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February 2008


The purpose of this Private Forum is to share with members of our Mailing List  the response to and/or comment of correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times. Each List Member, may, at his/her discretion, share this page with others.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.


From LP @ US - Published on February 27th, 2008

Q. It seems that we have been granted a 9-month delay in the start of the Sequence, so that the serious events of the Apocalypse will not start till after the November election.  You have also stated that the end point of the Sequence is not delayed - so the period of severe suffering is shortened (by my understanding, to about 2 years).
This is a great mercy, and evidence that "for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened" (Matt. 24:22).
But it seems to me that we can continue praying for the final tribulations to be mitigated - in other words, for the Sequence to be closer in intensity worldwide to a tropical storm than to a direct hit by a severe Category Five hurricane.

Such prayer would involve the continuation of prayer for our enemies, prayer for the conversion of sinners (ourselves included), and offering of prayers and sufferings in reparation for sin.

It may be (as you said earlier) that one benefit of Revelation and other Apocalyptic literature in the Bible -  being in symbols - is that the symbols can be fulfilled at varying levels of severity for mankind ... with the severity depending on our cooperation with the graces provided by God - including the prayers and sacrifices that the faithful offer.
Comments or corrections?


We cannot/will not comment on absolute timetables. We made that mistake once (1) and, even though God rescued miguel from that mistake using symbolism, it was indeed a mistake. We shall not test God's goodness by being careless and counting that He will bail us out every time. That is what Rome has done for centuries calling it "Prudence".

Regarding the continuation of prayers to reduce the severity of events.... such prayers should never stop
(2) since each upcoming individual test/trauma could be softened through prayers and acts of reparation before its manifestation.

As we explained in the Sequence of Events document
(3) and elsewhere (1), God utilizes symbolism to fulfill prophecy and/or meet predicted time schedules.

We are never to give up and stop praying. Ratzinger could  appear in St. Peter's Balcony with a pointed tail and two horns and that would not stop us from praying because "it may be just too late". Time does not affect God nor His plans; He is counting on us
(4) and we must not let Him down regardless of appearances!

We must never forget that what pained Jesus the most in His Calvary
(5) was not the physical abuse He had endured and was still enduring; what pained Him the most was the rejection by most of those who had cheered Him during Hid entrance to Jerusalem just a few days before. Did He allow the physical world appearances to make Him give up and not go through to the end? He knew that mankind's redemption depended on Him going through to the end and not on appearances.

Whatever we
(6) do at His prompting and/or request will never be in vain - never! People must realize that when it is said that God is Omnipotent it means that there is nothing impossible for Him - nothing! But... we hold the key.... for it is our faith that gives that awesome power the total freedom to work in our lives and our surroundings.

Could we ask for more? Certainly not!


(1)  Window of Time given to Astronomers
(2)   What can we do? Part I and Part II 
(3)  Sequence of Events
(4)  Man's Participation on the Redemption Process
(5)  The Viacrucis
(6) Without fanaticism and certainly without breaking any single Divine Law.  Just as God does not need world political power and money to establish His Kingdom, He does not need lawlessness either.

From RBB @ Spain - Published on February 24th, 2008 [Discovery of the Head of John the Baptizer]

Q. In the Chaplet of Tears (1), at the initial invocation, it says "we offer you [Jesus] the tears of Her [the Virgin Mary]".

How is it possible that we offer the suffering of another person? What is the meaning of this?

Thank you, and Glory be to God!


A. Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue.

In the Hour of Mercy
(2) prayer as well as in the Prayer of the Angel of Fatima (3) we also pray:

[Paraphrasing to combine both prayers with that of Akita
(4)] "...we offer You  [the Father] the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Son Jesus Christ, truly present in all Tabernacles of the Earth,  in Reparation etc."

As you can see, the issue that you raise is valid and goes beyond the Chaplet of Tears. Through the Grace of God, we will try to explain it.

It is a matter of semantics. The theologically-correct format for the Chaplet of Mercy would be: "...invoking the suffering that Your Mother endured as the result of Your own suffering for our Salvation... we ask.....".

In "street terms" would be: "Look, your mother suffered an awful lot because of your sacrifice.  You sacrificed yourself to give me an opportunity to eternal life, therefore, she shed those tears for my benefit.... so, let's not waste her suffering, OK?"

A similar situation arises with Hour of Mercy prayer and other similar Prayers: "....invoking the Communion of Saints we offer you (in union with all those who will eventually consume them) the merits associated with Sacrament of the Eucharist as each consecrated host, present right now in all Tabernacles of the Earth,  is consumed."
Although m de P may not use the "theologically-correct" word format always - when he is offering those and similar invocations he is fully conscious of the "theologically-correct" invocation - which renders the invocation "theologically-correct".

As we have stated elsewhere - just "mouthing the words" will achieve very little beyond a dry mouth.


(1)  Chaplet of Tears
(2)   Hour of Mercy 
(3)  Documents About Fatima
(4)  The Marian Manifestations in Akita, Japan

From DN @ USA - Published on February 20th, 2008  [Our Lady of Tears]

Q. Regarding your mailing to the Very Select List with the Subject of:  Oh, they finally woke up 48 hours later.... about Steven Kazmierczak.

I live in Southern Wisconsin, not too awful far from where this happened. The news coverage here is a little bit more detailed.

The Yahoo News headlines are a little sensational to say the least. Apparently this poor soul had been on medications for years (since his early teens or before I believe) for "behavioral problems".  Although I have not followed the story too closely, I have gleaned enough to understand it for what it is; a sad tragedy for all involved because a mentally ill young man stopped taking his medications.

It gains it's sensational qualities not because it stands on its own, but instead because of the recent similar events. Let's not give the father of lies any more than he's due on this one M. Let us all pray for perception in these darkening days.


Thank you for this golden opportunity to clarify a few points.

(a) The qualification to be in our Very Select List and Select List is to understand that we are speaking briefly, off the record and for an audience which is thoroughly familiar with our positions in most areas.

(b) When we select a news media, it is done to use it as a convenient "for example" for something that has been confirmed on a world wide stage. It would be reckless to pick a particular "slant" on a news story and use it.

(c) miguel de Portugal - in the physical world - has had ample experience working with mentally/spiritually disturbed individuals - especially those who on the surface look "just right". To that we may add an extra dimension granted by God for the work He has called him for.

With that said.... CNN National and International, SKY News, BBC World, TVE-1 [International Spain] and SIC News [the Portuguese equivalent CNN]
(1) were all talking from the first moment of how normal this poor fellow was.  Beyond normal - He was outstanding !- they claimed. It is our experience [100 % certainty] that an individual has to be profoundly mentally and/or spiritually disturbed (2) to act in such a manner. Even a mainstream average individual - "drunk as a skunk" - will not act as a mentally and/or spiritually disturbed individual will.  Didn't anyone who knew him had a clue?

Forty-eight hours before the time when we sent the above referenced e-mail, we had already seen the picture in question of this young man sporting tattoos from his wrists to the sleeves of his T-shirt and yet everyone was truly puzzled about his bizarre behavior. Psychology 101 teaches that
"wrist to arm pit" tattoos may reveal some not-so-ordinary forces lurking within this fellow's psyche, and a basic level of spirituality teaches that this type of body decoration may reveal some not-so-ordinary forces lurking within this fellows soul. (3)

Of course - tattoos, at times, can also be part of a "transitory maturing stage" like in the "I Love Jeannie" or "Tom's girl" type of tattoos which, more often than not are later regretted by the wearer. But, again,  "wrist to arm pit" tattoos are not quite in the same category and each individual case should be professionally evaluated in the case of school enrollment, employment, purchase of weapons, etc.

In closing - we wish to address your closing statement: 
"Let's not give the father of lies any more than he's due on this one M. Let us all pray for perception in these darkening days."

First - the "father of lies" never gets any credit from us; as we repeat often [see (a) above] - even satan has to serve God. Nothing occurs in this Universe unless God allows it.

Second - The "lack of perception" that you claim to detect in us is, once again, due to having placed your address in the inappropriate lists [see (a) above].  For that we do certainly accept the responsibility and we have taken steps to correct it. Please, do accept our apologies.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to clarify this issue further: We were not maligning the victim, Steven Kazmierczak, for he is truly the greatest victim of the massacre; we were highlighting the level of blindness of the Media.

(1) It may come as a surprise to many but - globally speaking - there are really no news in the US TV. Yes - many News Programs but, News?, very little.  Every time miguel travels there it feels like he has gone into a news black out environment and the last time he had around 120 TV channels available.
(2)  Spiritual Dysfunction
(3)   How negative spiritual entities affect an individual 

From TF @ USA - Published on February 17th, 2008

Q. Regarding your mailing with the subject of: Pentagon plans to shoot down disabled satellite (1) there may be more to this than sheer incompetence. 



Thank you for a golden opportunity to address this issue in this Forum. 

We know that it is not sheer incompetence.  Do remember that we write for an extremely varied audience - educational, intellectual, cultural and geographical -  and the methodology of communication must match that in accordance to the Will of God.

How each item is written up, is decided by God.  Remember, miguel is only a "gofer" although he will assume any errors.  This is not the Vatican who uses Flip Wilson's Geraldine's excuse for every wrong doing, i.e. "The devil made them do it!"

As you may recall, when the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the excuse was that they had an old map of Belgrade.  In that case we did not say that they were incompetent - we called it for what it was (2), treason.

Once again, Thank you! for remaining alert.

(1) The mailing in question:

News Quote:

 The Pentagon plans to shoot down a disabled U.S. spy satellite before it enters the atmosphere to prevent a potentially deadly leak of toxic gas from the vehicle's fuel tank, officials said on Thursday.

President George W. Bush decided to have the Navy shoot the 5,000-pound (2,270 kg) minivan-sized satellite with a modified tactical missile, after security advisers suggested its re-entry could lead to a loss of life.

The Pentagon hopes to strike the satellite just before it reaches the atmosphere and drive it into ocean waters. Officials would not estimate the likelihood of success, only calling it high.


What makes this different is the likelihood the satellite could release much of the more than 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of hydrazine fuel as a toxic gas, according to James Jeffrey, deputy national security adviser.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:

When the news came out, the hydrazine (*) danger was not mentioned.  In any case, what caught our attention is that  "The Pentagon hopes..."

What is this? The mighty Pentagon is incapable of targeting and shooting one of our own satellites - about which we have all possible information - and we landed a man in the Moon in the sixties. Or did we? Although we never doubted it, "facts and figures" are beginning to support the conspiracy theorists on this particular area.

Is this the same Pentagon that is going to save the Free World from catch-all "the Boogie Man" - Osama bin Laden?  Please!!

Dear, dear Alice - every day your Wonderland seems more real by comparison.... and some claim that miguel lives in an Alternate Reality.... but, then again, the Bush Administration (**) still has a 30 % approval rating - and holding steady.


 (*)  Toxicology: Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Poison. Probable human carcinogen. Readily absorbed through the skin. May cause severe skin and eye irritation or burns. Long-term exposure may cause CNS, lungs, blood, liver and kidney damage. Typical TLV/TWA 0.1 ppm. Typical STEL 1 ppm.
 More details at:

(**) Do notice that we continue to ascribe many of the ills of the last 8 years to "the Bush Administration" and not to Mr. Bush himself. He has no idea as to how is being used; he does not have the intellectual capability to realize it.

(2)  The Bombing of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Belgrade During the Kosovo War

From IC @ Philippines - Published on February 14th, 2008

Q. May our Lord's blessings be upon you!
I would like to ask something in regards to this Divine Instructions and Encouragement (1).

At what point or at how much do personal savings (bank accounts, investments, whatever) start being detrimental to our soul?

I remember reading from this site that as far as material preparations for the Apocalypse goes, it would be a good idea to have three days worth of ready cash available as ATMs could not be relied upon during those times.

Would that be a good benchmark?

Also, I noticed in the most recent Points to Ponder you mentioned that Kirk had lost his eyes to see and ears to hear. I find this somewhat disheartening, as based on his letter, it seemed that he had found his way, and quite honestly seemed to be in a better shape spiritually than I was (perhaps still am) in.

If it is in accordance to God's will, could you share the circumstances of Kirk's loss of "vision/hearing", so that those of us who are in danger of doing likewise (if we haven't already) thereby avoid it?

You all remain in my prayers.
Yours in Christ.


A. You ask:  "At what point do personal savings start being detrimental to our soul?"  That point is simple to identify and it has nothing to do with the amount of money.

When material goods own you,  they become detrimental to your soul. You must own the material goods and not the material goods own you!

We have seen people who have very little material goods and are slaves to whatever little they have.  Conversely, we have seen people with ample material goods who are totally free from being enslaved by them.

We have seen people go from having very little and yet bee very generous with whatever little they have TO inheriting a large estate and become enslaved to it. Actually - that was exactly the case of our last major financial backer, the one whose further assistance was rejected for expecting us to be subjected to the same enslavement. Through the Grace of God we are not about to fall into a Trade-God-For-Constantine
(4) trap.

Another situation is when one is personally detached from material goods BUT becomes enamored of a personal project which will consume enormous resources. Now that individual has become - indirectly - enslaved by the material goods that are needed to "feed" the personal project in question.  That was what happened to Kirk.
(5)  Even though he was personally taught the importance of adhering to God's Will at every turn, as we have written about (6), his love for his personal project blinded him and became more enslaved to material goods that he has probably ever been.

The key to stay on the right track may be found in the above mentioned document (6) regarding the adherence to the Will of God at every turn.

(1) The Divine Instructions and Encouragement referred to:

Be not afraid, health and wealth are coming to you. My wealth which is sufficiency for your needs, and for My work you long to do. Money, as some call wealth, to hoard, to display, you know is not for my disciples.

Journey through this world simply seeking the means to do My Will and work. Never keep anything you are not using. Remember all that I give you is  Mine, only given to you to use. Could you think of Me hoarding My Treasures? You must never do it. Rely on Me.

To store for the future is to fear and to doubt me. Check every doubt of Me at once. Live in the Joy of My constant Presence. Yield every moment to Me. Perform every task, however humble, as at My gentle bidding, and for Me, for love of Me. So live, so love, so work.

Allow Me to use you.

(2)  A Suggestion
(3)   Ralph and Roberta Pippitt - for example 
(4)  God was traded for Constantine
(5)  Those Who Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
(6)  When the Apparent "Will of God" IS NOT the Will of God

From V @ USA - Published on February 11th, 2008 [Feast of 
Our Lady of Lourdes ]

Q.  In response to your communication of January 10th.... (1)

Praise be to God!

I suppose we are not to know the beginning of the nine month delay or you would have told us?  Is that  correct, or is the beginning right now as you have already written or implied that a nuclear strike was imminent, didn't you?

Maybe I am not to question these things, but just have complete faith and trust.  However I think about my elderly parent still living alone and how difficult it will be to sell the house now (poor market, it needs work, plus the parent doesn't want to leave even though she is over 90).  It concerns me deeply that when things happen big time that many people will be in dangerous situations. With martial law imposed I may not even get to go see her. God help us!

Also, are you allowed to tell us how many prayed for the delay? It is awesome that God listens to each little one of us!  His love is awesome!



A.  We have released all the information that we are allowed to in reference to the time compression granted.

Regarding "It concerns me deeply that when things happen big time that many people will be in dangerous situations."  This is why we renewed Paul's warnings (2).  Of course, in some circumstances complications can be avoided - matrimony and procreation; however, with the elderly it is another situation completely.  In that case then, our comfort is that, being the situation completely out of our hands and knowing that God loves His children far more than we can love each other, He will see that all works out to perfection considering each individual circumstance.

(1)  The mailing in question:

May the Peace of God be upon you!

We are very grateful to God to be able to let you know that the prayers offered by those who responded to our call to prayer on January 28th, to attain a further time compression,  have been answered. [Any novenas that have not been finished yet should be finished exchanging the favor that was being sought into an act of thanksgiving.]

Understand - the "End Point" has not been changed.  What has been changed is the beginning of the final non-stoppable-tumbling-into-the-abyss.  This has the effect of time compression - the reduction in the length of the time where the world will be subjected to its greatest trials.

Such time compression also yields less suffering from a different angle - it gives more time for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear - yet are still closed - to be opened minimizing the pain God would have to allow upon them to "wake them up" from their slumber.

In concrete terms we are allowed to tell you that the compression granted  is of nine months. Also we can share with you that  the outcome of the Campaigning for the US Election, the Conventions and the Election itself will yield the active Will of God - not the passive Will of God.  As you may recall - the passive Will of God is when God allows something to happen - which is quite undesirable - in the hopes to teach His children that His way is always best and, as such, should always be our desire.

This does not necessarily meant that m de P knows the Election results. We are not in the "fortune telling business"; we are in the "allowing God to use us to shape the future to His Will".

On a less that happy note  - We are sorry that barely 40 % of our List responded to this call to prayer.  This is extremely low considering that it is a very refined list - and by request only.

We trust that our invitation to prayer was not taken as a partisan act.  Anyone in our List who, by now, may consider that we engage in partisan politics should not be in our list at all and we hope that they request that their name be removed from our lists.

May you and your loved ones have a Blessed First Sunday of Lent!

miguel de Portugal

Renewing Paul's Warning

Combined From TJ and BK @ USA - Published on February 9th, 2008

Q.  Combining communications:

 (a)  What are your thoughts on the Presidential Novena to Our Lady of America? Have you read about Our Lady of America?  Is this a righteous apparition?

(b)  I don't see any documents on the Apparitions at Naju, South Korea, at The M+G+R Foundation site. The visionaries have now been excommunicated. They have a site, where they address the accusations.
TJ and BK

We have fully addressed our position regarding these type of requests in a document which has just updated and which we highly recommend a review of. It may be accessed by Clicking Here.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this very important issue.

From L @ Worldwide - Published on February 4th, 2008

  Good Day!
In your article The Home of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus (1) you neglect to mention the valiant efforts and critical contribution of Sr. Marie DeMandat-Grancey.
Sr. Marie DeMandat- Grancey, Foundress of Mary's House, in the French nun who gave up wealth, power and position to serve the poor, the sick, and the orphaned with the Daughters of Charity. Sr. Marie's zeal to find Mary's House,.... resulted in the expedition that would locate Mary's House in 1891.

Not only did Sr. Marie provide the financial means to acquire the entire area of Panagia Copouli (2), but she tirelessly labored for 12 years to restore, preserve and protect Mary's House and now for the past 100+ years pilgrims of all faiths, including Muslims and Christians, pray peacefully side by side there.


We thank you for sharing with us this information.  We will give due credit to Sr. Marie in  the referenced page.  (1)

We tend to play down the instruments used by God to fulfill His Will for, as He said:

Amen, amen I say to you: The servant is not greater than his lord; neither is the apostle greater than he that sent him. [John 13:16]

We rather keep the eyes focused on God and not on His instruments, beyond acknowledging their "Yes!" to God and assisting them - should they still be alive - in the discharging of her/his duties.

Sadly the Catholic Faith has been turned into a glorified Santería Religion - a reality God complained about through the Prophet Mohammed.
(3) To wit:

"They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of God..." S IX 31


" O ye who believe! There are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the Way of God. And there are those who bury silver and spend it not in the Way of God: announce unto them a most grievous penalty". S IX 34

A complain that miguel de Portugal does not cease to make - from even before he had read it in the Qur'an.

Regarding footnote (2): There cannot be a "grave of the Blessed Virgin".  Mary was indeed Assumed into Heaven for She could not die as we know death - death is the consequence of sin and She was truly sinless.  Jesus died because He assumed OUR sins and expiated for them - an expiation that only becomes active on an individual basis once we choose - out of our free will and not coerced as Escrivites and other sectarians are (4) - to take up our cross and follow Him. (5)

Once again, thank you for writing.

(1)   The Home of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus 
(2) Panaghia Capouli or “The Door of the Holiest,” is a term that has come to refer not only to the Holy Virgin’s House, Meryem Ana Evi, but also many surrounding areas of Ephesus including the grave of the Blessed Virgin, the Chapel built and rebuilt in this place by devotees over the years, and the Way of the Cross carved into the hill where Our Lady once walked and prayed.
(3)  The Only Foundation of the Faith is God
(4)  About the "Evangelization" methods of Opus Dei
(5)  Take up your cross and follow Him - the ONLY Way

From Various @ Worldwide - Published on January 29th, 2008

Q.  Exactly what did you mean in your recent mailing by:

There are some very specific prayers which, in these times of "road Maps" and "smart Bombs", can be called "Smart Prayers" - that is: They go straight to the core of the problem and their effectiveness is the highest possible since they have been given by God.


Have you ever stopped to think why with the billions upon billions of prayers and Masses Catholics have offered over the centuries the world continues to slip into the abyss? Even by the time of Francis of Assisi (1181 - 1226) God was asking him to repair His Church for it was already quite broken. The problem stems primarily from a trinity of errors:

(1) "We do not need to be very specific in our prayers; after all God knows what we need" - is a very common, and very erroneous, belief.
(2) "By just 'spitting' out the prayers or just 'mouthing' them, somehow, automatically, they will work" - most faithful believe.
(3) Most Catholics do not know how to pray because they have not been taught properly - a product of the failed Evangelization of the Churches of the East (Orthodox) and the West (Roman)

We will address each error in the hopes that many will understand what has gone wrong.

Error No. 1 - If we did not have to be specific in our requests to God because He "knows what we need".... Why in the world would Jesus have taught the Our Father to the disciples?  That is a prayer with very specific requests. We must be specific just as Jesus taught us.

Error No. 2 - The prayers must come form the "trinity" of heart, mind and mouth.  We should strive that our heart, with great faith, feels what our mind is thinking and our mouth is saying.  Otherwise, why not record a Rosary on a tape and turn it on to play incessantly day in and day out? If you do so, you will see that the only result will be: (a)  run down batteries and (b) a worn out tape (and an irate neighbor if the cassette player volume was too high....).  The way most prayers are offered have the same effect. It is hard to do, but we must strive to do so and never give up in our efforts.

Error No. 3 - The invocation before a prayer is key and few people have been Evangelized and Catechized on this manner. Let us review the following example that should be used when we are trying to reduce abortion from a birth control procedure, as it is mostly used now, to just an aberration of society.

Eternal Father, invoking the Communion of Saints  I offer the merits of (this prayer) (this sacrifice) (this offering) as an act of reparation for the sins and offenses committed by my sisters who are now pregnant and considering an abortion; sins and offenses for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before You can work the pleasure of Your Mercy in their souls, draw them to conversion and, consequently, the abandonment of the consideration of abortion. I ask this in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who Lives and Reigns with You in union with the Holy Spirit - One God For Ever and Ever - Amen!

As we have explained elsewhere, there are some sins that we may have committed which basically shield us from the Merciful action of God.  That is - some conditions must be met by a soul before God can "roll up His sleeves" and apply His Mercy to a soul steeped in sin. Therefore - we, invoking the Communion of Saints, because we are all members of the Body of Christ, are now offering, on behalf of another part of the Body of Christ, the reparation demanded by Divine Justice before God can apply His Mercy to the soul we are praying for.

In simpler world terms: When we have a headache - our head aches but it is by means of the hands, the eyes and the mouth - all parts of the same body shared by the head - that we are able to take an aspirin which will relieve the headache.  The head by itself cannot do it.... some conditions must be met first.

Secondly, we are asking for their conversion for that is key to abandoning their preference for abortions. We do not want "a one shot deal" - we want the conversion of the individual in question, thus, we ask God for it - now - that we have already cleared the way for His Mercy to freely act on that soul.

Using the aspirin parallel - If  the headache is a chronic headache caused by some disease - whether allergies or a brain tumor, we must go beyond the headache, we must strive to heal the disease which is causing the symptom.  In the example that we use: Abortion is not a disease - it is a symptom of the condition of the soul.

Lastly, we ask using the "key" Jesus gave us: We ask the particular favor in the Name of Jesus Christ. Not "through" as many official prayers read.  He taught us to ask in His Name. Why? Because Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word of God, thus, in essence, what we are asking God, the Father, is: "Grant this favor to us as Your Word told us You would."

What we explained above is what was meant by:
"Smart Prayers"; prayers which yield results. We pray that this will serve many in improving the effectiveness of their prayer life.

Private Forum - January 2008

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