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A Communication to the Marian Movement of Priests

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PLEASE NOTE: miguel de Portugal does not endorse the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) (1) since 1995; on the contrary, he considers the MMP to be the contrived "Department of Marian Messages"  for the Opus Dei Agenda (2).

The purpose of publishing this communication is to illustrate the good relationship that miguel had with many MMP Directors worldwide until Gobbi attempted to destroy it. The excellent relationship - coupled with the condemnation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP headquarters (3) - speak volumes, for those who have Ears to Hear (4), about the real intentions of the organizers of Marian Movement of Priests [not necessarily the National Directors].

Communiqué No. 17-A-E

Exclusively To: Marian Movement of Priests Directors - Selected Distribution Centers Worldwide
From:                miguel de Portugal
Date:                April 7, 1995 - Seven Sorrows of Mary

Beloved of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

May the Peace of God and the Consolation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be with you and those under your care.

You are receiving this Communiqué because you may have received Communications in the past in which miguel de Portugal unconditionally, sight unseen, endorsed all messages allegedly through Don Gobbi. Unfortunately things may have changed.

A letter reached my hands today signed by P. Franco Rana, with the title of `il segretario del M.S.M.'. It arrived inside an envelope marked `Movimento Sacerdotale Mariano' and posted in Milano. Therefore, it is being taken as a legitimate and official communication from the Headquarters of the M.M.P. For your reference, a photocopy of said letter - with its highlights translated to English (3) - is enclosed for your convenience.

I share the whole letter with you because it provides much information between the lines. Most specially when you consider the following excerpts of just a small sampling of past Communiqués from miguel de Portugal:

>>>On June 13, 1993 (the First Communication) top of first page: "miguel, a devoted member of the MMP"

>>>Excerpts of Communique of January 12, 1994:

"...perfect harmony that exists among the Old and New Testaments, the revelations through Fr. Gobbi  [Note: Only MMP messages dated up to December 31, 1993 - This Note has been added after reviewing the alleged Messages beyond that date] and the Marian Apparitions of..."

"There are some locutions from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi [Note: Only MMP messages dated up to December 31, 1993 - This Note has been added after reviewing the alleged Messages beyond that date] that may appear contradictory or even perhaps out of sequence. No! No! When you look at those instances in the light... of what is taking place in the world you will quickly see its harmony."

>>>Excerpt of Communique of February 9, 1994.

"Please, understand the urgency of the instructions from Heaven. Truly, I assure you, there is nothing else to do except obey Our Mother and ALL of Her Messages through Fr. Gobbi  [Note: Only MMP messages dated up to December 31, 1993 - This Note has been added after reviewing the alleged Messages beyond that date]

>>>Excerpt of Communique of February 20, 1994

"With respect to "messages", once again we encourage you to adhere yourself to the spiritual digestion and assimilation of those through Father Gobbi  [Note: Only MMP messages dated up to December 31, 1993 - This Note has been added after reviewing the alleged Messages beyond that date] and the Sacred Scriptures. ALL is in those documents."

>>>Above signature line on the Communique of September 8, 1994 (qualifying one more time the relationship between miguel de Portugal and the M.M.P.):

"...who is nothing more than just a lay member of the MMP"

I could make substantial commentaries on the contents of the letter from Rana, however, I have full confidence that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you whatever you must understand and that Divine Justice will handle the rest.

In view of the between-the-lines revelations made by poor brother Rana, miguel de Portugal makes the following declaration:

All past confirmation of the messages through Don Gobbi, apply only up to and including the last message of 1993 which is the last he has had the  opportunity to read.

The blanket endorsement and confirmation of information through the M.M.P., sight unseen, is null and void beyond the message No. 848 of December 31, 1993. Effective January 1, 1994, they will be endorsed and/or confirmed on a case by case basis only.

Please forgive me if this Communication has caused you discomfort. Mutual respect is the hallmark of the work of God and there are no exceptions.

miguel de Portugal deems this matter closed and his duty to Heaven, in your particular regard, completed. Should you desire to receive in the future the regular Communications, you have been clearly advised on what to do.

With nothing more to share with you I this time, I conclude this Holy Week Communiqué soliciting your Priestly Blessing, wishing you a Blessed Easter Season and beyond, and assuring you of my prayerful support whether world conditions allow us to communicate in the future or not.

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal


(1) The position of miguel de Portugal regarding the MMP
(2) About the Opus Dei and their real "Salvific Agenda
(3) The evaluation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP Headquarters.
      We must ask: Why if what he had done up to then was support them?  The answer lies within Communiqué no. 5.

Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

NOTE: This communication was reissued for the following reasons on April 2008

This communication may have been edited from its original form because at the time of the original publication miguel de Portugal was not clearly stating the differences between:

(a) The Anti Christ and the False Christ .
(b) The real Church - composed by the living stones of those who are members of the Family of Jesus [Mark 3:35] - and the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church.

He also had not realized the heretical aberrations of:

(a)  Calling the Roman Catholic Church "Holy Mother Church".  Mary is our Mother, thus Mother of the Church since we compose the Church.
(b)  Calling the Roman Pontiff and Bishop of Rome "Holy Father". Only God is the Father and only God is Holy because He is truly Good. [Matthew 19:17]

We have also now added links to documents that had not been published at the time the original communication was written.

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