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The Real Objective of the Terrorist Campaign is

To Gain Absolute Control of The World

We will now show you...

How satan is doing it

Originally published in 2001


We fully realize that everyone wants to think that soon All Will Be Well; that the U.S. will be on top of the heap; and that citizens of the most industrialized nations of the world will resume to "Shop Until They Drop" as the world economies soar to never before attained levels.

We would also like to believe that; however, that would be committing the sin of denial. (1)

The only real Good News is that there is a Light at the End of the Tunnel and that Light is the Resplendent Glory of Jesus Christ Himself!

Nothing is hidden from God. Not even the deepest and darkest secrets of satan himself.

Now, imagine that God chose to whisper in our ear satan's Game Plan. Now that satan played a major card in New York and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, we wish to share such plan with you. After all, wisdom teaches that: Forewarned is forearmed.

If you wish to have a peek into the most evil plan ever concocted and being implemented, before your very eyes, read on.


First, we want the reader to know and understand that even the key public figures who are taking the actions required by such plan (2) are not necessarily aware of the ultimate goal and how it is going to be implemented.

For example, we have published the concrete proof that Former President George Bush is the Godfather of the New World Order. He announced it! (3) Now, that does not mean that he personally is in collusion with satan. The poor man went along, and still goes, behind the scenes through his son, since he may really believe that such a concept is good with a great humanitarian objective.

We have also denounced the activities and plans of The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei (4) while at the same time inviting them to cease and desist (5) because we know that they really do not know what they are doing nor where they are heading (6) and how satan is using them. Going against God has to be the epitome of human stupidity.

In summary, we view everyone as a victim of the snares of satan and, although we will discharge our responsibilities in accordance to the Will of God by blocking and exposing the activities of those who have been ensnared by satan, we will never give up hope that, as the scales of their eyes fall, (7) many will turn back and abandon their involuntary collaboration with satan.

The ultimate enemy is clearly satan and not any human Created by God.

Therefore, we invite the reader to drop his/her sectarian prejudices - political, religious, social, ethnic, etc. - so that satan's miserable plan can become crystal clear. Then, and only then, you may be able to work effectively against evil.

Hasn't the world leadership claimed with one voice that the greatest weapon available to fight terror is Intelligence (Spy) Information? Well, what we are going to do for our readers is to give them Intelligence Information from the supernatural domain - satan's Game Plan.


Actually, the general plan is exquisitely simple. We will use the terrorist attack in New York and Washington, D.C. as a starting point of reference.

satan wants to bring the world under his absolute control and eventually be adored as its Savior. The establishment of the New World Order (8) and the One Universal Religion (9) has been discussed elsewhere in our Domain. Both, of course, are integral parts of his plans. You may want to review their details after your digest the contents of this document. Then all the pieces will fall in perfect place.

What is needed to set up a New World Order?

First Step

The first step is to eliminate religious fanatics and, secondly, eliminate stable men and women of faith.

What is the best way to eliminate most of them? Cause them to fight each other until almost total annihilation. Use them as cannon fodder against each other. How clever!

Second Step

The second step is to eliminate the poor, marginalized, ignorant humans - those who populate third and fourth world countries (*). However, not all should be eliminated. Must keep some controlled and cheap human labor.

(*) Ted Turner, CNN Founder, was quoted as saying that a good level of world population would be at about 2 billion people. That is a third of today's population world. It is also consistent with the demise of two thirds of the world population mentioned in the Book of Revelations. A coincidence considering his anti Christian record?

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Allow the spread of Aids and of other viruses (10) which either do not have cure or the patient could never afford the treatment. The remaining will be used as cannon fodder in the wars unleashed between the religious fanatics. Clever indeed.

This is a clever as the tactic used by the terrorists in NY and DC. They used American planes and American fuel to inflict damage to America from within America. On top of that, they apparently made a millions in the Stock Market by knowing what was going to happen in the Market after the strike in NY. Clever, wasn't it?

That's satan for you! The same satan who, according to many within the Catholic leadership, does not exist. That, in itself, is clever too!

Third Step

To fight terrorism better intelligence gathering must be available to world governments. Thus, close control of information flow must be had. Banking, telecommunications, travel, etc. The activities of all citizens of the world must be monitored for the citizens own good. Who would not agree that such intelligence gathering is imperative to preempt terror attacks?

Presto! Another child of the recent terrorist attacks is born. The justification of such invasion of privacy on a worldwide scale. Isn't that clever. Now a world-wide human data base will be had of those who survive the population cleansing that we spoke about above.

Of course, this level of international control is also needed to achieve total control so that the New World Order may be easily imposed.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves...

The Key Step

Believe it or not, a major impediment to the (true) New World Order is the United States itself. Yes, Americans have drifted away from the real God and are not perfect, but, Americans [Americans = American people and not necessarily the Government] are most charitable at every level; Americans are caring and loving; Americans, contrary to popular belief, do not want to subjugate anyone under its rule; Americans, at their very core, are people of God because goodness can only come from God, and Americans may not be perfect but Americans are good to the core!

This was amply proven in Europe and Japan after World War II.

All of the above present a bit of a problem to satan and his plans.

"No problem", satan says, "I will get someone to destroy and subjugate Americans for me. The bombing of the PRC Embassy in Belgrade (11) did not work as planned - the U.S. was not drawn into war with China. The ex-Yugoslavia conflicts failed to get a war started between Russia and the U.S., but now I have a perfect formula" satan muses, "not a political war but a Jihad - a Holy War! How truly wicked! I will get rid of the last stumbling block to my New World Order using God as the reason. Delightfully wicked", he chuckles.

And so New York and Washington, D.C. are attacked. The finger is pointed toward Islamic extremists. As expected, the ire of the Americans is aroused. The ire soon became determination and, with over 90% of the Nation in the bandwagon, the determination turned into a declaration of war to terrorists.

"They fell for it!" satan gleefully thinks.

Regardless of what military action the U.S. takes, it will be labeled by the Arab world as a war against Islam. The appropriate satanic minions will whip up the Islamic countries into a frenzy and soon a major war will ensue: World War III - the West vs. Islam.

"Push will come to shove" and through another "mistake" or a "miscalculation" a nuclear weapon will be used and before anyone knows it, the U.S. will be hit hard and then, like the Twin Towers, it will fall hard.


In a flash, those who are behind the real and diabolic plans will come to the "rescue" of the world. Most everything has been previously prepared by them through unsuspecting third parties. (2)

The foundations of a totalitarian/police state (12) were established when the West started to fight Terrorism.

As a result of the war most religious fanatics will have been killed. Most of the remaining poor and marginalized of the world will also be dead. The remaining might of the U.S. will be under their control and the now manifested new world masters will have "just the right plan" (8) for a world recovery where peace and justice will reign. Even the carefully prepared behind the scenes New Universal Religion (9) will become "The Religion" of "The State" now that "...those religious fanatics have been dealt with."

The French Revolution scenario all over again.... (13)

But, just as Jesus promised: ....unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22], satan's time of glory will be very, very brief. Just long enough so that prophecy is fulfilled.

Most of the original schedule has already been dramatically shortened. (14)

NOTES Added (after initial publication of document)

On September 25th, 2001:

Today's edition of the Spanish daily El Pais reports that Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the Director of the Press Office of The Vatican and the official spokesman of H.H. John Paul II has contradicted the Pope's emotional appeal for a peaceful solution to the current world crisis by encouraging and justifying , through theological reasoning, the use of force by the United States of America. We Praise God for having allowed Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls to be an unwitting contributor to the point this document attempts to convey to the faithful.

On September 26, 2001:

Many documents are now being published enumerating the "many sins of Americans" and the need for atonement. We agree. However, we need to take all of this one step further. We cannot talk about strayed sheep without addressing the issue of the failed shepherds.

We touch on this issue and other documents and letters addressed to The Vatican. But who else dares to speak up? "They all forsook Him and fled...."

Before we get too excited about chastising "the Americans", let's get to the root of the problem; a problem which now is embodied in the theology and philosophy of the likes of FBI ex-Special Agent Robert P. Hanssen.

(1) The Dangers of Denial
(2) Even the key public figures who are taking the actions required by such plan
(3) State of the Union Address
(4) The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei
(5) Inviting the conspirators to cease and desist
(6) Where they are heading
(7) The scales of their eyes fall
(8) New World Order
(9) One Universal Religion
(10) The programmed spread of viruses
(11) The bombing of the PRC Embassy in Belgrade
(12) The Emerging Police State
(13) The French Revolution methodology - all over again!
(14) The delay of the New World Order

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Issued on September 23, 2001. The Conception of St. John the Baptist plus Sts. Linus and Constantius • Reformatted and Reissued on July 15, 2015

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