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Letters/Questions - Addressed on February 2009

From   miguel de Portugal @ EU - US  - Published on February 26th, 2009

Now that man has clearly established and unequivocally proven to God that the only way he will uphold Divine Law (in this case - Thou shalt not kill) (1)
is by bringing him to his knees (in this case quasi financial ruin), He will swiftly act so that all other Divine Laws will also be upheld.

(1)   Did You Know That....?   posting of Febrraury 26

From KT  @ USA - Published on Private Forum on February 24, 2009 [Discovery of the Head of John the Baptizer (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church) ]












A. Thank your for writing and sharing your concerns with us.

We also believe, and have frequently said, that the "End does not justify the means", however, we must evaluate each individual situation with the Light of the Holy Spirit to see how we should get from point "A" (living outside the Law of God) to point "B" (living within the Law of God).

The first step is to determine the "Why" of the point "A" and its consequences - short term and long term.

We shall take first the killing of another human being as a point "A" - this is extremely grave under any circumstances : There is no just war; there is no just killing. Logically, point "B" is the stopping of the killing of human beings. This should then be done through constructive incarceration of the individual and not by applying the deathpenalty to him.

Say that we have an individual who is prone to kill other humans due to X,Y and Z reasons and does so on a regular basis. Maybe he does not know that "Thou shalt not kill" is a real and absolute Divine Law. Obviously he needs to be instructed in Divine Law and needs to be assisted in his conversion - however, in the meantime, he cannot be allowed to go around killing people until "the Evangelization" takes a hold of his soul. He must be stopped for the benefit of others and himself. This should then be done through constructive incarceration of the individual and not by applying the death penalty to him.

Now, let us take up birth control as another point "A" situation.  What is the root problem of artificial birth control? Sexual interaction without responsibility becomes just another sport - where one may even switch partners just as we may do for a tennis match.  The more uneducated the individual is and the less means of entertainment he/she may have, the more he/she will turn to sex and/or drugs as an "entertaining sport".  The more bored a rich and well educated individual gets, the more he/she will also turn to sex and/or drugs as an "entertaining sport".

Promiscuous sex and the use of drugs are the two societal maladies which can harm a soul the most.  Thus, logically God has allowed AIDS. He is more interested in our soul within the overall Eternal picture, than just the brief time it resides in a body on Earth. If some activity is going to gravely harm the soul - He rather take them home soon. (1)

In the birth control situation - We could then take two positions: (a) Let them destroy themselves and thus "help God"; or (b) Intervene and help them find the way to God in a more natural way.

If we take position (a), it would logically follows, to the derange minds, that all sick and poor people should be exterminated.... and " doing this we are doing them a favor and serving God along." (believe it or not, that thinking is "on the table" of the Future Masters of the world.)

If we take position (b), we assist them in not killing each other, through unprotected sexual intercourse, by providing them with the appropriate protection WHILE simultaneously Evangelizing them so that they will abandon the "Outside the Laws of God" lifestyle, i.e.  "Sexual activity is a sport."

In certain countries of Europe they established a "Clean Syringe Program" wherein the drug addicts would turn in their used syringes and get clean ones in ordered to arrest the spread of AIDS through sharing infected syringes. This was done WITHOUT any Evangelization, therefore, what on the surface looked like a very charitable act was indeed contributing to the further degradation of their souls.

This would be the same if we just pass out condoms and do nothing else.

In conclusion:

(a)  Passing out condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS via sexual intercourse - and do nothing else - to save lives cannot be considered as a "means justified by the end" - because we are working against God by helping in the destruction of souls.

(b) Passing out condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS via sexual intercourse - and implement a solid Evangelization program to change the mentality of the individuals through Light and Grace - is a method of "buying time" while the leaven of the kingdom of heaven works its wonders in their souls - thus we are cooperating with God' plan for His children. [The kingdom of heaven is like to leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole was leavened. [Matthew 13:33]]

Of course, this thinking could degenerate into a philosophical discussion about the difference or equivalence of murdering/killing with a gun, for example, and killing with an AIDS contaminated sexual liaison. However, we must keep in mind that: Death by gunshot is quick and little can be done to draw the soul to God before separation of soul and body. Death through AIDS is slow and much can be done to draw that soul to God before its separation.  Therefore - we cannot compare, nor treat alike, both methods of killing a body.

Your other questions have been answered in different documents in our pages (2).

Regarding what "does not convince a non believer" is completely outside the responsibility of the Elect. We are to take a horse to water, drink of it so that the horse sees that it  quenches our thirst with no ill effects; then, if the horse still refuses to drink, we must allow the horse to die of thirst.  The Elect never were nor will ever be part of the Inquisition crowd.  Their technique would have been "choking the horse to death" while force feeding him water to "keep him alive".

Yes, that is how ridiculous and pathetic the alleged Evangelization has been in the last ca. 1600 years.... and stay tuned, as we have already explained, it will be tried again. (3)

(1) The near Apocalyptic Climatic and Geological Events Worldwide
(2) Pain is the megaphone....   ,   Divine Mercy in Action - Part I  and Part II 
(3) The striking similarity of the French Revolution with the activities "scheduled" for End of These Times

From   miguel de Portugal @ EU - US  - Published on February 16th, 2009

In our response to the letter published on February 9th we stated:

At this point I pray to God that, without further delay, He moves the Apocalypse into high gear. We are well into the area of diminishing returns. That is, on a collective basis, no progress is being made in achieving a greater level in the reduction of suffering while Divine Justice is dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled. Individuals are not responding as they should thus the inroads of evil continue to increase.

At this point - only the brutal "increase of the volume" 
will yield the desired response from the Elect.

We realize that this may be hard to grasp for some; therefore we will use the history of a young man and his Near Death Experience, which was related to us recently, and is posted in the Public Forum Part II (1) dated February 14th.

We quote below the key section from his story:

during the middle of the surgery, he died, (he actually died three times that night) and as the surgeons tried to frantically revive him,  he 'descended' from his body...

falling, and falling, until he was in what appeared to him, to be like a Roman Coliseum, with people in the stands 'judging' him. although these 'people' had no bodies, he knew they were 'people' and were there to judge him.

at the far end of the Coliseum, there was a light, but it was so far away. he knew that the 'people' were voting him to go to hell and he couldn't get to the light.

he started fighting and screaming, and begging for another chance, that if given another chance that he would change his life, and live a better.

If God had not "increase the volume of the megaphone" (2) to the horrific level He did, for the young man in question, at the time He did.... the young man would have continued the life he was leading, drifting away more and more from God to the point where, when he died next time, he could not have even seen the dim light of God when the "people" in the Coliseum were calling for him to go to hell.

That is another variation of what Jesus meant when He said:
And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24: 22]

If that young man's days of dissolute life had not been shortened he would have been lost eternally.... but, since he was amongst the Elect (a group only known to God) there was no other choice but to "increase the volume" to a deafening level.
(1)  Public Forum Part II
(2) Pain is the Megaphone that God uses for the deaf to listen to Him.

From   IW @ US  - Published on February 13th, 2009

Note: Due to the very personal nature of this letter, which is being published with the full authorization of the writer, we have gone to the extreme of masking the gender of the writer. To avoid the he/she notations,  the "other half" will be referred to as as "spouse" with the neutral third person pronoun "it" being used when appropriate..

In reference to your private communication regarding Near Death Experiences (NDE) and  that
of Carlos Albert in particular. (1)

When my spouse had "its" NDE, or rather, my spouse's death experience (since the doctors told me that my spouse had died) everyone told my spouse that the survival was a miracle... which was indeed the case... My spouse related a similar experience as that of Carlos Albert. (1)
My spouse told us that, contrary to the story we'd all heard, there is no light... nothing like that; just darkness... and that we had all been fooled into believing that there was something beyond.
In the light of your statement (1) - What can I say but that I will keep on praying for my spouse?


  Obviously it was the Will of God that we made such statement (1) regarding NDE. If you had told us about your spouse's experience  we would have never made such statement to you.

Now - with that said - let us review what we wrote. The statement we made was "As we understand the system..."

Notice that this is a situation of "as we understand" as opposed to "we know that". Nonetheless, we will continue to function on the basis of  my understanding until such time - if it pleases God - He transmits to m de P a definitive statement. (2)

You state/ask: What can I say but that I will keep on praying or my spouse?  In a situation like this - of  "understanding" and not "knowledge" - we would do exactly the same as you are - continue praying for your spouse.

I trust that we have clarified this situation to God's satisfaction, thus to yours.

(1)  m de P wrote: When Carlos... had his NDE, after the accident, he only saw darkness and loneliness (those experiences do occur and are real). As we understand the system - that does not change since in Eternity all has been completed.
(2) This situation prompted m de P to look into the NDE experiences  in a more precise manner. Perhaps that was the reason for which God moved m de P to make such a statement to you.

As it turned out, what is popularly reported as NDE's experiences seem to be more myth and fabrication than reality. God led us to, probably, the most knowledgeable individual in the field - P.M.H.Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.). Her knowledge seems to be based on "hard nosed" scientific study for over twenty years and a "clean" data base of over 3,000 cases.

Her document "IN SEARCH OF A COMMON CRITERIA FOR IDENTIFYING NEAR-DEATH STATES" is as close as a complete definition of the state (NDE) as most should hope to have this side of the veil, unless Divine Illumination were to be granted.

In addition, through the Grace of God, m de P now has a better understanding of why  some individuals experience a completely neutral experience: Darkness and stillness - complete nothingness. We are not to discuss that at this point except to say that: It does not necessarily mean that the individual that experienced is stamped "Not for Heaven" .

From  (Mr.) IW @ US  - Published on February 9th, 2009

It looks like the "schedule" is going to get much tighter if the extreme right wins in the upcoming Israeli elections.  Do we even get as far as Ash Wednesday this year, let alone Easter?
Polls indicate that Likud is set to Win, and Yisrael Beiteinu the Victor. A summary of all of the latest polls show that the Likud will come in first place by a small margin but that Israel Is Our Home (Yisrael Beiteinu), headed by Knesset Member and nationalist extremist Avigdor Lieberman will be the real victor on Election Day.

Summarizing the five major polls (1) of three Israeli dailies and two television channels show the lineup as follows:

On the right:

Likud (Netanyahu), 26
Yisrael Beiteinu (Lieberman), 18
Shas (Yishai), 10
On the center:
(the "wonderful people" who just devastated Gaza "moderately")

Kadima (Livni), 23
On the left:

Labor (Barak), 16
In US political terms: That would be like a coalition government between the Republican Party and Aryan Nations in the US, with the Moral Majority bringing up the rear.
 Such election results will get the Islamic extremists to redouble their own fanaticism against Israel and all Jews.

 (Mr.) IW

A. At this point I pray to God that, without further delay, He moves the Apocalypse into high gear. We are well into the area of diminishing returns. That is, on a collective basis, no progress is being made in achieving a greater level in the reduction of suffering while Divine Justice is dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled. Individuals are not responding as they should thus the inroads of evil continue to increase.

At this point - only the brutal "increase of the volume" (2) will yield the desired response from the Elect. Therefore,  with the vision God has granted me, if He chooses to make Ash Wednesday a Wednesday of global ashes and ruins it will be greeted with a grateful heart and not with "Where was God when...." (3)

(1)  News Report
(2) Pain is the megaphone that God uses so that the deaf will hear (and then act).
(3)  The silence of God alleged by Joseph Ratzinger.

From  WO @ US  - Published on February 6th, 2009 [Devotion of First Friday of the Month]

As you know, I have no background in psychology - save for some half remembered college courses taken years ago. In re the Devil's Publicist mailing (1) you stated:

"Unfortunately, the rank-and-file Faithful will need  the proverbial collision with a Mack truck before they begin to catch on. It's a pity that "the volume" needs to be increased"

My non-professional opinion is this: most of the Catholic faithful (clerical AND lay) suffer from some form of what is called the Stockholm Syndrome. (2)

 "....In many instances the victims choose to remain loyal to their abuser, and choose not to leave him or her, even when they are offered a safe placement in foster homes or safe houses. This mental phenomenon is also known as Trauma-Bonding or Bonding-to-the-Perpetrator. This syndrome was described by psychoanalysts of the object relations theory school (see Fairbairn) as the phenomenon of psychological identification with the more powerful abuser."

While this does not explain the demonic spiritual aspect of this (though is obvious upon reflection), it does offer an insight into the mechanism at work. Most Catholics - 'lapsed' or enthusiastic parishioners - get very defensive and argumentative if you challenge the morality and/or 'authority' of a priest, bishop, diocese, the Vatican/Curia/"Magisterium"/Pope/Papacy. No matter what mundane logic, evidence (worldly or spiritual) is presented, they react in this "trauma based" overreaction, becoming super defensive - even to the point of the use of expletives (or near violence!).

Note: I am not speaking of any denial/argument/refutation of the Core Faith - the Trinity, Divinity of Christ, etc. But another example of "bait and switch", i.e. clergy/hierarchy are now the object of the core faith and not God.

We are dealing with the controlled, and controllers. Not children of God and genuine spiritual shepherds, assisting them to God. My observation is that many priests and bishops have studied aspects of psychological control, are conversant on the topic, and share methods and 'pointers' among themselves. Even seminarians. This may help to explain the striking similarity between what many of them say and write; using very odd verbiage and catch phrases which have a common vein with the carefully crafted words of media spin doctors/talking heads, and the advertising business.

The perceptible goal would seem to be Loyalty, readily illustrated in the sex and embezzlement scandals. Where the guilty are defended as if they were the objects of faith itself, the subject quickly forgotten (as if all were senile!), and the supervising bishop is praised, supported... and promoted. It is conditioning for blind support and obedience.

May Jesus Christ be Praised!


A. For someone who does not have a background on psychology you have been able to grasp what, first paralyzed the Evangelization effort to then derail it completely. However, there is actually more involved.

We recently spoke of Opus Dei finding a "back door" to the human brain to ensure the essential enslavement of their "captives". In essence it consists on trying to justify in our minds what we know is wrong, but which we refuse to admit as wrong lest it shows our gullibility.

If one combines the automatic human tendency to justify our deception
(3)  with the Stockholm Syndrome, one can easily understand why religion, instead of becoming a vehicle to help humans establish a relationship with God, has become an instrument of division and destruction.

(1) Mailing in question:

News Quote
When the Catholic Church canonizes a new saint, a Devil's Advocate marshals all possible evidence against the candidate.

Judging by current events in the Vatican, one might imagine Pope Benedict XVI has a full time employee called the Devil's Publicist, who is charged with finding the most embarrassing story to release at the worst possible time.

The Devil's Publicist is cultivating the nastiest possible reputation for the papacy worldwide.

After a speech that enraged Muslims in 2006, this time, the Devil's Publicist has provoked Jews, and much of Europe.


(2)  The Stockholm Syndrome 
(3) Justifying our deception

From  DLJ @ US  -
Published on February 2nd, 2009 [The Presentation of The Lord - (Candlemas)

I was reading the Divine Inspiration of today. (1) Amazing!

I have been praying for my departed friends every day and asked God to release them from purgatory (cleanse them making them pure and worthy) if they are there and I will accept any remaining time for them.

If they are in heaven, I ask God to hold them close and love them so much as we miss them so much.

I hadn't thought about asking them to plead to God for me. Is this what you are saying?

Your friend in God's world,

(1)  The Divine Inspiration in question:

 Your loved ones are very safe in My Keeping.  Learning and loving and working, theirs is a life of happiness and progress.  They live to serve, and serve they truly do.  They serve Me and those they love.  Ceaselessly they serve.  

But their ministrations, so many, so diverse, you see no more than those in My time on earth in human form could have seen the angels who ministered unto Me in the wilderness.  

How often mortals rush to earthly friends who can serve them in so limited a way, when the friends who are freed from the limitations of humanity can serve them so much better, understand better, protect better, plan better, and even plead better their cause with Me.

You do well to remember your friends in the Unseen.  Companying with them the more you live in this Unseen World the gentler will be your passing when it comes.  Earth's troubles and difficulties will seem, even now, less overwhelming as you look, not at the things that are seen but at the real, the Eternal Life.

"And this is Life Eternal that we may know Thee, the Only True God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent."

Learning to know Me draws that Kingdom very near, and in Me, and through Knowledge of Me, the dear ones there become very near and dear.

Yes, that is exactly what He is saying. As members of the Body of Christ we are called to help each other - physically when possibly or through prayer when not possibly otherwise.

Those who are Purgatory are being purified (thus, generally speaking, they are purer than we are); those in Heaven are even purer - thus, their intercessory prayers are quite effective. The theo-logical foundation of this may be found in the prayer that Mary taught us when She visited Rue De Bac (France) of the Miraculous Medal fame. The prayer reads: Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

Mary is the purest human ever created (conceived without sin) thus She is the human closest to God. The closer we are to God (the purer we are) the greater the intercessory power that a soul has.

As to "who can pray for whom" - it is like this: Those who are still in body can pray for themselves and others who are still in body plus those in Purgatory. Those who are in Purgatory can only pray for those who are still in body - they cannot pray for themselves. They are totally dependent on our charity and the Mercy of God. Those who are in Heaven (or will be if we are talking in the Time frame of reference) (2) can pray for those who are in body as well as those who are in Purgatory.

As an added bonus, we can pray for those who are in Heaven; they, in turn, utilize the merits of those prayers to add to the merits of their own prayers for those still in body and in Purgatory.

When it comes to making it easier for mankind to find its way back to God - no one can top God! He has thought of every possible way to help us out of the holes that we seem to fall in at the drop of the proverbial hat.
(2)  Not wanting to confuse anyone, but trying to be meticulously correct.... In the Time frame of reference, the Final Judgment has not occurred yet, thus, those who have finished their Purgatorial state remains in a Limbo awaiting for the Final Judgment and the End of Time. Review Matthew 25 : 31-45 for more details. Therefore, as you see - even though The Vatican "has canceled the Limbo", it does exist and is not necessarily a Caribbean dance!

From (Mr.) IW @ Ukraine  - Published on January 28th, 2009


I have a few questions.  My first question is about the Bible

In Luke 22:35-38 it is mentioned that Jesus didn't ask to leave aside swords, recommended to have them:

35 When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, did you want anything? 36 But they said: Nothing. Then said he unto them: But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip; and he that hath not, let him sell his coat, and buy a sword. 37 For I say to you, that this that is written must yet be fulfilled in me: And with the wicked was he reckoned. For the things concerning me have an end. 38 But they said: Lord, behold here are two swords. And he said to them, It is enough.

My guess is that 2000 years ago carrying a sword was a common thing because nature was more wild and it was more dangerous in general than during our time. Also maybe it was because of a customs, probably like carrying a gun in USA now. So Jesus told apostles to have have basic "self defense kits" because they should travel around the world after His resurrection.

What interesting is that this part is covered only in gospel of Luke.

Am I correct in understanding of this part?

My second question is about Ukraine.

Ukraine's history of 20th century is written in blood. Both World Wars were fought on our soil. During WW2 armies first swept the country from west to east and then back from east to west.

Holodomor, when Soviets intentionally mismanaged resources and this resulted in death of millions because of a hunger.

Chernobyl and its consequences. And, slow death of USSR resulting in very poor economic situation for around 20 years for most people, except of few "privileged".

While there is (or, more correct word now - was) a progress in day-to-day life, and, until the crisis, people were relatively optimistic, except of political aspect of life, but now - it is "doom and gloom".

Interesting thing is that Ukrainians in general are peaceful people. Probably you met a few personally in Portugal or in Spain. But on the other side there are many bad things about society and specific Ukrainians, probably you also noticed that.

My question is not - "why me?" - in all honestly I am somewhat happy to be here, because there are still good people here and most importantly - Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Eastern Catholics) is relatively healthy and it is possible to find God there.

My question is just - "Why?"  Spiritual healing will help anyway, but knowing the cause will speed up the process of understanding how to fix the problem.

While situation is not as bad as in countries of Africa, and Ukraine is considered as a Second World country - we are not many steps away from becoming Third World Country.

I see 3 potential reasons.

1. Redemptive suffering. People in country suffer for the redemption of mankind, probably it is not just one country..
2. We deserve it. Because people don't listen - God increased megaphone and keeps it high so we can listen and turn to Him.
3. This is a result of post Fatima Church failure. In speculation on "alternative history" of 20th century Ukraine looks quite in a good shape and 2 times larger than it is now.  But because of Church deaf ears Ukraine became one of the main victims of Soviet regime, just like other .
4. Something from previous 3 reasons.
5. Something else?

I understand that there is no single correct answer to this question, and, probably the whole truth will be known only at the real End of the World, but any guidance will came in a great help.

(Mr.) IW

A.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address these issues for the benefit of many.

First - we shall address the issue of the sword in Luke  22: 35-38. As you well know, there are many translations from the so-called original texts into many languages (1) . However, we notice that Luke 22 : 35-38 reads pretty much as you transcribed above from the Douay-Rheims Bible. For example, in the  New International Version it similarly reads:

Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?"   "Nothing," they answered.

 He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. It is written: 'And he was numbered with the transgressors'; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment." The disciples said, "See, Lord, here are two swords." "That is enough," he replied.

If Jesus had been talking about swords - as in a weapon - it is obvious that:

(a) Two would not be enough for the eleven;
(b) He would not have said, according to Matthew 26: 51 And behold one of them that were with Jesus, stretching forth his hand, drew out his sword: and striking the servant of the high priest, cut off his ear. 52 Then Jesus saith to him: Put up again thy sword into its place: for all that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
(c) He would not have healed the man who had his ear cut.

In addition - the correct translation of the last sentence is: Enough! and not And he said to them, It is enough.  He is showing impatience towards the incredulity of those who had been with Him - witnessing Him - for so long and yet thinking that violence was the solution. The modern "street translation"  of that sentence would be: "Aw, shut up!"

You may ask: "What about the part where Jesus says  "...let him sell his coat, and buy a sword..." - would that support the sword-weapon concept?"

No; it means leave all (material) behind [specially what was most dear to an individual at that time in history - a person's coat] - and follow Me - The Word, the only sword/weapon that anyone on a true Christian journey should ever consider using.

Second - about the suffering of your country. Your logic is not far from the truth.

We shall start with a Biblical quotation: 4 Or those eighteen upon whom the tower fell in Siloe, and slew them: think you, that they also were debtors above all the men that dwelt in Jerusalem? [Luke 13]

Obviously, many of those who have suffered in Ukraine during the 20th century were not greater sinners than those who lived in California or Florida, for example. But why must good people suffer? As you noted - we have covered that in Redemptive Suffering - Part I (2) ; unfortunately, due to the failed Evangelization effort, the Faithful have not been aware of what we also explain in  Redemptive Suffering - Part II (3).

In very simple terms: When the Faithful is victimized by satan - as the result of collateral damage - and that individual, knowing that God is above all, offers that suffering to God for:  Love of Jesus; the Conversion of sinners; and the Reparation of offenses against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it will be satan himself who will make sure to limit the collateral damage to his actions.  Otherwise, satan would be fully cooperating in acts of love for Jesus, conversion of sinners and reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

satan is evil - but he is not stupid!

If many of the people of Ukraine - as an example - would have offered their suffering to God in such manner, the suffering would have been greatly reduced. Take a look at The Miracle of the Virgin Mary at the Church of Blachernae in Constantinople on 911 AD (4) as to what Faith (and trust!) in God can accomplish.

The real problem boils down to: Most people talk about God and go through the motions and rituals of their particular faith, but they do not have the Faith required to move mountains, were it necessary.

The root cause of the above is: People have been brainwashed to place their faith in religious institutions - not in God. As they witness the manner in which the leaders of said institutions behave, subconsciously, the little faith they had is crushed and all they have left are empty rituals.

Think of this - Why if the Opus Dei has such a penetration and control in all key points of power in Spain; was backed by the ironclad dictatorship of Franco; and appear to be "holier than thou" is the faith of the rank and file Spaniard is just about dead. To the point of people taking the Church to court demanding that their names be erased from the baptismal records..... while, on the other hand, John Bosco
(5), in the almost French-Revolution-climate in 19th century  Italy worked Jesus-like wonders in Italy for over forty years?

Because He promised:
Amen, amen I say to you, he that believeth in me, the works that I do, he also shall do; and greater than these shall he do. [John 14 : 12]

If we were now addressing  the full Roman Curia, with Benedict at its head, or a World Synod of Bishops,
instead of you, we would say: "It is the Faith, stupid!"

We pray that we have been able to answer your questions and concerns to your satisfaction and that of all who will visit our pages.
(1) Biblical Literalism - Part I and Part II
(2) Redemptive Suffering - Part I

(3) Redemptive Suffering - Part II
The Miracle of the Virgin Mary at the Church of Blachernae

(5) Don Bosco had Faith!

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