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A Papacy and a Church In Crisis

Originally Published on March 2001
Reissued on May 2015


Once we read...

The report that John Paul II Hails Opus Dei’s Priest-Laity Collaboration. Exhorts Lay People to Become Missionaries of Society... This lay and priestly mission only makes sense if it is preceded by a personal encounter with Christ. “We will not be saved by a formula, but by a Person and the certainty he infused in us.” This was made clear in Opus Dei founder Blessed Josemaría Escrivá’s book “The Way”, the Pope said. [ZENIT on March 19, 2001]


The announcement that the Canonization of Josemaría Escrivá has been approved and scheduled for October 6, 2002...

...we no longer could remain silent or speak through veils. We were not created to please people [Galatians 1:10]. We were created for this time in the history of mankind to speak and to warn, in the Name of God, so that the darkest secrets of those who claim to be friends of God, while ensnaring the innocent faithful in a web of deception, be revealed.


A letter (1) was written on September 6, 1996 as one last call from God to the powers behind the scenes in The Vatican, exhorting them to abandon the plans for the complete take over of the Church. We knew that it would go unheeded, but Divine Mercy demanded that the situation be clearly and openly discussed with its perpetrators. Once done and the opportunity of repentance given, the way for Divine Justice was cleared.

Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us nearly 2000 years ago of what would take place. While addressing Peter He said:

Amen, amen, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hand, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go [John 21:18]

miguel de Portugal washes his hands of the persecution which God will allow upon the rank and file of His Church to minimize the damage which the plans for the last phase of the End of These Times call for.

To be more specific: What God will allow upon the rank and file of His Church is precisely for the purpose of fulfilling His prophecy that the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail upon it (2).

They have been warned!

EPILOGUE  (Added on April 3, 2002)

A very recent Newsweek Press Release (3) reads that:

...the Pope has lost his ability to run the Vatican with a firm and decisive hand. «He is no longer the leader», says an archbishop at the Vatican. “He reads whatever they give him to read. Most of the time, he signs ... whatever they give him to sign.”

“The Pope no longer has the energy to face up to the pressures of the different currents inside the Vatican,”...

In deference to the fine and holy man who was originally elected Pope, assuming the name of John Paul II, we must, once again, underscore that he is not the man whom he used to be and much less free to act. However, this is not new – As far back as in July 22, 1995, we brought to the attention of the World Press that the famous book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”, ascribed to the hand of H.H. John Paul II was not in fact written by him (4). It was part of the agenda of neutralize the warnings trough the Messages of Fátima (5).

Unfortunately many of the faithful continue to deny reality; a denial which will eventually cost them falling prey to the greatest snare since the serpent convinced Eve to disobey God.

Somehow, many of the faithful believe that by facing reality they will be bad Catholics and will lose their faith. Tragically, it is precisely the opposite which will occur. If the faithful do not face reality now, when “the bottom falls out” they will believe that God has failed them and, then, their faith in the true God will be tested to the breaking point and, more often than not, they will lose their faith in the true God.

It is imperative that the faithful come to grips with the realization that the Catholic Faith is founded on the unshakable, unmovable Rock of Jesus Christ (6) and not on any human being – even if the individual were the rightful Successor of Peter.

It is precisely based on this erroneous subtlety on which satan has mounted his final assault to the Church founded by Jesus Christ and headed (6) by the legitimate Successors of Peter.

satan knows that if the faithful placed their Faith and Trust on a man, and not in Christ, he could easily manipulate the circumstances around said man, control his actions and, in the end, through the projected illusion that said man continues to act in the manner God Wills, lead the faithful to the gravest of errors.

We encourage the faithful to avoid the dangers of denial (7) and fanaticism (8) – their souls may be at stake.

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(1) A letter was written on September 6, 1996
(2) The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail
(3) Newsweek Press Release
(4) Crossing the Threshold of Hope - The book
(5) The agenda of neutralize the warnings trough the Messages of Fátima
(6) The Rock is Jesus Christ
(7) Denial and Its Grave Consequences
(8) Exposing the Intrinsic Evil of Religious Fanaticism

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En Español:  La Iglesia Católica Romana y el Papado, en Crisis

Published on March 2001 • Reissued on May 2015

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