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Terrorism is not the Root of the Problem

The Root of the Problem is Religious Fanaticism


The personal struggle to try to live up to the Legitimate and Fundamental Teachings of one's Faith is not fanaticism. Fanaticism is irrational and incoherent religiosity.

This apparently harsh, but very realistic document, personally authored by miguel de Portugal, exposes the real roots of Terrorism. As you read what follows, do not fall in the error of thinking that miguel is a Flaming Liberal. If you take the time to read about miguel's position (1) regarding the Catholic Faith, you will see that, if anything, he is more of a "Fundamentalist" than the late Pope John Paul II and his predecessors ever were.

Should anyone think that miguel is being harsh in his words, think again. When compared with what God Will have to allow to clean up (2) the sewer into which we have turned His Creation, miguel's words will indeed sound very, very gentle.


As the world continues to reel in horror as the result of the terrorist events in New York City, Madrid, London, Manchester, all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia, it is imperative that we take a long and hard look as to what or who constitutes The Enemy.

One purpose of this document is to illustrate the dangers of Religious Fanaticism, identify its signs and suggest how to counteract it.

It is also our hope that this document serve as a warning to all religious fanatics, including those within the Roman Catholic Church, as to what their actions are going to bring upon themselves (3) and upon the rest of the world.

There is always time to backtrack and correct one's behavior until God allows the unleashing of the just retribution for such unGodly behavior. That opportunity was given (4), in the Name of God, to the sectarian fanatics within the Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately, their arrogance blinded them.


The President of the U.S.. George W. Bush, was determined to stamp out terrorism in the entire world. The leaders of other Western Powers rightfully agreed with him. In the rush to act and dispense human justice, they overlooked one major detail...

At the root of such acts of Terrorism there is one single cause: Religious Fanaticism.

No one needs a Ph.D. on Social Studies, Psychology, Theology, Anthropology, Political Science, etc., nor one needs to be a Prophet to see what lurks behind the worldwide violence.

A brief mental review of the past crises in Northern Ireland, the past and current crises in the Middle East, the destruction of Afghanistan during the last 25+ years, the Indonesia and East Timor religious and political conflicts, etc. should conjure up a vivid picture of religious fanaticism in action at the national level. On a more localized level we must remember the murders and other acts of violence carried out by Pro Life (Life.... ????) activists, mass suicides, hate crimes associated with sexual preference, ethnicity, etc.

All of the above is the result of Religious Fanaticism which, of course, is allegedly carried out in the Name of God.

Ex-FBI Special Agent Robert P. Hanssen (5), an Opus Dei "devout holy man" like his superior, Louis Freeh, was also a terrorist, but of a different kind. Only God knows how much damage he has done behind the scenes by compromising the security of the United States and its Allies. This was also the product of Religious Fanaticism manifested in a different way, yet yielding the same results: Death and destruction.

How many of those "devout" men do we still have lurking in high positions in the United States Government? Far too many (6) for the National Security of the United States.

Granted - Eve fell for the serpent's trick and Adam did not do any better, but, at least, they have the excuse that they did not have the Holy Scriptures on hand to learn from thousands of years of mistakes made by humanity.

What is then the excuse of all of these Religious Fanatics?

They obviously think that killing and maiming is God's way to draw His wayward children to His Kingdom.

They seem to think that by attaining political control and controlling the intelligence community of the United States they can save the souls of people.

To the Christian fanatic, we ask: Where did Jesus Christ teach that kind of behavior?

In their rush to that self-righteous "Holiness" they have trampled on everything God promised through Abraham and Moses and which Jesus Christ confirmed to mankind.

Make no mistake: Their actions are not from God; they are straight from hell and it is the Prince of this World, satan himself, whom they are truly serving.

Do you doubt us?

Allow us to unfold before your eyes what their "Holy" actions will cause and what price God will extract from them for utilizing Him as an excuse to manipulate, kill and maim.


Much of the Christian population of the Western Industrialized World, already sensitized by the abuses of Institutionalized Christianity of the last 1,600 years, have drifted away from organized religion and are very suspicious of any "devout" individual.

The non Christian countries of the world, the People's Republic of China and India, for example, are also very weary of "devout" individuals - Christians and Muslims alike.

As the result of their ignorance about the fine points of Monotheistic Religions, the above mentioned groups will lump all, level-headed Fundamentalists, mainstream Christians, and Fanatics, in the same group.

The centerpiece consequence of terrorist events is a severe religious backlash resulting in the attempts to establish One Universal Religion (7). This new and very liberal religion was intended to go hand-in-hand with the New World Order (8). However, this New Order would need to be forcibly imposed in order to bring the world out from the chaos which would result from the manifestation of Step No. 1 (2) - the "crown jewel" of terrorism.

The nuclear holocaust, Step No. 1, will be hastened by the world's response to the terror attacks that has plagued the world since September 2001.

This is what the Religious Fanatics, Muslim and Christian alike, are bringing upon themselves and the world at large. Towards the End, the Christian fanatics, specifically the Roman Catholic fanatical elements led by groups like Opus Dei, Legionnaires of Christ, et al will have a brief triumph which will be used to usher in the False Christ.


If anyone think that the above scenario is unreal and never will happen, think again.

What would a New Yorker have said on September 10th, 2001, if someone had told him/her what was going to happen to the Big Apple on September 11th?

Beloved brothers and sisters loyal to the True and Living God, the God of Love and Mercy, join us in prayer (9), and then, some more prayer (10) for the conversion of Religious Fanatics. Only God can deliver them from the power of satan.

He taught us to "Pray for our enemies and persecutors" and we obey while claiming His promises for the deliverance of those for whom there may still be hope.

miguel de Portugal
+by the Grace of God


(1) Who is miguel de Portugal

(2) Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times - NOT of the World

(3) The immense power of Opus Dei - How it will end

(4) Letter to Joaquín Navarro-Valls, 1995 - John Paul II Spokesman - The carefully laid plans by man to Save the World will fail

(5) Opus Dei's ex-FBI Agent Robert Hanssen Betrays the US

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(7) The attempt to establish a One World Religion

(8) The attempt to establish a New World Order, and its end

(9) Enough of Marches!  Enough of Petitions!  Enough Politicking!  Just - Pray! Pray! Pray!

(10) Stop Worrying! and Pray More!

En Español:  Terrorismo - El verdadero problema es el Fanatismo Religioso

First issue of this document was released on September 19, 2001
Updated on May 1st, 2015, to reflect the developments in the "game plan" since its original publication.

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