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The War Against Faith

We Cannot Allow It!

Part 1

Science "discoveries" that allegedly disarm the Faith


"Publishing's new sensation: Dead Sea Scrolls" read the headlines, and, with it, comes the final assault to the Faith... to all the major monotheistic Faiths: Jews, Christians and Muslim alike.

After much study and debate, the dead sea scrolls have been published in 37 volumes. In an Independent - UK news article (1) we read that Mary's virginity and other "errors" have been exposed by said scrolls and that the Vatican plans to revise parts of the Bible accordingly.

We encourage one and all to review the article in question, after carefully reading this particular document from The M+G+R Foundation and pray to God (2) for Faith because, for those whose faith is based on archeological finds, intellectual reasoning, tradition and what the, soon-to-be "outdated", Bible teaches, the proverbial rug will be pulled off from under their feet.

If there ever was a time when strong faith was needed - That Time is Now! (3) and true Faith is a gift that only God can give, therefore, ask for it in incessant prayer.


Sooner or later the "Big Guns" against the Faith were going to be rolled out since the world will reach a point where the Faith will be almost extinguished in fulfillment of the prophecy of our Lord Jesus Christ:

But when the Son of Man comes, will He find Faith o earth? [Luke 18:8]

Practically within the same week two widely circulated and read publications, TIME and NEW SCIENTIST, lead the Armada of Faith Destroyers with two key articles.

For copyright reasons we will not republish both articles, however, at the end of this document we will provide you access to them so that you may read them at your leisure.

The article in NEW SCIENTIST is very technical and some of our readers may not be able to understand the scientific terminology. However, relying on the Holy Spirit, we trust that this particular group of readers will understand enough to realize the effect that such scientific documentation will have on those with weak Faith. Unfortunately, those with weak Faith constitute the majority of the Christians of today.

This is one more example why Prayer is the only answer to cushion what is to befall humanity.


If we add to the above referenced scientific witnessing the fact that the Evangelization effort by Christian Churches has been a failure (4), as is irrefutable proven by the state of the world today, the logical result will be the death of the little Faith left in the world.

This is why Our Lord Jesus Christ posed such mysterious then, but not any more, question:

But when the Son of Man comes, will He find Faith o earth? [Luke 18:8]

Even most of the faithful diehards will succumb when they are reminded by the enemies of God, now armed with scientific proof, that: Didn't Jesus kept telling the recipient of such miraculous cures "...your faith has healed you." Didn't He also say that anything was possible with faith? Anything?

For the final kill of the Faith the enemies of God will tell you: "You see, Jesus Himself taught that it was you and your faith that caused the events."

By this time the faithful has nothing left to defend the teachings of the Faith, and much less sustain his/her own faith. Despair begins to set in...

And this, brothers and sisters, is: The Anatomy of the Death of the Faith

But don't despair... remedies are on the way...


The remedy for this apparently inevitable death of the Faith lies in a deeper understanding of God and His relationship with His creatures. The reader will find the necessary answers to counter the above listed devastating "proofs" in the following Documents of The M+G+R Foundation Domain:

+ In Mysteries of God That Allows Us to Better Understand Heavenly Communications - What is "Time" and "Eternity" (5) you will clearly understand what the scientists are trying to explain through physical means while leaving God out. Study this document carefully. You may be called by God one day to illuminate one of those so-called scientists.

+ In Spiritual Dysfunction, Its Identification, Treatment and Cure (6) you will learn how to separate psychological from spiritual events within you, as well as how they interrelate.

+ In Religious Asceticism, The Serious Consequences of its Abuse (7) you will see how supernatural laws are intimately related with the physical laws and how they may be grossly misused and abused. It was about the danger of revealing certain secrets of the Faith and the ensuing opportunity for such abuses that our Lord Jesus Christ warned us:

Do not give what is holy to dogs, or throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces. [Matthew 7:6]

+ In The Spiritual World, How It Influences Our Behavior (8) you will learn about the interaction of the Physical and Spiritual worlds with the human being, while debunking the dangerous-to-the-soul belief on reincarnation.

+ In The Conspiracy to Destroy Fatima (9) you will strengthen your Faith. If the destruction of the belief in the Fatima events is that important, then it must be real! Believe!

+ In Marian Apparitions and The Roman Catholic Church, Obviously The Response Was Not Appropriate (10) you will clearly see that God did not fail man. The depths to which civilization has fallen is because the Shepherds entrusted by God to shepherd His flock have failed God as His Mother has repeatedly charged (11).

The ultimate self defense lies in assiduous Prayer (12). Do not relent, even if your faith is failing and physical devastation surrounds you, keep on praying and seeking God. He will not abandon you because:

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, my God, in Whom I trust"...

...Because he clings to Me, I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he acknowledges My Name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in distress; I will deliver him and glorify him; with length of days I will gratify him and will show him My Salvation."
[Psalm 91: 1-2, 14-16]

Whatever you do, see or hear - do not allow your Faith to falter. Hang on to Our Lord's Tunic and to Our Mother's Mantle - hang on for dear life. They are real ! It is true! We know that for a fact!


NEW SCIENTIST - In Search of God (13) - Are our religious feelings just a product of how the brain works? Bob Holmes meets researchers who are trying to explain our most sacred thoughts.

In this article, science will prove that even the Religious Experiences are self induced and could be reproduced by man.


TIME - Mind Over Malignancies (14) - TIME 100: The Next Wave - Alternative Medicine

In this article, science will prove that Miraculous Healings are also self induced and could be reproduced by man.


The War Against Faith - Part 2 - The Sexual Scandal in the Church


(1) Publishing's new sensation: Dead Sea Scrolls

(2) Enough of Marches!  Enough of Petitions!  Enough Politicking!  Just - Pray! Pray! Pray!

(3) satan's Plan No. 1- The Real Objective of Terrorism - A Police State?

(4) A Letter to Those Who Control the Roman Catholic Church: The lack of adequate response to the Exhortations from Heaven

(5) The relationship between "Time" and "Eternity" - Predestination or Free Will

(6) Spiritual Dysfunction - Its Identification, Treatment and Cure - Psychological vs. Spiritual Dysfunction

(7) Religious Asceticism - The Serious Consequences of its Abuse

(8) The Spiritual World and how it influences our behavior - The false appearance of reincarnation

(9) The conspiracy to discredit the Apparitions in Fatima and its Messages

(10) Marian Apparitions and The Roman Catholic Church - Obviously The Response Was Not Appropriate

(11) The Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at La Salette, France, 1846

(12) Stop Worrying! and Pray More!

(13) NEW SCIENTIST Article

(14) TIME Article

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Originally issued for a worldwide audience on April 27, 2001. Spain

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2001 - 2023 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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