger to the White House as the conspirators which translates to "the US Faction"; thus our statement. To avoid confusion we clarified it in the published document. Again, Thank You!

From  FP @ USA  [Published on April 3rd]

Q. I read a very  interesting article today about the nuking of Houston - Texas City area in Texas.  I don't know what to think about it considering the way the information is collected.  You may consider it interesting also. 

A.  We have considered said article so serious that we have immediately issued a document about it. Said document may be accessed by Clicking Here.

Your spiritual alertness Glorifies God.

From  TK @ USA  [Published on April 3rd]

Q. What do you think of this movie - Rape of the Soul?

A.  We have not seen it although we have briefly visited the Site.

 Even if every allegation is true, that is not the way to solve the problem. That movie will further harm the Faith beyond recognition. As we have said over and over again, it is not the Faith; it is not even the mentally imbalanced perpetrators of such heinous crimes; IT IS the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church who is at fault and the one that should be dragged into the Tribunals until the last "moral cent" is paid.

We must pray for the few good members of the clergy and Hierarchy who are facing the titanic task of safeguarding what is left of the Faith and the Faithful.

From  Various @ Europe - America     [Published on March 31th ]

Q. [Translation] Is it true what I have read about the connection between Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Tamiflu Vaccine? 

This question was posed to miguel de Portugal twice in a space of 24 hours by: (1) An important banker in Europe; and by (2) A top government health official.

A.  M de P had no information whatsoever on the subject matter except having been illuminated to see the parallel between the 2000 year "computer bug", which was a carefully crafted hoax that filled the coffers or big business, and the Avian Flu scare. After all, how can the much mentioned Tamiflu vaccine work if the virus (the human-to-human transmitted virus) does not exist yet?

Therefore, he has looked into the information and this is what he found:

A commentary by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The fundamental issue is who owns the intellectual property rights over  Tamiflu. The media reports suggest that the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche will make billions.

While the drug is produced by Roche, it was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc. which owns the intellectual property rights. Gilead, which has maintained a low profile,  has outsourced the production to Roche.  

Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Chairman of Gilead Sciences, Inc. in 1997, a position which he held in the years prior to becoming Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration.  Rumsfeld had been on the Board of Directors from the establishment of Gilead in 1987.

As confirmed in a company press statement in 1997, Donald H. Rumsfeld assumed the position of Chairman, of GILEAD: :
"Gilead is fortunate to have had Don Rumsfeld as a stalwart board member since the company's earliest days, and we are very pleased that he has accepted the Chairmanship," Dr. Riordan said. "He has played an important role in helping to build and steer the company. His broad experience in leadership positions in both industry and government will serve us well as Gilead continues to build its commercial presence."

According to company statement: Gilead Science Inc. "has been active in the development of  inhibitors for the potential treatment and prevention of viral influenza and protease inhibitors for the potential treatment of HIV"

For the whole article Click Here

As an update, we quote from the Gilead Sciences Announces First Quarter 2001 Financial Results:

In January, Gilead announced the appointment of James M. Denny to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Denny has been a member of the Gilead Board since January 1996 and served as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Mr. Denny replaced Donald H. Rumsfeld, who resigned from the Board to serve the Bush Administration as Secretary of Defense. Last week, Gilead announced the appointment of Cordell W. Hull to the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Audit Committee. He is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Infrastructure World, Inc., a business-to-business portal for the global infrastructure community. Mr. Hull also serves as a Director of Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd., Bechtel Group, Inc., Bechtel Enterprises and the Fremont Group.

A similar situation as that of Vice President Cheney and the main Iraq Contractor, Halliburton. The question is, of course, how much stock they own and how it is hidden from the prying eyes of the press and the public.

As the saying goes: "We rest our case" since it is coherent with everything else.


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