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The Papacy - A Historical Perspective

1004-1032 A.D.

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John XVIII : 1004-1009 A.D.

141. Born in Rome. Elected January 1004 - died July 1009.

He resumed the relationship, even if for a short period, between the Greek and the Latin church, and committed himself to making Christianity known among barbarians and pagans. He set up the bishopric of Bramberg.

When the archbishop from Canterbury came to Rome to receive the Pallium, not only did he grant it to him but in front of the Senate, he actually took his stole off and gave it to him, saying he was worthy to wear it.

He is buried in the Basilica of S. Paolo Fuori Ie Mura.

His pontificate lasted about 5 years and 7 months.

Sergius IV : 1009-10I2 A.D.

142. Born in Rome. Elected July 31, 1009 - died May 12, 1012.

He changed his Christian name, for it was Peter. He maintained friendly relationships with Eastern and Western Emperors. He uselessly tried to stem immoral behaviou.

He prevented the destruction of the Holy Sepulchre.

He granted many benefits to Benedictine monasteries, the religious order to which he belonged before being elected.

Sergius IV recognised the Camaldolensian order and the feudation of the famous monastery in Umbria operated by St. Romuald (1012); he then granted the investiture to the castles of roman country.

He is buried in the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.

His pontificate lasted about 2 years and 10 months.

Benedict VIII : 1012-1024 A.D.

143. Born in Rome, he was elected May 18, 1012 - died April 9, 1024.

Given the opposition he encountered at the moment of his election, he asked for the assistance of Henry II, who was crowned in Rome. He promulgated laws against simony and duels. He ordered that churchmen could not marry.

The use of the golden globe dates back to the period of Benedict VIII, the sceptre which he showed to Henry II at the moment of the crowning among all the insignia of the empire.

It was a golden pommel covered by a cross.

He is buried in the Vatican Grottoes.

His pontificate lasted about 12 years.

John XIX : 1024-1032 A.D.  [For the seldom mentioned activities of this Pope - Click Here]

144. Born in Rome. Elected May 1024 - died 1032.

In Rome he crowned Emperor Conrad II from Germany. He did not give in to the unjustified demands put forward by the court of Byzantium.

He protected Guido of Arezzo, the inventor of the musical notes, the names of which correspond to the first syllables of a psalm.

He is buried in the Vatican Grottoes.

His pontificate lasted about 8 years.

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