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August 2020


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August 31st, 2020

Censorship, Vaccines, Lack of objectivity, Conflict of interest, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, Instagram

News Commentary

In a recent For Your Information and Reference we commented on why we can't expect objective information from YouTube, Google and Facebook (owner of Whatsapp and Instagram) on anything to do with vaccines - because of their significant conflict of interest in financing and running such companies.

As we approach a time when the prophecy may be fulfilled through an universal vaccine (1), it is found that Wikipedia - the apparent queen of objective and scientific knowledge - is also on the same wagon: (2)(3)

Not long ago, Wikipedia regularly had a banner splashed on their homepage, hitting up online visitors for money to stay in business. Then, Google invested $3.1 million into Wikipedia, bringing Google’s total contribution to $7.5 million.

Wikipedia is now Google’s obedient sidekick. As journalist Louise Matsakis wrote in Wired: “The decision isn’t altruistic. … The company also has used Wikipedia articles to train machine-learning algorithms, as well as fight misinformation on YouTube.”

(1) The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast: the "Life Saving" Vaccine
(2) According to some, Google Censors, shadowbans, and blacklists alternative health news - Dated Sep 27, 2019
(3) Google support to Wikimedia (owner of Wikipedia): more than $7.5 million - as published on Jan 22, 2019

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August 24th, 2020

Censorship, Vaccines, Lack of objectivity, Conflict of interest, YouTube, Google, Facebook

News Reports
[our highlights]

YouTube’s owner, Google, is effectively a vaccine company. (1)

Two subsidiaries of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, market and manufacture vaccines: Calico and Verily. Arthur Levinson, Genentech’s former CEO, runs Calico, an anti-aging drug company while Verily teams with Pharma to conduct drug and vaccine clinical trials.

In 2016, Alphabet inked a $715 million deal with GlaxoSmithKline to create Galvani, another venture to develop bioelectronic medicines and vaccines and to mine medical information from Google customers. Google’s Customer Services President, Mary Ellen Coe, sits on Merck’s board.

In 2018, Google invested $27,000,000 in Vaccitech to make vaccines for flu, MERS, and prostate cancer. Vaccitech calls itself “the future of mass vaccine production.” In 2020, Vaccitech started work on a COVID vaccine. Google claims to provide politically and commercially neutral searches, but it systemically manipulates search results to suppress accurate vaccine safety and efficacy information and steers users toward deceptive and fraudulent Pharma propaganda.

Facebook and Google hired “FactChecker” (Politifact) to censor vaccine misinformation. (1)

Politifact was launched by a grant from the Gates Foundation, the world’s largest vaccine promoter. Google’s orchestrated censorship across social media is crippling legitimate debates over international vaccination policies. This is a crisis for liberal democracies.

Who is Dr. Desmond-Hellman in Facebook? (2)

Turns out there are 8 members on Facebook’s board (including Zuckerberg) and there’s a committee called Finance and Governance (3 members). The Lead Director of that committee is Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellman. One of the roles of that group is to make Facebook policy. She is also CEO of the Gates Foundation.

(1) Source
(2) Source

The M+G+R Foundation comments

The web is extended.  Their aim is firmLet us pray!

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August 21st, 2020

Microchip, Monitoring health, Sensors, Tracking chip for the whole population, Coronavirus vaccine, Mark of the beast || God does not punish, The Chastisement, Garabandal, Akita

From our files - May 8th, 2012

News Report

The US Military wants To 'Microchip' troops. (1)

DARPA is at it again. This time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops health on the battlefield. Kate Knibbs at Mobiledia reports the sensors are targeted at preventing illness and disease, the two causes of most troops medical evacuations.

What seems like a simple way of cutting costs and increasing efficiency has some people concerned that this is the first step in a "computer chips for all" scenario.

Bob Unruh, at WND, reports one of those opponents, Katherine Albrecht, co-author of Spychips says "It's never going to happen that the government at gunpoint says, 'You're going to have a tracking chip. It's always in incremental steps. If you can put a microchip in someone that doesn’t track them … everybody looks and says, 'Come on, it’ll be interesting seeing where we go.'"

She said it was expected that captive audiences, such as prisoners and troops, would be the first subjected to the requirement, which would make it easier for the general populace to accept it as well. "It's interesting", she said. "I'm stunned how this younger generation is OK. They don't see the problem. … 'Why wouldn't everyone want to be tracked?'"

But she said Americans will have to decide to say no to incremental advances, or by the time officials finally roll out the idea of chips for all, whether they want them or not, it will be too late to decide. "The analogy that I draw is [that of a train], and if I'm in California and I do not want to wind up in New City, every stop brings me closer", she said. "At some point I have to get off the train."

DARPA is calling the effort "a truly disruptive innovation", that could help the U.S. fight healthier and more efficiently than its adversaries.

miguel de Portugal commented then:

There is no stopping this train. Only God can stop it, and He will! The problem started at the train station when humanity got on the Hell Express. In the Hell Express, as opposed to the fabled Orient Express, one's soul is murdered; not only your body.... and we were warned about that by The Word Himself:

And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. [Matthew 10:28]

The only option that we have is to get off the Hell Express before it gets to its destination and that is only possible with and through God.

No. Science and progress are not bad on themselves. The problem is the "Wanna be" (2) syndrome of man. Pathetic man is determined to be like God; he is determined to build his own Tower of Babel to get to Heaven. Then, he directs all scientific progress to that end. The result is a First Class Ticket in the Hell Express.

For example. We just heard on the news about a new computer program developed by INTERPOL and which is now in use in Spain. With that program, anyone on line downloading and/or trading child pornography is detected and located on a map as if with a GPS. If that detection occurs a certain number of times (allowing for trick links who cause unsuspecting internet users to open an child pornography page), the authorities move in and arrest the individual.

Well, we give a standing-on-the-chair ovation for that particular use for that program, but, unfortunately, we all know that soon it will be used for criminal (civil and political) activities in order to control others. The "Wanna be" God complex will rear its ugly and deadly head again.

(1) Business Insider Reports: Original Page (no longer works) | Relocated in the same site | Copy of the original in an external site
(2) "Wanna be" pseudo-despective Americanism for the phrase "Wants to be like"

The M+G+R Foundation comments (August 21st, 2020):

This shows us that the technology was already available for them in 2012. Now, in 2019-2020, they have finally achieved the perfect pretext to make it a reality for the entire world population.

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