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*** About the Alleged Heresy of Jan Hus

The purpose of this document is to shed some light on the "heresy" of Jan Hus, a priest burnt at the stake by the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1415.

*** Alleged Messages to Louise Starr Tomkiel

*** Daniel Interpreting and Acting Upon the Handwriting on the Wall

A reader's account - one of the many ways in which God, The Father, calls His "Prodigal Sons" and how this particular "son" responded

*** Regarding the Revealing of Future Dates

Why the Dates of Future Events Should Not Be Revealed Unless God Wills It

*** General Observations from Rome - Trip Report

The following are general observations which are intended to aid the reader in placing the much touted 2000 Jubilee and other Catholic media-hyped Vatican events in the proper perspective; and understanding the deep roots of some of the problems the Roman Catholic Church now faces.

*** General Observations from Rome - Trip Report 2

The following are general observations which are intended to give the faithful a bird's eye view of the Rome and Vatican scenes during the recent Conclave; and a better understanding of the ever increasing problems the Roman Catholic Church continues to face with no let up in sight.

*** God In Action

A reader's loving testimony about God's Goodness and the life-changing assistance available in the Eucharist.

*** Hallucinogenic Drugs and Religious Mysticism

Drug induced mysticism IS NOT mysticism at all.

*** In Defense of the People of the United States of America

Setting the record straight as the anti-U.S. subtle propaganda continues for the "wanton murder" of the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

*** Indulgences - Hope for the Souls in Purgatory

Perform acts of mercy for the Souls in Purgatory and secure their release through Indulgences granted by the Church.

*** Living the Ecumenical Spirit

If we truly believe that our Faith is the most complete and it is well anchored in God, and not man, then, as we learn about the other faiths, ours will be strengthened even more. By living such Faith, without any fanaticism but with much humility and love, just as Jesus gave an example of, we are extending a silent and subtle invitation to all who come in contact with us.

*** Saint John Bosco's Famous Prophecy

About John Bosco's famous dream of the Two Columns: Does this prophecy refer to our own times?

*** Saint John Bosco's Miracle - Love in Action

The simple and humble priest who proved, without a doubt, that what Jesus taught us works against all odds.

*** St. Marcellinus - Pope and Martyr - Another Great Secret Brought to Light

What made him very special was being another living example of the Hope that Divine Mercy guarantees us!

*** Stop Worrying! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY

Make a real difference and offer God what He really wants - Prayers for the conversion of sinners!

*** The "Our Father"

The final choice is really in your hands!

*** The Best Vaccine For Avian Flu

Relying on God and the Virgin Mary, John Bosco and the students of his oratory care for the sick and dying during the cholera plague of 1854

*** An Exposé of The Jehovah's Witnesses

To demonstrate to the unsuspecting Faithful the true purpose and intent of the Jehovah's Witnesses (Using their own publication) and how satan is using the unchecked abuses within organized religion to lead those who are seeking God to untold suffering.

*** The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or, as it is incorrectly called, The Mormon Church, was founded by their prophet Joseph Smith after a series of Heavenly Apparitions which commenced in the Spring of 1820 in the United States of America.

*** The M+G+R Domains Will Remain Online Until...

On February 25th we published a communiqué on our Board wherein we shared with you the very real possibility of shutting down the Domains of The M+G+R Foundation.

*** The Mediatic Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ as if it were reported live by the 21st Century Media - A reality check on how hardened our hearts have become.

*** The Muslim Corner

Some fascinating issues emerge as we look through The Holy Qur'an. Fascinating especially for Catholic Christians.

*** The Old Catholic Movement

Old Catholic Movement may be a refuge for those seeking the strength and nourishment provided by valid Catholic Sacraments as they justifiably flee the collapsing Church of Rome.

*** The Passion of Jesus Christ

*** The Real Threat to Americans

Contrary to what the government and media say, the biggest threat to American lives is not terrorism.

*** The Relics of John the Baptist

The Muslims have greatly revered John the Baptist for centuries. Why? His greatest "contribution" was to announce and to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus Christ.

*** The Right Results

The purpose of this document is to share with our readership what we consider "perfect results" in the fulfillment of the function God called us to carry out.

*** The Selection of the Christmas Date

Seeking the logic used by Our Heavenly Father in moving men to celebrate the date of Jesus' birth on December 25th

*** The Utilization of Hallucinogenic Drugs as a Way to Approach God

It might seem inconceivable - but there are well-known spiritual leaders who support the use of hallucinogenic drugs (entheogens) as a way to approach God.

*** What Do You Think Of...

What Does The M+G+R Foundation Think About "This" and "That" Domain? We pray and hope that most will see that the "snare level" facing mankind surpasses the imagination.

*** Why the Great Interest... Yet the Apparently Deaf Ear?

Herein we explore why the information and warnings published by The M+G+R Foundation - compelling as they are - do not move more individuals to act upon the information provided.

*** The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church Corner

An introduction to the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church

*** Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

A Directory of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America.

*** A New Time Religion

An article by Summer Burkes, a defrocked priest who promotes a multi-denominational religion which combines medieval Christian mysticism, socialism, yoga and techno music. - Originally published by the San Francisco Bay Guardian: 1998

*** A Timely Suggestion

A discussion of the advantages of always being in a state of readiness in case of a major catastrophe

*** Excerpt of the First Book of Kings

God Allows Confusion - When Necessary

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