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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 19:29:20 +0300
Subject: More about Earthquake activity increase
To: Very Select List


We thought that with the publication of the latest update about the earthquake frequency increase God would let go..... but He didn't, therefore, we went back into it and the steps taken in the process follows:

1. It would be nice to get the 1980 - 1989 information too so that the complete picture - from 1980 to 2008 - could be seen.
2. The problem was that the 1980 - 1989 info could not be located in the appropriate government sites. It had vanished - or so it seems to us.
3. We search for the hard copy of the number crunching session done when the document was originally published. No luck.
4. On a God guided "wild goose chase" we looked into our electronic dead files.... and voila! We had saved the government site pages used then - including, of course, the key 1980 - 1989 period which we are reproducing below.
5. At first glance we see that they had conveniently listed the yearly number of earthquake average for each category - 134 for 6 to 6.9; 17 for the 7.0 -7-9; and 1 for the 8 to 8.9 category
6. Having been trained as an Engineer to double check numbers and calculations wherever possible, we decided to check those averages and this is what we found (and you can confirm it yourself from the image attached)

The reported 134 avg. earthquakes per year was really 98 avg. per year
The reported 17 avg. earthquakes per year was really 10.1 avg. per year; and
The reported 1 avg. earthquakes per year was really 0.4 avg. per year


Once the correct data was processed, the increase in seismic activity - based on reported earthquake world wide - from the decade of the eighties to the decade of the nineties was 46.8%. If we had used the "conveniently presented - and wrong - averages" it would have shown that there was actually a decrease of seismic activity. Of course, folks would not make that mistake now.... since  data seems to have been pulled.


Seismic activity increase from the 1980-1989 period to 1990-1999 period was 48.8%
Seismic activity increase from the 1990-1999 period to 2000-2008 period was 56.1%

An average increase of 52.45 % per decade  in seismic activity in two consecutive decades is something to take note of.... but, not to worry.... the priority is to see how can everyone is vaccinated against the Swine Flu for their own good.... of course.

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