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Did You Know That....?  January - 2009

Published on January 31st, 2009  [Memorial of St. John Bosco]

....we have already published the Marian Feast Days and Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religious Days of Note For Calendar Year 2009 ?

and that.... can now have "Opus Dei To Go" on your mobile phone? (1)

(1)    News Report

Published on January 30th, 2009

....Los Angeles cardinal - Mahoney (1) - says he's 'mystified' by federal probe into the sexual abuse cover up in his archDiocese? (2)

Comments: We are also mystified as to why he and Cardinal Law (3) are not behind bars.

(1)  Meet Cardinal Mahoney
(2)  News Report
(3)  Meet Cardinal Law

Published on January 29th, 2009

....the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has decided to recommend the Traditional Anglican Communion be accorded a personal prelature akin to Opus Dei ? (1)

It is understood that Benedict XVI, who has taken a personal interest in the matter, has linked the issue to the year of St Paul, the greatest missionary in the history of the Church.

The Basilica of St Paul outside the Walls could feature prominently in such an announcement for its traditional and historical links to Anglicanism. Prior to the English Reformation it was the official Church of the Knights of the Garter.
(1)    News Report

also that....
....only 57 % of our total - and very clean and up to date - mailing list requested the URL recently offered?

Published on January 28th, 2009

....symbolically speaking, (1) there may have been more to Mr. Obama's fumbled Oath of Office than met the eye? (2)
(1) Not necessarily on purpose but just God allowed since Mr. Michael Hoffman, the author of the referenced blog,  is obviously an avowed anti-Semite.
(2) News Commentary 

Published on January 27th, 2009 of the greatest contributing factors to the fall of the clergy - of all faiths - is the fact that the faithful seldom pray for their shepherds?

When an individual is called to shepherd a flock towards God, he becomes a most desirable target for satan, thus needing more prayers for protection and guidance than "Joe the plumber" next door.

Published on January 26th, 2009

....that anti Zionism IS NOT the same as anti-Semitism?

This is best expressed if we review the definition of Zionism (1)

Zionism is an international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in the historic Land of Israel, later on called Palestine, and continues primarily as support for the modern state of Israel.

Zionism is partly based upon strong historical ties and religious traditions linking the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, where the concept of Jewish nationhood first evolved somewhere between 1200 BCE and the late Second Temple era (i.e. up to 70 CE). The modern movement was mainly founded by secular Jews, beginning largely as a response by European Jewry to anti-Semitism across Europe.  It is a branch of the broader phenomenon of modern nationalism. At first one of several Jewish political movements offering alternative responses to the position of Jews in Europe, Zionism grew rapidly and, after the Holocaust, became the dominant Jewish political movement.

This could be read as: Zionism is a political movement which has used the tragedy of the people of the Jewish Faith for its very temporal purposes.

That is no different than what the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church has done - successfully until recently - since it  sold its soul to Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century (2). In this case, they used the tragedy of the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus plus the blood of countless martyrs through the 4th Century to become a political force - something totally contrary to what Jesus taught by Word and Example.

Having defined those can clearly see that anti Zionism is equivalent to our position regarding the Roman Catholic Church Administration (3)  whereas anti-Semitism would be the equivalent of being anti-Christian.

One is a strictly political issue and the other one is strictly a matter of Faith.
(1) Definition Source
(2) The selling of Catholicism to Emperor Constantine
(3) Our position regarding the Catholic Faith *** Our Position regarding the Roman Catholic Church Administration *** The Roman Catholic Church Administration has already been judged by Jesus.

Published on January 25th, 2009 [The Conversion of St. Paul]

....just as it was expected (see January 24th posting below) the Bp. Richard Williamson issue has created an uproar of a magnitude that will ultimately hurt all Jews as well as all Christians. For those who are observant - the "return to Grace" of SSPX  is not the issue; the issue is Bp. Williamson stance - real of perceived.

Not only TIME International (1) has wasted no time in broadcasting/exploiting the divisive act (2) but France 24 (3)  has published a video clip (4) about the issue with a brief segment where Bp. Williamson claims that there were no death chambers , etc.

Considering how the Halo Effect (5) works, it almost does not matter how many conditionals Bp. Williamson may attach to his position - the way he is perceived by most is well "cast in reinforced concrete"
(1)  TIME International
(2) The Vatican could have handled it in other ways that would not turn a spark into a roaring fire
(3) The French equivalent of CNN International
(4)  France 24 Video Clip
(5) The Halo Effect


Published on January 24th, 2009 of the SSPX Bishops that Benedict XVI wants to bring back to the fold is Bp. Richard Williamson, SSPX?

Meet Bishop Williamson:

Richard Nelson Williamson, SSPX (born 8 March 1940) is a bishop of the Society of St. Pius X. He was declared excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church because of his unauthorized consecration by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, deemed by the Holy See to be "unlawful" and "a schismatic act".

Williamson has expressed controversial views about Judaism and the Holocaust. He has endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, has denied the Holocaust, and praised Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. He states that Jews aim at world dominion, and that Jews and Freemasons, whom he also opposes, have contributed to the "changes and corruption" in the Catholic Church. He argues that Jews are the "enemies of Christ", and urges their conversion to Catholicism. Williamson denies that he is antisemitic, stating that he is following the New Testament, and noting that he also attacks other enemies of Christ such as Communists and Freemasons
. (1)

Comments: No doubt that everyone is cooperating in earnest so that every single prophecy will be fulfilled. The timing is flawless. Just as the State of Israel has managed to fan the anti-Semitic flames to a roaring fire with the massacre (2) at Gaza, Benedict XVI chimes in with the de facto endorsement of people like Richard Williamson.

(1)  Source
(2)  For example...

Published on January 23rd, 2009

....Benedict XVI has decided to lift the excommunications of four bishops consecrated 20 years ago by the late French ultraconservative Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre? (1)

Comment: We just report this as a matter of political interest with no spiritual consequence whatsoever.

(1)  News Report

Published on January 22nd, 2009

....a data breach last year at Princeton, N.J., payment processor Heartland Payment Systems may have compromised tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions? (1)

Robert Baldwin, Heartland's president and chief financial officer, said the company, which processes payments for more than 250,000 businesses, began receiving fraudulent activity reports late last year from MasterCard and Visa on cards that had all been used at merchants which rely on Heartland to process payments."

Heartland called U.S. Secret Service and hired two breach forensics teams to investigate. But Baldwin said it wasn't until last week that investigators uncovered the source of the breach: A piece of malicious software planted on the company's payment processing network that recorded payment card data as it was being sent for processing to Heartland by thousands of the company's retail clients.

Our Standard Comment: "In God we trust, all others pay cash"

(1)  News Report

Published on January 21st, 2009

....Chief Justice Roberts stumbled twice with the words of the Presidential Oath of Office causing the President-to-be Barack Obama to repeat the mistake he had caught the first time around?

This is more than "bad blood". This apparently innocent gaffe will come back to haunt the world.
(1)  News Report

Published on January 20th, 2009 [Memorial of St. Sebastian and Inauguration of the US President-Elect Barack Obama]

Note added on 21 January at ca. 11:30 EST : We had mixed the National Catholic Reporter with the National Catholic Register. Although that mix up did not affect the gist of our message in any way, we have made the appropriate correction which is reflected below.

....the Vatican continues to give a number of mixed and contradictory signals?  This time it is about the judging of Marian Apparitions.

On January 17th (on this same page) we published a report about the new posture the Vatican was about to take regarding Marian Apparitions. Since then, we have made aware of the real state of affairs within the Vatican and the Opus Dei friendly press regarding this issue.

1. From National Catholic Reporter - John Allen (a well connected in the Vatican, and a known very pro OD, author) on January 14th published:

John Allen's article confirms what was published by the UK Telegraph the day before (January 13th) and which we quoted on our comments published on January 17th (on this same page)

2. A translation from Italian of the original story  from Petrus ( published on January 8th, 2009 - courtesy of Catholic Culture . [Also Opus Dei friendly organization.] - seems to have been the font of information for the UK Telegraph and John Allen.  Therefore - the story seems to be well anchored in truth.

3. But then.... the National Catholic Register publishes  a virtual retraction  just eight hours after the John Allen article in the National Catholic Reporter "hit the airwaves".

Obviously, somebody let the cat out of the bag before it's time and they are scrambling to implement damage control.

Published on January 19th, 2009

....although anything is possible....... what we must clearly understand is that anything good is possible only with and through God?

Unfortunately, most believe otherwise and will eventually find themselves "on the other side of the tracks".

Published on January 18th, 2009

....the Vatican says that Benedict XVI is getting his own channel on Google? (1)

Comment: An old saying immediately popped into mind when we learned about that: "God creates them and satan gets them together."

(1)  News Report

Published on January 17th, 2009

....Ratzinger is serious about restarting the Inquisition? Just as real and manufactured terrorist attacks served to begin establishing a Police State (1) in the up-to-now true beacon of Democracy, the proliferation (2) of real and faked Heavenly communications will be used by Benedict XVI to restart the Inquisition.(3) As if that was not enough - it is no other than Cardinal Levada's (4) Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who is preparing it.

A few quotes from the news report:
When a claim of heavenly apparitions occurs, the local bishop will need to set up a commission of psychiatrists, psychologists, theologians and priests who will investigate the claims systematically.
The first step will be to impose silence on the alleged visionaries and if they refuse to obey then this will be taken as a sign that their claims are false.
The visionaries will next be visited by psychiatrists, either atheists or Catholics, to certify their mental health and to verify whether they are suffering from conditions of a hysterical or hallucinatory character or from delusions of leadership.
The third step will be to investigate the person's level of education and to determine if they have had access to material that could be used to falsely support their claims.
The new document will also instruct the bishops to see if the visionaries and their associates stand to gain financially from making their claims.
The content of any heavenly messages will also be scrutinised to see if it is harmony with the teachings of the Church.
If the visionary is considered credible they will ultimately be questioned by one or more demonologists and exorcists to exclude the possibility that Satan is hiding behind the apparitions in order to deceive the faithful.
By the time many of the Faithful wake up to the reality that Ratzinger is just paving the way for the False Christ , it will be too late for them.  A pity - considering the consequences such blindness and deafness will have for them.
(1) The Twilight of Freedom
(2) Too many "visionaries"
(3)  News Report
(4) Cardinal Levada's "immaculate" trajectory

Published on January 16th, 2009

....Israel's foreign ministry is organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments? (1)

Comment:  It would be amusing if it were not so deadly but, from our (fully automatic) observation post, we have noticed the same type of campaign-effort from the Opus Dei supporters. The number of pro-Opus Dei daily blogs outstrips by far the amount of regular Opus Dei news being published worldwide. More often than not there are no news reported yet plenty of blog postings. Prior to the Da Vinci Code movie there would be essentially no public OD blogs and very, very seldom any news about it. 

Net result: As we pointed out (2), the Da Vinci Code was the best move Opus Dei ever made to bring themselves to the attention of the world.

Coming soon: How the Opus Dei's control on their members - via psychological manipulation - works. [Just like when a Windows hacker finds a back door to the system and then plays havoc with the computer that has been targeted for assault, Opus Dei found a "back door" to the human mind.]
(1)  News Report
(2)  Decoding the Da Vinci Code

Published on January 15th, 2009

....from our Site statistics on the volume of visits to a critical page such as the Halo Effect, we see that Denial, not only continues to have the upper hand in the hearts of many - it is actually increasing.

Thanks be to God that our peace only depends and fulfilling the Will of God in issuing the warnings, messages and instructions to the extent that is possible given current circumstances - and not on the number who respond as God would expect them to.

Published on January 14th, 2009

....the way satan manipulates those who are not truly anchored in the Word of God made flesh - Jesus Christ - is through the Halo Effect (1)?

The same Halo Effect (1) which is the centerpiece for the manifestation of the False Christ.
(1)  The Halo Effect

Published on January 13th, 2009

....all prophecies regarding the Second Coming of Jesus (1) will be fulfilled just as the prophecies of His First Coming (2) were?
(1) Second Coming - Fulfillment of Prophecies 
(2) First Coming - Fulfillment of Prophecies

Published on January 12th, 2009

....multiple comet impacts around 1500 years ago triggered a "dry fog" that plunged half the world into famine? (1)

Historical records tell us that from the beginning of March 536 AD, a fog of dust blanketed the atmosphere for 18 months. During this time, "the sun gave no more light than the moon", global temperatures plummeted and crops failed, says Dallas Abbott of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York.
(1) News Report

Published on January 11th, 2009

....that when we do things as God instruct us, the long term results are miraculous but when we do them "our way" the results always fall short?

....Jesus stood on the shore: yet the disciples knew not that it was Jesus. 5 Jesus therefore said to them: Children, have you any meat? They answered him: No. 6 He saith to them: Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and you shall find. They cast therefore; and now they were not able to draw it, for the multitude of fishes.... 11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land, full of great fishes, one hundred and fifty-three. And although there were so many, the net was not broken. [John 21]

Not even the net broke since.... The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. [Anon.]

Of course, if they had to recognize His face to pay attention to what they were told, they would not have had any meat to eat.

Published on January 10th, 2009 we continue to view and review the performance of the United Nations, it is obvious that their contribution to world justice and peace is even more negative - were that possible! - than it was when miguel de Portugal wrote to Kofi Annan on July 11, 1999? (1)

The proliferation of international forums, regional political and economic "clubs", never ending (and very seldom producing good fruit) summits, regional military alliances, ad nauseum constitute the testimony of the failure that the UN is.
(1)  The letter

Published on January 9th, 2009

....the biggest full Moon of 2009 is coming this weekend? (1)

It's a 'perigee Moon' as much as 30% brighter than lesser Moons we'll see in the months ahead
(1) News Report

Published on January 8th, 2009

....the aging Henry Kissinger, recently told CNBC that he believes the current world economic crisis is a "great opportunity" for President-elect Obama to help create a "new world order"?  (1)

Comment:  From Former Pres. Bush (2)  to Gorbachev  (3) to John Paul II and Benedict XVI (4)  to Kissinger now, and people just will not believe that the (enforced) New World Order (5) will be a reality.

(1) News Report
(2) The Godfather of The New World Order
(3) What part of this is not yet understood?
(4) Even the Vatican
(5) What will the New World Order be like?

Published on January 7th, 2009 [Day of Ashura]

....when all living ex US Presidents gather with the incumbent President it usually is for somber ocassions like a high profile funeral? (1)
(1) News Report

Published on January 7th, 2009 [Day of Ashura] seems that all charities are not created equal? (1)
(1) News Report

Published on January 6th, 2009 [Epiphany of The Lord]

....when miguel de Portugal (1) states that he is just a "gofer" for God, it should also be understood that he is a "gofer" by Divine appointment, and that he is not assuming a self appointed position. Those who appoint themselves as prophets - claiming a role not given to them by God Himself - may expose themselves to serious physical and spiritual danger.(2)

We will not entertain any questions regarding the above. Those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear will assimilate the message individualized for each one by the Holy Spirit of God. No amount of explanation will help the others understand the full meaning of this statement, but, consonant with the demands of the Mercy of God, notice has hereby been served.

(1) About miguel de Portugal
(2) This danger would be the result of self-appointed prophet(s) counting on special Divine Graces and protections which God has not granted to that individual(s).  We are speaking from experience, having witnessed the serious harm that befell those who appointed themselves as "messengers of God" and/or thought themselves to be the recepients of extraordinary Divine Graces.

Published on January 5th, 2009

...we have received from one of our Special List Member additional - and not documentary - information regarding the Yellowstone super volcano issue?

First: The page from the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program  -

In that report we see many of the minor earthquakes that continue to rock the Yellowstone area which do not show up - as they should - in the general listing page nor at the US specific one

We have noticed that on the Yellowstone specific page all Yellowstone earthquakes "miraculously" stopped right after midnight from January 2 to January 3. Just as if someone had noticed that the information was out.

Please Note: Three hours after this post, the above referred page was "miraculously" updated showing thirteen more Yellowstone tremors. Maybe Samantha Stevens, main character of the of iconic US TV program Bewitched now works for the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program....

Second: A youtube report by geologist Christopher C. Sanders posted January 1, 2009 and where he states:

"I am advising all State officials around Yellowstone National Park for a potential State of Emergency.  In the last week over 252 earthquakes have been observed by the USGS.  We have a 3D view on the movement of magma rising underground.  We have all of the pre warning signs of a major eruption from a super volcano.  - I want everyone to leave Yellowstone National Park and for 200 miles around the volcano caldera."

The youtube report may be accessed at

Regarding the youtube report - Do notice that Mr. Sanders had made the report about a year ago and he spliced in it a new portion with the current information and warning (he now sports a light beard). This is not act act of deception by Mr. Sanders - on the contrary - he just used his initial report as a backdrop for the newer data.

Published on January 4th, 2009
....according to a top scientist at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory the earthquake activity in Yellowstone most likely will continue for weeks, "and then will end without any other related activity." (1)

Comment:  Should we ever expect an official position different than that?  Of course not. Can anyone imagine what would happen in, and to, the US if the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory would announced the impending eruption of a Super Volcano?

Now - from a scientific point of view: If these scientists cannot predict a tsunami that washed away 250,000 lives or accurately chart the course and damage expected by a Gulf of Mexico hurricane - items which should be easy to predict with the vast amount of money that has been pumped into learning about them - anyone that has any sense would take their assurances with the same confidence as their daily weather reports are taken - none.

But then again, 25 % of the US population hates to see President Bush term end. Although in percentage points 25 % looks dismal, such percent translates into 76,400,000 US citizens who hate to see President Bush term end... and that should give anyone pause for thought.
(1) News Report

Published on January 3rd, 2009 [Devotion of First Saturday of the Month  and Most Holy Name of Jesus]

....Benedict XVI called for a New World Order in his Christmas message based  "on just ethical and economic relationships."? (1)

Comment:  We presume that, according to the Anti Christ (2),  neither God, nor His basic Ten Commandments nor His teachings of the Sermon of the Mount are good enough to base a New World Order.

But this is not the real problem.  The real problem is that there are hundreds of millions of disoriented Faithful in this world that believe that Ratzinger is what he is not in spite of the red flags, blaring horns and flashing red warning lights.

On the other hand, we should not be surprised since He Himself said:

For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, and they shall show signs and wonders, to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect. [Mark 13:22]

...and the Elect (3) are few.
(1) News Report
(2)  The AntiChrist.
(3) Who are the Elect?

Published on January 2nd, 2009 [Devotion of First Friday of the Month]

....Joseph Stalin may have killed millions of his own people but this weekend he could be chosen by Russians as their greatest-ever countryman? (1)

The fact that Stalin has been doing so well comes as no surprise to members of the Communist Party, which remains one of the biggest political parties in the country.

Comment:  Man's abysmal stupidity knows no borders, social or economic class.
(1) News Report

Published on January 1st, 2009 [Mary, Mother of God]

....almost two decades after the Velvet Revolution ended communist rule, the Czech Republic is about to take over the six-month rotating E.U. presidency? (1)

But while some Czechs may be flushed with pride, President Vaclav Klaus is not, and that has officials in Brussels riled. The Czech leader, a Euro skeptic in the best of times, has refused to fly the E.U. flag over public buildings like Prague Castle, saying it reminds him of the days when his country was made to fly the Soviet flag.

Outgoing E.U. president Nicolas Sarkozy of France called that stance an "outrage" and a "wound," while European Commission president José Manuel Barroso said anyone comparing the E.U. with the Soviet Union "doesn't understand what the Soviet Union was" and "does not understand what democracy is"

Comment:  The saying is "the plot thickens" but the way things are - on all fronts - we may have to change it to "the plot solidifies".... until it reaches its "critical density" and then the real fireworks will start... right on schedule.

(1)  News Report

Published on December 31st, 2008 [Last Day of the Year]

....biohackers are attempting to unstitch the fabric of life? (1)

Anecdotal evidence suggests that thousands of Americans now spend their free time consulting the internet, jerry-rigging laboratory equipment, and tinkering with the very foundations of life on Earth as we know it.
— “People can really work on projects for the good of humanity while learning about something they want to learn about in the process”, — says Meredith Patterson, 31, a computer programmer by day turned biohacker by night.
All she needed for her project was a jar of yoghurt, some jellyfish DNA — purchased online for less than $100 (£65) from a biological supply company — and a few pieces of lab equipment (including a DNA analyser), which she constructed herself for less than $25. Eventually, say experts, such equipment could be sold in kits: a kind of My Little Genetically-Altered Lifeform playset for adults.
Jim Thomas, of ETC Group, a biotechnology watchdog group, says that synthetic organisms could ultimately escape and cause outbreaks of incurable diseases or unpredictable environmental damage. — “Once you move to people working in their garage or other informal locations, there's no safety processes in place”, — he says, adding that terrorists could be inspired by amateur genetic tinkering to launch a devastating bioattack on America.

Comment:  On a very personal basis.... As we witness every day what else "mankind is up to", the last vestiges of sadness we felt disappear as we view what God will allow to be unleashed upon this planet to cleanse it once and for all. That massive destruction - which would make Noah cringe - is the only hope that we have to finally fulfill the initial plan of God for which He Created the Universe. It is a tragedy that He will be forced to allow such devastating fury upon us, but we have given Him no other choice.
Although it is the last day of the year we will not echo the hollow cliché "Happy New Year!" to our readers because "Happy" it will not be we can assure you of that; instead we will wish that the Mercy of God is bestowed upon each and everyone one of you in the measure that each one of us have been merciful towards others. Amen!
(1)  News Report


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