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False Christ 101: Simple ways to distinguish between Christ and his impostor

Based on the work that miguel de Portugal has done to warn the Faithful against the false christ, I thought it would be useful to provide a short, simple list of ways to tell the false christ apart from our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope that this will keep people from making lethal spiritual mistakes when the final deception is unleashed upon the world.

This false christ, when he appears, will not seem to be a raving demagogue, or a lunatic, or a charlatan. Nor will his reign begin with violence. He will be a counterfeit "Christ", a seemingly plausible substitute for the real Christ – one so well-disguised that he could deceive "the very elect," if that were to be allowed by God.  The way of this "lawless one" is now being prepared in secret; when the one "who now restrains it" is removed, the deceiver will appear openly (2 Thessalonians 2:6-7).

The false christ

Our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ

Will begin his reign with fame, pomp, and luxury, playing the part of a victorious Emperor.

He will come back in the same way that He was seen to ascend into heaven. "Men of Galilee," they said, "why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven." (Acts 1:11).

Will be proclaimed and promoted by the administrators of the Roman Catholic Church; he, in turn, will honor the church leaders who align with him. Ratzinger (and/or his successor) will receive worldwide acclaim, and the Vatican will be the center of the world’s sole legal religion.

At His Return, Christ will need no organization to proclaim Him or to secure allegiance to Him. Christ will destroy the faithless and apostate Church administration – including whoever then claims the title of "Bishop of Rome." As prophesied in Revelation 18, the Vatican – which, by then, will be proven to be the final Babylon – will be suddenly annihilated, never to rise again.

Will honor Opus Dei and its allies.

Will destroy Opus Dei and its allies.

Will honor earthly royalty and nobility, and will seduce most of them to his cause. They – especially the crowned heads and aristocrats of Europe – will hail him as the restorer of tradition and the vanquisher of godless republics.

Will exalt the humble, the righteous who have (until then) labored without earthly fame or reward. He will pay no regard to earthly lineage or pedigree.

Will honor the "tradition of men" (Mark 7:8), and will present himself as the world’s rescuer from the preceding left-wing New World Order.

Will "make all things new" (Revelation 21:5), and will establish a reign of the kind that humanity has not seen since Eden.

Will be proclaimed on earth, and will "reinterpret" the Biblical prophecy of the manner of the Return of Christ (Acts 1:11), so that he will seem to be fulfilling it. The false christ may attempt to rise up from the earth to challenge Christ at His Return; if so, the false christ will be then cast down to earth and sent to his doom. The false christ will face some opposition, who will remain faithful to Jesus until they are vindicated by the Return of Christ.

Will – as prophesied – come from Heaven, on the clouds, in glory, with the saints and angels. Without any need for propaganda or public relations, everyone on earth will know at once that Christ has returned. Everyone – willing or not – will acknowledge Him as Lord.

Will execute judgment through a New Inquisition against his enemies, if he has sufficient time to put this machinery in place. In that event, all the standard components of totalitarianism will be present: universal surveillance and espionage, informers, secret police, torture, kangaroo courts, and the death penalty.

He will instantly transfigure His faithful ones, living and dead, and will take them up – the real "Rapture." Christ’s foes will be destroyed by an act of Divine Judgment. No human police, spies, judges, or executioners will be involved in carrying out this last punishment.

He and his followers will proselytize, seeking obedient (and gullible) converts.

Christ will not proselytize; He knows His own, and His own will know Him. (John 10:4)

He will come in his own name, claiming to be the messiah.

Christ will give glory to God the Father. The truth of Christ will be manifest to all, without mistake, from the time that the "sign of the Son of man" appears in the sky and "all the tribes of the earth mourn" (Matthew 24:30). Christ will have no need to boast or to exalt Himself.

He will, if given time, carry out the final persecution of the Jews. He will justify this with "logic" similar to that used by the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazis. Additionally, his "Holocaust II" will have the same other groups of victims as did the Nazis.

He will accept all true followers of God, whatever religion they may profess now. Christ will read hearts, and will not judge by ethnicity, race, or denomination.

Will work some miracles to cement his claim to lordship; some may be counterfeits, and others will be done for political effect. These miracles will bring spiritual doom, not spiritual benefit, for their recipients.

Christ’s Return will be accompanied by global miracles, the greatest since Creation: the resurrection of the faithful dead (the first resurrection), the Rapture and transfiguration of the living faithful, and the New Creation, the renewal of the devastated earth.

Under his reign, human and spiritual evil will be (briefly!) triumphant. This will not prevent his propagandists and apologists from making "evil" seem to be good and necessary.

Under His reign, love and righteousness and justice will be triumphant. No propagandists or apologists will be needed. Christ will write His Law in the heart of each inhabitant of His Kingdom.

His tyrannical reign will be accompanied by a crescendo of natural disasters and wars – the seal, bowl, and trumpet judgments prophesied in Revelation 6-18.

With Christ’s Return, the tyranny, wars, and natural disasters will end. Mankind will live in a new Paradise. The technical civilization of the current age will be gone – but mankind will be able to develop a true "civilization of love" without interference by satan.

His forerunner lives in a palace fit for kings, wears ermine and fabulous red Prada slippers, and is famous worldwide.

His forerunner (for the current era) lives in obscurity and austerity, as did John the Baptist.

The false christ’s reign will be brief – at most, a few months. During this reign, satan will have full power over mankind. (The prayers of the faithful have been answered affirmatively by God, and "those days" of great tribulation have been shortened – Matthew 24:22).

Christ will reign on earth for centuries, a symbolic thousand years, until the time comes for the end of the world and the Final Judgment. In this era of the Millennium, satan will be chained in the Pit, and will not have influence over anyone who does not seek him out.


Published on June 3rd, 2010 - Feast of Corpus Christi

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