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The Papacy - A Historical Perspective

1046-1054 A.D.

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Clement II : 1046 - 1047 A.D.

149. Born in Saxony. Elected December 25, 1046 - died October 9,1047.

He was worried about the arrogance showed by bishops-earls, as a result of relentless struggles with vessels; he managed to overcome the resistance of bishop Aribert from Milan, creating the famous "Carroccio". In Germany, he canonized St. Viborata, a Hungarian martyr. He was the second German Pope.

He is supposed to have used the coat of arms for the first time.

He is the only Pope to be buried in Germany in fact he died in this country and his body lies in Bramberg in a richly decorated sarcophagus.

His pontificate lasted about 10 months.

Benedict IX : 1047-1048 A.D.

150. Elected for the third time November 8, 1047,

he renounced to his office on July 17, 1048. He followed the advice of St. Bartholomew and after eight months he resigned.

Repenting his immoral life, he spent his last days as a monk in the convent of San Basilio in Grottaferrata, where he died and was buried.

Damasus II : 1048 A.D.

151. Born in Bavaria. Elected July 17, 1048 - died August 9,1048.

He took the place of Benedict IX according to the will of Emperor Henry III from Germany, since Aliardus, Bishop of Lyon, had renounced the tiara. He retired to Palestrina where he died after only 23 days of pontificate.

He is buried in the Basilica of S. Lorenzo Fuori Ie Mura in Rome.

St. Leo IX : 1049-1054 A.D.

152. Born in Egnisheim (Alsazia). Elected March 12, 1049. died April 19, 1054.

He was freely elected by the clergy and the Roman people. Once arrived to Rome, he wanted to come to the papal seat on bare feet as a symbol of humility.

He excommunicated Michele Cerulario who caused the schism of the Greek and Latin churches.

He accepted the idea expressed by the reforming programme that the Pope should be elected by the single dignitaries of the church, called cardinals.

The idea of Leo IX was definitely adopted 10 years later by Nicholas II.

When he was 50, he started to study the Greek language in order to refute the writings of Greek schismatics.

He is buried in the left transept of the Basilica of St. Peter.

His pontificate lasted 5 years and 2 months.

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