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Why Should You Worry? - Rejoice Instead!

...the World Is Not Going to End!

However, These Times Will Indeed End!

There are many rumors circulating in the world regarding "The End",  the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and a worldwide conspiracy allegedly led by the Illuminati.

The number and variety of these rumors are only surpassed by the number of visionaries transmitting messages on behalf of the Virgin Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Father. Heavenly Messages which may be in conflict with the Holy Scriptures and legitimate Heavenly Apparitions.

Sometimes one wonders if these visionaries think that Our Lady of Fatima never met Our Lady of La Salette, and that both think that Our Lady of Medjugorje and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at Garabandal are just a couple of upstarts and that the four of them have no clue as to the contents of the Sacred Scriptures.

If the situation were not so serious it would make a comedy script for another anti-Catholic movie. Should we wonder why Catholics have become the targets of abuse and ridicule?

This Index Page has been designed with the intent of bringing some internal and external coherence to the subject matter at hand. We pray that you take advantage of this information and that it brings you some measure of peace.

Yes, many terrible things will happen and are happening, but, it is not the End of the World - it is the End of These Times because ....unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

As we begin to understand what is really taking place and choose to draw closer to God, then fear will dissipate and the Peace of God will flood our souls.

***The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But When????

You will get a general idea about the timing with the information that you are being given in this site.

Click here and find out for yourself.

***Anatomy of a Campaign for the Intoxication of Public Opinion

This is one thing that we have to watch out for: Manipulation By The Press

Click Here and learn how one of them was carried out on a global scale.

***The Achievement of a Universal Religion.

How it will be utilized to achieve control of the world.

Click here and you will begin to understand the interrelation of all apparently unrelated world events.
 En Español Click aqui Em Português Clique aqui

***The Achievement of One Universal Government and Its Demise.

It is not going to happen the way people are expecting it.

Click here for an understanding of the real "game plan". En Español Click aqui Em Português Clique aqui

***Mysteries of God That Allow Us To Better Understand Heavenly Messages.

Many self appointed scholars and Evangelists agree and tell you that the End of the World is at hand. That is Not True! This is only done to cause your despair and fill their pockets.

Click here and you will be able to enlighten them and enjoy your journey through this world. En Español Click aqui

***Heaven Speaks Loudly With Events But We Don't Even Notice

WORLD WARS I and II - Key dates and their relation to messages and warnings from heaven.

Click here and you will be amazed of what you have missed! En Español Click aqui

***Secrets From the Sacred Scriptures Unfold... As We Understand Their Relationship With Heavenly Messages.

Not all alleged Heavenly Apparitions are true. Do you want to be able to tell them apart?

Click here and gain a better understanding about legitimate Heavenly Apparitions. En Español Click aqui

***The General Sequence of Events Leading To The End of These Times

God would not let His children stranded without a Book of Instructions which would help them navigate through the End of These Times. It is just a matter of seeing how it all fits together. Until now there was no need for that "key". Now there is a need and He has made it available to the world through Miguel de Portugal.

Click here and you'll will see how the Holy Scriptures really make sense. Total coherence - from Genesis to Revelations.
En Español Click aqui Em Português Clique aqui

***Visionaries and More Visionaries... Who should the Faithful believe?

Few visionaries are legitimate. Do you want to be able to recognize them?

Click here and find out.

         ***Do NOT Count on the Roman Catholic Church Administrators to Warn You!

This is their tragic and verifiable record :  In English Click here  En Español Click aqui Em Português Clique aqui

***But.... What Time Is It? Are We Almost There Yet?

The Faithful is entitled to know.

Click here and find out.

***Above All.... DO NOT Despair! : DO NOT Give Up!   En Español Click aqui  Em Português Clique aqui

God IS truly above all! Believe in Him!  En Español Click aqui

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