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April 2023

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April 17
•  Can we expect a “definitive peace” before His Second Coming?
•  The insistence by some to see a known face

April 26
•  Satanist convention "SatanCon 2023" of The Satanic Temple

April 17th, 2023

Can we expect a “definitive peace” before His Second Coming?

From (Mr.) GN @ USA

In the discourse, ‘where was God’, followed by ‘where was man’, is it possible that God would now allow man to be successful in a ‘great awakening’ the likes of which the world has never seen? It is said the white hat alliance is working behind the scenes to defeat satan’s historic victories – that a world war is now occuring that will finally bring us peace. I’ve always believed The Second Coming would do this and not man?


Our Response:

Thank you for asking!

You are right on the last question. Only God, not man, can bring true Peace, and this will only come after the Second Coming of Christ. The reason: only God can bring true Justice and only when there is true Justice will there be true Peace.

Apart from your communication, we have no particular news of such a “white hat alliance”. Not knowing details about this alleged alliance to which you refer or about this particular great awakening and its promoters, we will respond in general terms.

But if we were to imagine a religious group that, behind the scenes, could be nurturing that hope and the illusion of a “group of righteous” who would champion an apparent “triumph against satan” and an apparent “great awakening”, it would not take much for us to give them a name (1).

Note: In speaking of “the discourse ‘where was God’”, GN is referring to our March 25 article, “At Auschwitz, tell me, where was God?” (2). We saw that some are awake enough to recognize that the answer is another question, “Where was man?”.

Responding to your first question...

Is it possible that God would now allow man to succeed in a “great awakening” such as the world has never seen before?

The last “great awakening” that God was going to propitiate, (the one associated to) the Warning announced in Garabandal (3), was cancelled by God (4). The Warning, shocking and portentous, was to be for the whole world, destined to enlighten consciences to attract us back to God, an opportunity for a rebirth of Faith in many.

It was a missed opportunity. Mankind (or, particularly, God’s Chosen people) did not respond satisfactorily. Therefore, the caution in Garabandal...

“Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over.”


There will not be a great Warning. There will be no “great awakening”. Now, the world is headed straight for the Chastisement. (4)

After Mary ceased to come anymore to warn her children (5), the world has also not listened to miguel de Portugal (6), who for decades has issued warnings (7) in God’s Name for many to “wake up” in the End of These Times. After this, why would mankind wake up now if they have not listened before?

If peacefully they have not listened, only with pain will many listen (8). Therefore, the hope for a gentle version of a “great awakening” is unfounded. And, as for a “not so gentle” version, that will already be the Chastisement.

The world does not realize that it has had very ample and generous opportunities to wake up and has not done so (5)(7). But if someone comes as a prince of this world (9), presenting himself with a familiar face (10), announcing himself on Twitter or YouTube (11), on CNN or Eternal Word Television Network, and surrounded by a “Holy Alliance” (12), saying he is coming to finish The Work of Jesus (13), that is who they will listen to (13).

Responding to the second question...

Is it possible that there will be a “white hat alliance... that will defeat satan (’s historical victories) and... will finally bring us peace”?

We assume that this question is speaking of peace in absolute terms (“will finally bring us peace”). In absolute terms, only the Second Coming of Christ will establish peace on earth.

Only God, intervening in the person of Christ, will defeat satan and will bring true and definitive peace. Because only He can do it. After Christ returns, and only then, will it be that:

“Iniquity shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction in thy borders, ... And thy people shall be all just, they shall inherit the land for ever, ...” [Isaiah 60:18,21]

This promise, expressed here through Isaiah, has an appointed time for its fulfillment:

“I the Lord will suddenly do this thing in its time.” [Isaiah 60:22]

“Suddenly” and “in its time” – so shall be the Second Coming of Christ [Mt 24:27, Lc 17:24].

The peace that we Christians can transmit to the world has certain limits. And those limits are determined by the stage of history in which we find ourselves: between the First and Second Coming of Christ.

There is no movement that could bring more peace on earth than Christianity... if its Church had not been sold to the Empire (14). However, even if the Evangelization had been properly conducted and the Gospel faithfully practiced, one thing is what we Christians can do and another thing is what only God Himself can do.

If some people want to go further and achieve a definitive peace for the world now, they are arrogating to themselves powers that we humans do not have, not even “in His name”. Only God Himself can achieve it.

There is a before and an after the Second Coming of Christ.

The time now is...

“The heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of the ungodly men.” [2Pet 3:7]

And the time afterwards will be...

“We look for new heavens and a new earth according to his promises, in which justice dwelleth.” [2Pet 3:13]

If the time of now were propitious for a definitive peace, it would not be “reserved for fire”. If the time now were propitious for justice, there would be no need for the promise of “new heavens and a new earth, wherein justice may dwell” (and we know that, as long as there is no justice, there can be no peace).

Therefore: No. No person or alliance, organization or institution, human, alien, or “artificial intelligence”, political or religious, Christian or otherwise, acting openly or behind the scenes, is going to “finally bring us peace” (or justice) before the Second Coming of Christ.

(1) Ecclesiastical Masonry (Secret Societies inside the Church) - Who are they?
(2) “At Auschwitz, tell me, where was God?”
(3) The Warning conditionally announced through the Apparitions at Garabandal - Interviews with Visionaries
(4) About the Warning and the Miracle announced in Garabandal - In Conclusion
(5) Before, it was "We have been Warned by The Virgin Mary. Are we going to listen?". Now, it is Revelation 12:6
(6) Who is miguel de Portugal?
(7) The World has been Amply Warned – plus more than 2,000 other documents – plus communications sent (not all of them published) to the Hierarchy of the Church and to High-Level Civilian Authoritiessince 1993, even before.
(8) This is an act of Mercy, since, if God did not turn up the volume of the megaphone, even the Elect would be lost.
(9) As with Distinctions and Honors
(10) An example: Real-time video impersonation of people through Artificial Intelligence
(11) The power of the new media
(12) Cult and Sect - Definitions – and – Alliances with the world
(13) John 5:43
(14) Emperor Constantine purchased the Roman Church at the Council of Nicea

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April 17th, 2023

The insistence by some to see a known face

FROM OUR FILES: December 30, 2006 – Feast of The Holy Family

From Initials Withheld @ USA

Q. I continue to be intrigued by this notion that any of us need to see your face.

In previous years, I was a highly paid professional and many investment brokers sought my business. I received a lot of “cold calls”. That is, people I did not know would call me offering a way to invest and make money. I listened to all and invested with most. One could say that was silly, but in fact, I made a lot of money doing this. I also lost a lot of money.

What I learned is what I learned in science. I try to remove the personality from the issue at hand. My first question is, “Does this make sense?” If I am not sure, but they are very sure, I give it a try. Invest a small amount, or in the case of a scientist, try to reproduce their experiment in a small way. If you prove them right, then you have reason to believe. I am aware that this is how the big “cons” work. That is, you are successful in small matters and then throw your money at them. However, the best idea is always that you understand the process so that you have a feel for the system in which you are working and what is possible and what is not possible (unless it is illegal or crooked).

My biggest point is that of all my brokers, the ones who made me the most money and took the best care of me, were only voices on the telephone. We never interacted socially; we never met, and the most we ever did outside of business was to send each other Christmas Cards, hence the reason for remembering at this time. I have never seen their faces, yet I remember as wonderful people.

On the other hand, the ones who invited me to dinner, to visit with their families, and offered all kinds of outrageous perks, all of which I accepted at one time or another, swindled me for the most amount of money. It was breathtaking at how I wanted to give these people money because they seemed to be so sincere. It was also breathtaking to unravel the frauds they perpetrated on me.

In the end, we all need to think, to pay attention, and to use the talents which God gave us to discern. The signs are everywhere, but we must act on what we see. God will not make the move for us.

Initials Withheld

A. We sincerely thank you for this testimonial to the wisdom of “Navigation by the Holy Spirit of God” – an experience for which, without a doubt, you paid dearly in more ways than one.

We only wish to highlight some points for our readership.

The physical eyes are used to see the superficial physical world; the spiritual eyes, enhanced with the Holy Spirit of God, are used to see the true picture. We can imagine them as the night vision goggles used in war activities. Since we are in the flesh, unless we make an effort to “override” what we see with the physical eyes, we will be led astray by what we see with them.

In there lies the reason why we frequently exhort one and all to take the Holy Spirit of God into residence in our hearts and act in accordance to those “hunches” or “feelings” that we get from Him and which are not in agreement with what our physical eyes see.

But this is nothing new... and we quote Isaiah 53 as he announces how plain and unattractive the Messiah will look like so that only those with Spiritual Vision could see Him for what he was.

2 And he shall grow up as a tender plant before him, and as a root out of a thirsty ground: there is no beauty in him, nor comeliness: and we have seen him, and there was no sightliness, that we should be desirous of him:

As the world descends into darkness, the level of deception increases thus the need to be able to “fly by instruments” (i.e., guided by the Holy Spirit of God) as airplanes must do in heavy fog conditions. Those who refuse to do so will simply crash. There are not two ways about it and God will no hear of any complaints and whining as to “Where was God when this and that happened.”

With the proven power of the media (Part I and Part II), governments and very legitimate religious institutions to deceive, no one “has a chance” of survival unless those spiritual “night vision” goggles —the spiritual sight with the illumination of the Holy Spirit of God— are in place.

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April 26th, 2023

Satanist convention “SatanCon 2023” of The Satanic Temple

A cooperant has kindly sent us this news:

The Satanic Temple has announced ‘a weekend of blasphemy’, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts.

This event is known as “SatanCon 2023” and it will be held on April 28-30 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

It is being advertised by the Satanic Temple as “the largest Satanic gathering in history”

Let us offer prayers and reparation for this abomination.

By the looks of it, the convention (SatanCon 2023) (1) is getting a lot of media coverage (most of it, not favorable, thank God). Whether or not the bragging headline “the largest Satanic gathering in history” is true, the fact is that the event is a reflection of the relatively widespread acceptance of Satanism as a “not as wicked as you might think” and even “benign”, “altruist” or “beneficial to society” phenomenon.

Therefore, we suggest not to limit our prayers to that specific event, but to the phenomenon in general. But, of course, one can focus on that specific event if one feels so inclined.

The purposes we suggest for those who wish to offer prayers are as follows:

(a) For the conversion of those of the Elect who, despite the “lateness of the hour” (apocalyptically speaking), may still be caught in the trap of seemingly “benign” Satanism (2) or any kind of Satanism. Especially, for those who are (if any) in a position of responsibility in such organizations.

(b) For the limitation of the harm and evil influences, material or spiritual, that Satanist organizations may cause, directly and indirectly, upon all the Elect scattered throughout the world, even though they recognize the reality of that evil and do not join it.

(c) In reparation for those responsible for the fact that a defective Evangelization has taken place over the centuries, which has become a propitious ground for many to be attracted by the false arguments of a modern “Satanism” that preaches to solve “what the traditional Religion has not solved”.

A brief note regarding “the Elect”:

When we propose to focus our prayers only on “the Elect” (the Chosen Ones by God) (3), it is not a lack of charity. No one but God knows who His Elect are. What would be a lack of charity would be for us to point to “this or that” person as “not chosen”, or “this and that” collective as “not fit to have any Elect within it”, because conversion is possible until the last minute of a person's life.

But we must recognize the fact that God, who lives in Eternity and outside of Time (4), knows who are His own and who have rejected Him (which, for us who live in Time, is expressed in the future, “they will reject Him”). It is a waste of time to pray for the benefit of those who “will reject Him”, just as it would be a waste of time to pray for the conversion of Satan, who voluntarily made a definite and irrevocable choice to reject God forever.

A brief commentary about The Satanic Temple:

Although The Satanic Temple's official position is that they “do not believe in Satan and do not worship him” (5), they also say they are open to work with other Satanic organizations “to promote general recognition of Satanic legitimacy” (5).

This is as if an atheist affirms “not to believe in God” and at the same time he/she is open to “promote the general recognition of the dignity of God”. Either it is one thing or it is another, it cannot be both at the same time. Given this, one is bound to doubt that their beliefs (or lack thereof) are what they claim to have (or not to have).

We also see that (some of) its members celebrate certain rituals that are consistent with true Satanism (5), such us:

• Black Mass – a celebration of blasphemy, which can be an expression of personal liberty and freedom

• Unbaptism – participants renounce superstitions that may have been imposed upon them without their consent as a child

• Defiance ritual – a pledge to challenge the status quo in a way that is personally meaningful

And we should also note also that a point to which they attach great importance in their program is to facilitate (6) systematic and generalized abortion (7).

To a large extent, it seems as if their “religion” has been handcrafted by lawyers to provide it with the minimum elements necessary for the civil authorities to accept to legally frame it as a “religion” (8). Once they are legally constituted as a “religion”, they can use their status to support widespread and massive abortion as “an article of faith”, that is to say, “of religious conscientious objection”.

(1) The convention known as "SatanCon 2023", claiming to be "largest Satanic gathering in history" – CBN News 23-Feb-2023
(2) The Satanic Temple claims that they “do not worship Satan nor do believe in the existence of Satan or the supernatural”. Apparently, they are a mixture of Halloween party, a benevolent club and a statement of good intentions in which they do not invoke the real Satan. That is why we call it apparently “benign”. But, as we say: apparently.
(3) Who are the Elect
(4) The Relationship between "Time" and "Eternity"
(5) Answers to the most common questions about The Satanic Temple (TST)
(6) The Satanic Temple: Abortion Clinic Fundraiser
(7) What about pregnancy interruption? It is never, ever too late - Even after the fact!
(8) IRS Designates Satanic Temple Tax-Exempt Church – NBC Boston 25-Apr-2019

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