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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  March 2008

You are invited to be an instrument in keeping this Ministry active.
 It is now in your hands to do so!

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on March 31st, 2008

Several weeks ago, in an e-mail (or perhaps in one of the Web postings on your site), you said that the outcome of the Presidential election would reflect God's perfect Will.  It seemed to me that you also said that there actions of the new President would be in accord with God's perfect Will.  From this, some questions and further thoughts arose for me.
(I) Does this mean that Step One of the sequence (1) has been delayed until after January 20, 2009 - and perhaps long enough for the actions and policies of the new President to have a effect?  If so, that might mean that the Sequence might not begin until March or April of 2009, or later.

A. The outcome of the election will be according to the perfect Will of God. We did not say "next President" which leaves the situation open to interpretation by all. Remember - as we pray the suffering may be mitigated, therefore the situation is all fluid.

(II) You have said that God's perfect Will can include disastrous events, such as the 2004 Tsunami (2) ... and Noah's Flood.  It is a sobering reminder that God's perfect Will includes justice and judgment (3) as well as mercy (4).  Also, from the earthly perspective, the application of God's mercy to us often looks and feels like "severe mercy": more like radical surgery than a bowl of hot chicken soup or a rum toddy.  In short, the promise that the election result will be consistent with God's perfect Will is NOT a promise of smooth sailing ahead for America and for the world.

A. Exactly!
(III) America has been greatly blessed by God, (5) but this does not make us a Chosen Nation in the way that the ancient Israelites were.  God is sovereign over all, and loves all mankind: as you said, the blind African baby as much as the American suburbanite.  To prevent this country from doing further harm to the rest of the world with further abuse of our military, economic, and cultural power, it may be that God will allow us to fall.  He allowed his Chosen People to fall to Assyrian and Babylonian and Roman occupation; why should we expect greater protection from adversity than they got?

A. Exactly! As a matter of fact - the memory of the past fallen empires as well as the repeated chastisements of the original Chosen People of God are precisely ongoing warnings from God.
(IV) Alas for my country!  As Thomas Jefferson said in 1781, "Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."
-- With the unprovoked invasion of Iraq, we already committed a war crime - and ALL THREE of the remaining major-party candidates have explicitly "left on the table" the idea of war against Iran.  That war, if it comes, would be as unjust as the Iraq war.

-- There is no "peace movement" to speak of in America now.  On the Democratic side, the two antiwar candidates (Gravel and Kucinich) together got no more than 2% of the vote.  On the Republican side, the winner is McCain - a war hawk who is willing to see our troops stay in Iraq for 100 years, and who sang "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" during a campaign appearance.  The antiwar Republican, Ron Paul, got less than 15% of the vote.  If McCain wins - perhaps because the two Democratic contenders destroy each other during the rest of the nomination duel - Americans will have voted for a continuation of the policies of George W. Bush.  All of this is so different from 1968 (when antiwar challenger Eugene McCarthy forced LBJ to withdraw from the race), and from 1972 (when antiwar candidate McGovern got the Democratic nomination ... before going down to defeat by Nixon.)  My hunch is that "the people" are disgusted with the Iraq war because we are losing, not because it was wrong.

-- Abortion continues ... at least a million innocent deaths a year.

-- The economic system is expertly rigged to transfer income and wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich.  To take the current examples: the central bank is bailing out irresponsible financial institutions in a generous way that was not applied to Katrina victims, and is not being applied to the foreclosure victims in the current mortgage crisis.

-- The media and the educational system continue their decay.

-- So does the political system.  The sordid morals of our rulers (i.e., the recent and present governors of New York) correspond with the character of the laws they enact.

-- And so forth ...
I don't like the prospect of suffering, or of seeing my countrymen suffer.  And yet, how can I argue that such suffering is undeserved?

A. You could argue that such suffering is undeserved only if you would join the hundred of millions who take comfort on the drug of denial.
(V) As you have said, it is too late for political action to work (6).  Prayer is the only way that we can shorten and mitigate the events to come.  (7) (8)

A. Yet only a handful - comparatively speaking - believes that.

(1) Sequence of Events
(2) Divine Mercy in Action
(3) PAIN and TRAUMA: A sure attention getter
(4) Divine Mercy of God
(5) God Bless America!
(6) Pray, Pray and Pray!
(7) What Can We Do - Part I
(8) What Can We Do - Part II

From  PP @ USA - Published on March 29th, 2008

Happy Easter ! I have recently been exposed to the Mayan calendar . After researching it I found it to be very fascinating with some corollaries to catholic prophesy.

Their calendar ends in 2012 after we enter a "new era" of consciousness. What do you think ? Is it satanic or from God ? I also find it interesting that after making the movie The Passion, Mel Gibson made the movie Apocalypto about the mayans. What is the significance of it all ?


Thank you for the opportunity to bring up the Mayan Calendar issue again.

We wrote about this some time ago.  The document in question is About the Mayan Calendar.

We trust that this will clarify the Mayan Calendar issue for those who "found us" after the document was first published.

Regarding Mel Gibson's work and the significance associated with it - Without a doubt Mr. Gibson picked up on the popularity of the Mayan Calendar prophecy, then, as we have stated before, given the opportunity to make a movie with sado-masochistic overtones, Mr. Gibson went to work.

From  RH @ USA - Published on March 27th, 2008

Peace to all of you, especially the Elect!
In reference to your latest mailing with the subject of Security information that you should be aware of.... (1)

I am not surprised at all with these sensitive leaks, deliberate or not.  In all of these unfortunate circumstances through his willing instruments, there is one sole author -- the prince of this world - satan.  That prince sows confusion, chaos, destruction and death.  He needs to do and accelerate it to usher in the False Christ (2) for world dominance and control. (3)
O Heavenly Father, have mercy on all of us, Your creation.  Your Will be done!

A. It is clear that you understand the reality which most in the world rather look away from and we thank God for the opportunity to address this issue once more.

Many people in our well distilled Main List may share that understanding but, probably, most of of those in their own lists may not - thus our request to broadly circulate the mailing. Reason being....

a. When God called m de P to leave all behind and serve Him in this capacity, He clearly informed miguel that once people read Step No. 1 of the Sequence of Events (4), they would be convinced that miguel was completely out of his mind - why on June, 1992, the world was witnessing Boris Ieltsin and President Bush Sr., in a Garden Ceremony at the White House, shaking hands after agreeing to the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty.

b. God also told miguel that it was precisely the events of Step No. 1 that would convince many that the rest of what miguel had been announcing since then (Step Nos. 2 -17) will also take place.  See Step No. 1 as the equivalent of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in October 13, 1917

c. This will result in a "Call to attention" for the Elect which will in turn reduce the suffering (5) which awaits mankind while it lives through Steps Nos.  2 - 17

d. As we are able to show to the world, in very concrete terms, that "events indeed are leading to that direction", less of the Elect will have to wait for Step No. 1 to take whatever actions God Wills for each one, thus, minimizing further the suffering of the Elect. (6)

Since the beginning of the year 2008, from 70 to 75 % of the visits to our Domain are from new individuals. Speaking in terms of numbers of four-page documents equivalent. the monthly downloads are around 250,000 four-page documents. That can be roughly translates into 175,000 + documents falling in "new hands" every month.

A one or two time visitor may decide that m de P is indeed living an Alternative Reality and not come back again.... until the manifestation of Step No. 1 shatters their reasoning - which - of course - was fundamented on the syndrome of denial.

Result - faster response with a greater reduction of the suffering in store for the Elect.

That is the reasoning - used by God - to cause m de P to publish notices as this particular one.

(1) The News Report commented upon said mailing.
(2) About the False Christ
(3) The imposed One World Order
(4) Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times
(5) Keeping the megaphone's volume low.
(6) Who are The Elect?

From  TF @ USA - Published on March 24th, 2008

I have read that attached article re: Knights of Malta.   I do not recall your mention of this group but they seem every bit as secretive and involved as Opus Dei.

Peace be with you!


For all practical purposes they are "birds of a feather".

Since God has not instructed us to address this issue in depth yet, we have not.  However, as time allows it we will review the article in question (1) - that article may just be "His cue".

(1)  News Article : The 'Chosen Ones' Are Coming

From  IC @ Philippines - Published on March 22nd, 2008 [Holy Saturday]

Praised be to God!
I shall again take your advice my brethren and pray to our Lord in thanksgiving for the granted delay, as well as supplication for the strength and faith to carry on in the dark times ahead. I do have a few questions I wish to ask and hope you will answer if it is in accordance to His will, as always:
(1) Re: the efficacy of prayers - verbal vs. internal. Which is better? All else being equal, (i.e. the level of the supplicant's faith, the focus/concentration being put into the prayer, the prayer itself) is there a difference, or more to the point, does God look more favorably on one than the other?

A. The most important issues are the focus and the faith. Whether verbal or internal is dictated by many factors - surroundings, psychological state of the supplicant, and other very secondary factors.

(2) The prayer's intention - What does God do with prayers that are said with no particular intention? Am I correct in assuming that whenever a prayer is said with no particular intention, it is beneficial to the soul of the person that said it, but does not help anyone else? Meaning, it isn't necessarily wasted, but it could've been used in a better way (praying for others as well as yourself, thereby enabling God to act as He would never violate our free will). Also, can prayers be said without stating an intention if the prayer already includes it in it's wording, such as praying for God to provide for our needs for the day by praying the Our Father? Whenever I feel overwhelmed at the blessings that I receive from God and/or the beauty of His creation, or whenever I want to say "I love You" to Him and for no other reason, I pray the Glory Be but do not always state my intention (whether it's "thank You" or "I love You"). Is this "wrong"?

A. No action or thought that Glorifies God is ever wrong; on the contrary, it is most pleasing to Him.

If the prayer already contains the intended requested it is not necessary to repeat it. For example: When we pray to Mary:  "...pray for us now and at the hour of our death."  that is taken as such a request besides any other intention associated with the Hail Mary in question.

No prayers are wasted other than the ones which are said mechanically and without meditation as a playing cassette would. God will always apply the prayers properly offered.

Any prayer properly offered, regardless of intention is always beneficial to the supplicant.
(3) The next president of the U.S. - Since this will be the result of the active will of God, is it correct to assume that the next U.S. president will be a good person? Someone who actually seeks to do His will to the best of his/her knowledge? Or simply the person who will cause the least amount of suffering to His faithful?
A. The next US President will be the one who will perfectly serve the active Will of God. Now, the severity of that Active Will remain in our hands up to the time when any of the phases of Divine Justice is manifested.

An example: It is said that Cardinal Montini was elected to the Papacy (as Paul VI) because "they" thought that he was "one of them" and that the planned damage to be inflicted to the Roman Catholic Church, by "them", would be easier to execute.  The moment Cardinal Montini took the Reigns of the Roman Catholic Church their hopes were dashed. Paul VI even went as far as officially declaring Mary the Mother of the Church; a Mary, Whose influence, the enemies of God were trying to greatly curtail... yet they could not.

I shall await your answer as He wills.
Yours in Christ.


From  EMcK @ USA - Published on March 20th, 2008 [Holy Thursday]

First of all, Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

Secondly, I received this e-mail today from my sister-in-law (attached):

Interesting Facts

Easter is early this year. Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox (which is March 20). This dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on our Roman calendar. Based on the above, Easter can actually be one day earlier (March 22) but that is pretty rare.

Here's the interesting info. This year is the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! And only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above!). And none of us have ever, or will ever, see it a day earlier!

Here are the facts:

1) The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now). The last time it was this early was 1913 (so if you're 95 or older, you are the only ones that were around for that!).

2) The next time it will be a day earlier, March 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was 1818. So, no one alive today has or will ever see it any earlier than this year!

It is now less than 8 days before Easter Sunday & the Garabandal visionaries were to alert the world of the imminent approach of the Miracle.  But we know that the Warning is to occur first (and within a year of the Miracle).  We further know, from reading their interviews (1) on the MGR website, that the span of months during which the miracle will occur is March thru May.

My question is:  Could the rarity of this early Easter Season be the 'event' that is to coincide with the Miracle?

I feel that I should also ask:  Will Miguel de Portugal inform through e-mail to MGR Members when the 8 day announcement comes?

I'm sorry, I'm just acting on the feeling I got when I read this e-mail.  It could be that I'm just overly anxious for these events to occur.

Thank you for your work and May God always continue to Bless You!


A.  Your kind words, wishes and trust Glorify God Whom we strive to serve in spite of our great limitations.

At this point miguel de Portugal 
(2)  (3) is not aware that God Wills him to make an announcement of that nature; however, based on past experience from his continuous interaction with God, that does no mean that God will not inform him otherwise in the next ten minutes.

Secondly - as you pointed out, the Warning
(4) must come first.  The Miracle (1) will take place within the next twelve months after the Warning; however, the Faithful must understand "within the next twelve months" can be as short as 24 hours afterwards.

The Faithful must also remember that Step No. 1
(5) must take place first, i.e., before the Warning and, rest assured, no one will miss "noticing" Step No. 1

In the meantime, we must remain in incessant prayer 
(6)  so that the severity of every single event associated with the manifestation of Divine Justice may be reduced.


(1) The Miracle - Interviews
(2) miguel de Portugal
(3) Our Function
(4) The Warning - Interviews
(5) About Step No. 1
(6) What can we do - Part I and Part II

From  LP @ USA - Published on March 18th, 2008

When you announced a 9-month delay in the start of the sequence, I made the assumption that those nine months would be calm and un-eventful.

My assumption has proven wrong so far: instead, the groundwork continues to be laid for the events to start, full-scale.

If the remaining months are as "busy" as the first 1+month of the extension, it will take a miracle for events NOT to spiral out of control before mid-November.


For Step No.1 [of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times] (1) to take place, the "warm up period" described in our  The Establishment of a New World Order document  (2)  must take place.  That is precisely what we are witnessing now - in an ever increasing spiral.

Details  (key excerpt of the referenced to document (2))

The Steps are simple and we will keep them general so as to accommodate the corrections of course necessary as the plan is implemented. 

Step 1: The whole world, country by country is brought into great turmoil. Propitiated by political, financial, ethnic or religious confrontations or whatever is the best means in each country to achieve the desired purpose: Generalized chaos.

In Summary: "Bring the world up to its boiling point". [Does this "ring a bell"?]

Step 2: A nuclear conflagration will be started through one of the many dangerously unstable nations throughout the world. The nation to be used as the "trigger" will be changed many times before the non stoppable chain reaction commences.

Step 3: This will lead to complete global chaos - wars, revolutions, financial collapses, religious upheavals and persecutions with the intent of an eventual world wide domination by the humanist ideology spawned by the Soviets for decades.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this matter.

(1)  Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times
(2)  The Establishment of a New World Order 

From  IC @ Philippines - Published on March 16th, 2008 [Palm Sunday]

If it be in accordance to His will, could you please explain to me what this line means: "Life has hurt you. Only scarred lives can really save"? That was part of a recent Divine Instructions posting.

I have an inkling of it's meaning, but fear that my understanding is incomplete.
Yours in Christ.


Perhaps the word "scarred"  is associated with "major" and, thus, conveys to some "the result of a major trauma".  As in the physical world - in the spiritual/psychological domains - scars can be large or small as well as visible or almost invisible.

Therefore, every test that we live through in life - if properly assimilated - can make us better cooperators (1) in the Salvific Plan of God. Of course, if not properly assimilated (= constructively learned from) the individual is so thwarted that will actually play havoc wherever he/she goes.

This concept is a cornerstone of Alcoholic Anonymous - a recovering alcoholic can help pull others from the pits of alcohol much better than a non alcoholic.

(1)  About Suffering - Part I and Part II and Part III

From  Laura R @ USA - Published on March 13th, 2008

Please put me on the mailing list as my computer went through a difficult time! And may have dropped your postings.

My e-mail address is "" [real address deleted for confidentiality reasons]

Thank you.

Laura R

In response to the above letter we sent the following to your address:

Peace be with you, Laura!

Your address is listed as such in our list.

What we did some time ago was block that address  from  our incoming system because of the repeated auto messages from your system signed by Barbara D at the same address.

You see, if we have an auto responder activated, your auto responder triggers an endless loop problem.

The fact that we have blocked your address from that one incoming channel should not have affected your getting our correspondence. But we need to make sure.

We have just sent - 15 minutes ago - a mail out for the whole list.  Let us know if your receive it.

Many continued Blessings!

Your Family at The M+G+R Foundation

Unfortunately we have not heard from you for over a week.  There is nothing else we can do.

Note to our visitors: If you believe that you are in our Mailing List and are  not receiving any mailings, please let us know so that we may be able to look into it and correct it if it is within our power.

From  LP @ USA - Published on March 11th, 2008

Regarding your recently published document titled: Old Testament Prophecies »»» Make Crystal Clear ««« Key New Testament Prophecies (1)

It is clear to me that Isaiah 65:13-25 refers to a period within Time.  And there are parallels to Rev. 21:1-5.  But even though Rev. 21:1-5 has parallels with the Isaiah verses (as I would expect), it seems that the Revelation verses show a more radical change in conditions on Earth than do the Isaiah verses.

In other words, it seems to me that Rev. 21 does indeed refer to the eternal period.

Two reasons - and please correct any error on my part:

(a) "The first heaven and the first earth had passed away" (Rev. 21:1) indicates - to me - that the heavens and earth we know now had already "dissolved with fire" (2 Peter 3:10)

(b) Rev. 21 comes after Rev. 20: the battle of Gog and Magog, and after Satan is thrown into the lake of fire, and the Great White Throne judgment.
That is: it appears that Isaiah 11:6-7, Isaiah 65:13-25, and Malachi 3:1-6 do - as you say  refer to the time when Christ reigns on earth for 1,000 years.  But Rev. 21 seems to cover the age to come, after the Last Judgment and the dissolution of the present creation.


Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this issue.  We shall address first your statement:  Rev. 21 comes after Rev. 20: the battle of Gog and Magog, and after Satan is thrown into the lake of fire, and the Great White Throne judgment.

The first major illumination that miguel was given after his unconditional "Yes" to God was the awareness that the Book of Revelations is not in chronological order - on purpose. [That "light" took place in the Newark, N.J., Airport, July 1991, while changing planes after a three week prayerful and solitary journey through the major European Catholic Sanctuaries.]  Those details are being shared just to illustrate to the reader the tremendous impact such revelation made on him - the time when most of the Book of the Apocalypse became crystal clear.

Second - the comprehensive answer: When Time, which coexists with Eternity, is concluded, there will only be Eternity.  In Eternity there is no Heaven and no Earth - the Universe has ceased to exist.  Any kind of Heaven and of Earth belongs to the physical world in Time domain.

Once again, thank you for your valuable question.

Old Testament Prophecies »»» Make Crystal Clear ««« Key New Testament Prophecies

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on March 7th, 2008
[ First Friday Reparation] (1)

I talked to Janet (2) about offering prayers after Mass in reparation for sins and blasphemies, and she did not understand the idea.

She thought that offering prayer in reparation for others' sins is assuming a function that only Christ can do.

Either [a] I failed to explain the idea well, or [b] there is a real Protestant/Catholic difference on the possibility (it did take me a long time to grasp the concept, after all).

(1)   "I promise you in the excessive Mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful Love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months the Grace of Final Penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving the Sacraments; My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment."

(2) Fictitious name

This situation is typical of the overreaction by the Protestant movement when it began centuries ago.  It is the textbook case of "throwing out the baby with the bath water".

As most know, the Protestant movement was a visceral reaction to the abuses perpetrated by the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church; i.e. selling indulgences and any other supernatural benefit for which the Church was established; blatant idolatry of images and relics;  the divinization of the Virgin Mary; etc.  As in every "uprising" they went "over the top" and even Mary went out with "the bath water".

What makes this a real textbook case is that Janet is a Christian writer/editor.  Allow us to try to shed some light for her and others of the same mindset.

For example, we are to  " the very last mite." [Luke 12:59];  as well, as we are to "... forgive our debtors" [Matthew 6:12] because "...whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you also to them."  [Matthew 7:12]  Therefore, since we "... are the body of Christ, and members of member.." [1 Cor. 12:27] then, we must help each other with our debts to God, just like "the troops" of the immune system in the human body come to the rescue of any part of the body that needs assistance.

Granted: what Jesus Christ did - to pay for the fall of man in the image of Adam and Eve - only God could do. All else, by comparison is "small change" - and people, for the Biblical reasons cited above (although there are certainly many more), can help each other with the payments due.

If we - as many, many do - view the statement: Who was delivered up for our sins, and rose again for our justification. [Romans 4:25] as a sign to "Hey, let's go out and sin until we drop - we are on a prepaid plan!" there would be "standing room only" in hell.

Jesus Christ died to open up the doors of Heaven for man, doors which were summarily shut at the fall of man. However, to benefit from those opened doors we must be part of His Family [Mark 3:35] which, as most of our friends know by now, includes those who strive with every breath to do the Will of the Father  - even though they may only (and sincerely) realize that just three breaths before their last. [Matthew 20: 1-16]

The redemption Jesus secured for man is not a "free ticket to sin". Just as the Good Samaritan [Luke 10: 30-35] took care of the physical wounds of the victim of a robbery we must take care of the spiritual wounds of the victims of sin who are members of the body of Christ - a Body which is composed of all members of humanity [2 Cor. 15] - not only the ones who pay their dues to Rome. After all our "... Father who is in heaven, who maketh his sun to rise upon the good, and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust." [Matthew 5:45]

In closing we want to let one and all know that any individual with Janet's beliefs cannot benefit from the prayers of others on her behalf.  She can only benefit from prayers offered for her conversion - all others will not have an effect on her.  Why?  For the same reason that "...he wrought not many miracles there..." .......  ".....because of their unbelief.[Matthew 13:58]

From The M+G+R Foundation @ European Union and USA - Published on March 3rd, 2008

We wish to publicly Glorify God for the anonymous donation we received from a kind soul in Australia.

May God continue to Bless you!

Your family at The M+G+R Foundation

From BB @ USA - Published on March 1st, 2008 [ First Saturday Reparation]

Dear Miguel,
During First Saturday Mass this morning our newly ordained priest happily quoted "Saint"  Jose Maria Escrivá on following "his way" of being humble, during the homily.

Since it is the First Saturday of Reparation, and the congregation includes the sodality the priest could have chosen a more suitable quote to honor Mary our Mother as in Luke 1 :46-48 "My soul exalts the Lord,  And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. For He has had regard for the humble state of His bond slave", yet he could not bring himself to speak of her humility.  Does he even know that he was brainwashed in the seminary ? How sad !
Quoting from Escriva's The Way on Humility  -  590         

Don't wish to be like the gilded weather-cock on top of a great building: however much it shines, and however high it stands, it adds nothing to the solidity of the building.

Rather be like an old stone block hidden in the foundations, underground, where no one can see you: because of you the house will not fall.

God bless you and The M+G+R Foundation,


A.  It is truly amazing the power of brainwashing (1).

By any account (2)(3) etc., Escriva was a megalomaniac, yet the blind sheep cannot see it.... and maybe they are just not supposed to see it, lest they convert and be saved. [Luke 8:12]

They cannot even see that his fundamental philosophy (4) - he may call it "theology" -  is flawed and rejected by Jesus Christ Himself. [Matthew 22:21]

Thank you for sharing your experience with all.


(1)  About Brainwashing - Document I and Document II
(2)   The Escrivá reality  One Example and Various Examples in Spanish  
(3)  The Escrivá reality  -  Many Examples
(4)  The Flawed Opus Dei "theology"

From LP @ US - Published on February 27th, 2008

Q. It seems that we have been granted a 9-month delay in the start of the Sequence, so that the serious events of the Apocalypse will not start till after the November election.  You have also stated that the end point of the Sequence is not delayed - so the period of severe suffering is shortened (by my understanding, to about 2 years).
This is a great mercy, and evidence that "for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened" (Matt. 24:22).
But it seems to me that we can continue praying for the final tribulations to be mitigated - in other words, for the Sequence to be closer in intensity worldwide to a tropical storm than to a direct hit by a severe Category Five hurricane.

Such prayer would involve the continuation of prayer for our enemies, prayer for the conversion of sinners (ourselves included), and offering of prayers and sufferings in reparation for sin.

It may be (as you said earlier) that one benefit of Revelation and other Apocalyptic literature in the Bible -  being in symbols - is that the symbols can be fulfilled at varying levels of severity for mankind ... with the severity depending on our cooperation with the graces provided by God - including the prayers and sacrifices that the faithful offer.
Comments or corrections?


We cannot/will not comment on absolute timetables. We made that mistake once (1) and, even though God rescued miguel from that mistake using symbolism, it was indeed a mistake. We shall not test God's goodness by being careless and counting that He will bail us out every time. That is what Rome has done for centuries calling it "Prudence".

Regarding the continuation of prayers to reduce the severity of events.... such prayers should never stop
(2) since each upcoming individual test/trauma could be softened through prayers and acts of reparation before its manifestation.

As we explained in the Sequence of Events document
(3) and elsewhere (1), God utilizes symbolism to fulfill prophecy and/or meet predicted time schedules.

We are never to give up and stop praying. Ratzinger could  appear in St. Peter's Balcony with a pointed tail and two horns and that would not stop us from praying because "it may be just too late". Time does not affect God nor His plans; He is counting on us
(4) and we must not let Him down regardless of appearances!

We must never forget that what pained Jesus the most in His Calvary
(5) was not the physical abuse He had endured and was still enduring; what pained Him the most was the rejection by most of those who had cheered Him during Hid entrance to Jerusalem just a few days before. Did He allow the physical world appearances to make Him give up and not go through to the end? He knew that mankind's redemption depended on Him going through to the end and not on appearances.

Whatever we
(6) do at His prompting and/or request will never be in vain - never! People must realize that when it is said that God is Omnipotent it means that there is nothing impossible for Him - nothing! But... we hold the key.... for it is our faith that gives that awesome power the total freedom to work in our lives and our surroundings.

Could we ask for more? Certainly not!


(1)  Window of Time given to Astronomers
(2)   What can we do? Part I and Part II 
(3)  Sequence of Events
(4)  Man's Participation on the Redemption Process
(5)  The Viacrucis
(6) Without fanaticism and certainly without breaking any single Divine Law.  Just as God does not need world political power and money to establish His Kingdom, He does not need lawlessness either.

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