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Letters/Questions - Addressed on May 2009

From BK @ USA - Posted on May 31st, 2009 [Feast of the Pentecost and Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

I am having a difficult time accepting that what we were taught as children, that through the Catholic Church is the only way to Heaven, is erroneous.  What ever happened to the EENS dogma?  Is that also in error?


Before answering the questions What ever happened to the EENS dogma?  Is that also in error? we had to look up what the EENS dogma was since we were not aware of such term. To say anything else, would be lying and that is not part of God's teachings although one would think otherwise from what we have witnessed for over 1600 years.

This is what we found out:

The Latin phrase Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS), means: "Outside the Church there is no salvation".

This expression comes from the writings of Saint Cyprian of Carthage, a bishop of the third century. The axiom is often used as short-hand for the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church which asserts that the Catholic Church is absolutely necessary for salvation. The theological basis for this doctrine is founded on the Catholic beliefs that (1) Jesus Christ personally established the Catholic Church, according to the Catholic interpretation of Matthew 16:18; and, (2) that the Church serves as the means by which the graces won by Christ are communicated to believers.

We have fully  addressed this issue in our document Dominus Iesus (2). However - to sum it up: There is indeed salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church!

What kind of god would place such condition on any of his creatures considering the track record of the Administration of said church?

Would the Roman Catholic Church Administrators accept the liability then for the results of a failed Evangelization?
(4)  After all - the True and Living God is indeed all powerful and, just as Don Bosco's (5)  Evangelization effort was such a roaring success that even the enemies of Rome wanted him to spread his work in anticlerical Italy, Rome could have done it if they would have not started serving mammon instead of the True and Living God when Constantine purchased (6) the Roman Church.

Therefore - It is to Rome's advantage to "spread the blame" rather than to assume it de facto as the embodiment of the only means to Salvation. They already have their hands full with trying to justify before the Throne of Judgment why they, through blatant inaction, were accessories
(7) of the greatest holocaust humanity has ever endured - World War II.

Once again - let no one forget that we make a clear distinction between the Catholic Faith
(8) and the Roman Catholic Church Administration. (9)

Let us not forget how that such a dichotomy is possible:  Even satan must serve God and the True and Living God would not abandon His children at this very critical time in the history of Creation - thus He ensured that we had access to the supernatural assistance provided by the Holy Sacraments.

Thank you again for the opportunity.

(1) Source
(2) Dominus Iesus
(3) An overview of the Papacy
(4)  What Went Wrong? Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV
(5) Don Bosco proved it could be done against all odds!
(6) Constantine - not the successor of Peter -  presided over the Holy Nicean Council
(7) The disobedience of Rome cost the world over 50 million deaths
(8) Our full endorsement of the key and basic tenets of the Catholic Faith
(9) Our Position about the Roman Catholic Church Administration - Part I and Part II
(10) The Sacraments and the Graces associated with them - an example.

From LP @ US - Published on May 28th, 2009

The  Korean situation seems to be developing in an "interesting" way.

As I recall, you said years ago that the battlefield use of even one nuclear weapon anywhere would be the kickoff of an unstoppable chain reaction, a fast-moving series of apocalyptic events.

Your recollection is correct.

If God grants us a Green Apocalypse, only one nuclear weapon attack will suffice to fulfill Step No. 1 (1). The "degree of Greenness" will be determined by the number of nuclear devices used, one being yielding the greatest level of Green Apocalypse.

Then, as humanity moves on to Step No. 17
(1) the only mega-catastrophes will be of a geo and astro natural level.
(1)  The Sequence of Events leading to the End of These Times

From (Mrs.) IW @ US - Published on May 24th, 2009

[The following letter was sent to us on February 20, 2007]

May the Peace of Our Lord continue to be with you all!
I have found a web site that you might be interested sharing with others who might be in a similar situation as myself.
As you already know, the last year I have been honored to care for, and have living with us, a very special lady who has Alzheimer's. As the months have gone on, and as expected, her health has gone downward, and I am unable to get out of the house as much because of caring for her.
At first it was only a couple days a week that I was unable to go to mass, and although that was scary to me, (I know how much I need Him to keep me nourished) I pray daily for Him to help me to accomplish all that He Wills for me to accomplish each day. Therefore,  if my circumstances are making it impossible for me to attend mass as frequently, then He must have a good reason for it, even if I don't know what it is.
As her health declined, I could only make mass 2 or 3 times a week.  I treasured those few hours with Him.  But He Willed otherwise, and then for the last 6 or so weeks it is only on Sunday's that I am able to get out to attend a Mass.

Two Sundays ago, as I got ready to go to Mass, (my daughter was going to stay with her)  I had to take her to the hospital Emergency Room.
I had to go 14 whole days without receiving Him before I was able to get to another Mass.

Perhaps He is just testing me, to see how much I miss Him, or perhaps He is preparing me for when we move to our farm which is much more rural, or perhaps He is preparing me for when it will become harder and harder to find a real Mass.
I am not sure, I am trying not to be afraid, that without me receiving Him, in Holy Communion, I might lose my way, and disappoint Him, or not have the love and strength I need to fulfill my duties... but I also try to remember that He is with me, and can read my heart and knows how much I really do miss Him.
I also know that this is only for a time and for a lesson, and pray that I may learn it quickly, whatever it may be that He Will's me to learn. I also realize that He is allowing my children to witness my longing for Him.

This week my daughter didn't even complain when I asked her to sit with her for an hour so that I could go to Mass. Maybe soon they will not just understand, but long for Him too!
In the meantime, I am trying to do what I can, and seeking Him wherever and however I can.

I know that viewing Him 'live' or otherwise on a computer or television screen is not the same as visiting Him in His Church in the Blessed Sacrament, but when it is the only option, (and I am sure there are others facing the same problem just different circumstances), I am just as sure that He honors our trying, and will bestow the Graces He Knows we need and seek so that we can fulfill His Will for us.
After reading the february 17th, 2007,  public forum, and your reply:
'What we are illustrating to do is - first of all, search high and low because God may just have the Church you are looking for around the corner; then, you must "make do" with what is available until it becomes simply impossible to attend a Mass because it is no longer offered in an appropriate manner'
I thought, that since there are probably others like me, that are homebound for one reason or another, that I should share this web site with you.

It also has wonderful prayers, a spiritual communion prayer and many readings to choose from, much more than the daily missal from my church has, for the daily readings.

I just read today's  'office of readings'  morning, evening prayers and readings. I have never even seen some of these prayers, (which are probably so basic). I have heard of some of them, but never knew where to even look to find them.
Thank you Jesus for not leaving me alone, and for showing me other ways to find You, and to learn how to praise You.  I feel to be so blessed to have found this site, just like I was to have found yours.

I had found it awhile ago, put it on my favorites list, but only visited once in awhile. I wasn't sure about it at first, if it was ok to be substituting 'live adoration' for a computer version, but I do think it is ok, when circumstances make a visit to a church impossible, if I am wrong, please correct me.
On another note, Thank you again for all your help. I know I say that in every email, and don't mean to just 'toot your horn', but I really am so thankful, even more so now, that I realize how much pain I must have caused you, in having to hear (live) and respond to mine and my very dysfunctional family's problems.

I am so sorry, but I am even more thankful, that like Our Lord, you had mercy on me and helped me. I will always try to remember that, and always try to do that in my life as well.
God Bless you Miguel and all those that assist you. You are a gift, to me, and many others. I know you are busy, no reply is necessary unless God Will's you to. You will always remain in my prayers and in my list of blessings to be thankful for.

love, peace, and blessings

(Mrs.) IW

You said that " reply is necessary unless God Will's you to..." and it has taken over two years for Him to Will that we do.

First - We shall confirm some of your feelings about the quandary you found yourself in by sharing a very related personal story.

Year - early nineties. Place - traveling by train from Lourdes to Paris on miguel's way to the US. Date - July 16th.

Because of the departure time miguel was not able to offer Mass at Lourdes. As the train rolled on to Paris all he could think of were the logistics of finding a Mass at the end of the day in a place that he was not familiar with - after all, it was not just a regular week day... it was the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Upon arrival and dropping his luggage at wherever he was going to spend the night at (no recollection whatsoever what or where it was) he rushed out to find a Mass. As he reached each church he found out that they had already offered the las Mass and were closing the doors - the timing was so that he could not even get into the Church; they were literally closing the doors at each one. Finally, crushed, he wandered back to wherever he was staying while praying still another Rosary. He was sad not only because he had not offered Mass but because it also was such a very special day for our Heavenly Mother.

Then he clearly heard (paraphrasing it): Today We needed a greater sacrifice from you. Enough said! miguel's spirits soared and was again amazed at the ways of God.

Second  - Regarding the domain in question (1) - we know nothing about it nor who are behind it. The main issue is that you fully understand that, and we quote you:, "...viewing Him 'live' or otherwise on a computer or television screen is not the same as visiting Him in His Church in the Blessed Sacrament, but when it is the only option, (and I am sure there are others facing the same problem just different circumstances), I am just as sure that He honors our trying, and will bestow the Graces He Knows we need and seek so that we can fulfill His Will for us."

Third  - Regarding the prayers that you did not know and found there... Your letter probably was the nudge that God gave us to publish some very key prayers (2). That part of the response did not take two years for us to respond to - that was done a long time ago.

Fourth - Your kind words -  in relation to the assistance that we have given you in the Name of God - truly Glorify Him. It is very encouraging to hear words like that once in a while; words which are appreciated in the proper manner by realizing that whatever good we have been able to accomplish the Glory is - without question - due to God. So... we pass it on to Him with a grateful heart.
(2)  Select and highly recommended Prayers

From (Mr.) IW @ US - Published on May 20th, 2009

In reference to the performance of Benedict XVI so far...

Who would have expected the Antichrist to be so ... incompetent and unpersuasive? I wonder whether he will experience an infusion of "energy" from below once the sequence starts, so that he will indeed bring much of the world with him. Or perhaps, due to the Divine Mercy, we are to be spared the temptations that a persuasive Antichrist would offer to mankind.

Most popular writing in the US about Antichrist and/or the False Prophet is from the "Left Behind" evangelicals. In their fiction and in their nonfiction, they paint the picture of the deceiver(s) as cunning, charismatic, seductive, and efficient at winning the allegiance of most of the population.

Popular Catholic prophecy writing quotes people from Hippolytus to Newman who say the same. In general, they paint the picture of this evil leader as someone who is as successful and popular worldwide as Hitler was in Germany until he began to lose the war.
Therefore ... my expectation of a competent and seductive AC was influenced in part by  what I had read over the years (from Catholic and Protestant sources alike) before encountering your work.

Many Americans have read, and been influenced by, the same books that I have been.

(Mr.) IW

Thank you for such a timely and letter containing information coherent-with-the-ways-of-the-world. If God would allow us to make-up letters so that we could address important points in this forum, we could not have come up with a better letter at this time. Once again it is proven that if we obey God, He will see that whatever needs to be done is done in accordance to His Will and timetable.

To the point ....

First of all, we must keep in mind the striking difference between the AntiChrist figure (1) and the False Christ figure (2) without forgetting that the main function of the AntiChrist is to pave the way for the ultimate deception - The False Christ.

Secondly, do not forget what we often say,  almost mantra-like: Even satan must serve God.

Thirdly, given that the AntiChrist "script" has been well publicized, as you have very accurately stated in your letter, do you think that satan will follow the expected script? Far from it!  Illuminated by the Holy Spirit the faithful must "read between the lines" of world events - religious and political - to see where we are at in the world's mad race to the End of These Times.

As an example of what we have just said: What are the two key acts of  the Benedict XVI period?

(a) Opus Dei now has a free hand in Church Administration - whereas it was somewhat limited during the last legitimate Papacy - that of John Paul II. The role that Opus Dei will play in the manifestation of the False Christ has been amply covered a document that we published (3) years ago.

(b)  While saying that he is not doing so, Benedict is rolling back the Roman Catholic Church to the pre-Vatican II "good ol' days" - the days where the true and living God was being misrepresented (4) As we have explained in another document (5), what triggered the Vatican II Council was the alert from Heaven, known as the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima, which was acted upon by H.H. John XXIII.

Quoting from said document:

If we stand back and take a good look at the events of the Roman Catholic Church and the world since H.H. John XXIII ascended to the Throne of Peter, one can almost guess with great certainty the contents of the third part of the Secret.

+++ H.H. John XXIII and .H. Paul VI tried to prepare the Church for what they knew was to come by means of the Vatican Council II.

+++ H.H. Paul VI declared that the smoke of satan had entered in the Church and quickly abrogated the canon requiring official approval for the publication of documents relating to Marian Apparitions which were not yet approved by the Church. By doing so, he opened the doors for Heaven to speak freely and undisturbed to the faithful in spite of the fact that the enemies of God were already well entrenched within the Hierarchy. (The faithful one day will come to fully appreciate the importance of that act by H.H. Paul VI.)

+++ H.H. John Paul II, symbolically wrapping up the work of John XXIII and Paul VI, thus John-Paul, does not stop traveling the world, personally Evangelizing it. He knows how serious the situation is, how little time is left and that most of the clergy continues to occupy itself with worldly matters while neglecting the flock.

If one studies all Encyclicals published by H.H. John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II and try to visualize what the Roman Pontiffs were attempting to remedy with most of them, one would then come to know the third part of the Secret of Fátima.

Why was the third part of the Secret not revealed to the world when it reached the hands of H.H. John XXIII? For the same reason we would not have done it either - it was too late! It is not the fault of H.H. John XXXIII that the Church machinery delayed such information from the Roman Pontiff for almost eighteen years!

By the time the third part of the Secret reached Rome, it was too late for the local Churches to move the faithful fast enough into prayer and reparation mode to soften the blows that the humanity is already beginning to feel.

What The Vatican disinformation machinery did with the document issued on June 26, 2000 - the alleged text of Third Part of the secret with over 30 pages of literary smoke explaining it - was simply trying to cover its tracks for its abyssmal failure at not having heeded the Message of Fátima at the proper time. (5)

Once again, thnak you for your sincere letter.

(1)  The AntiChrist
(2)  The False Christ
(3)  The Springboard for the False Christ
(4)  The gross misrepresentation of God
(5) A failing which resulted in over one hundred million deaths worldwide.

From RE @ US - Published on May 17th, 2009

If you believe in prophecy, I suggest you read the dream of Don Bosco.

The two popes that are guiding the ship are our two latest popes and the Eucharist and Rosary are our stability. And the one that will get us through it is Our Lady clothed with the sun.

I suggest we trust in her to get the job done.

She is a mother of great compassion without the vehemence that is portrayed in the later version of the message of La Sallette.



A.  You may read about Don Bosco's dream in our Domain at SAINT JOHN BOSCO'S FAMOUS PROPHECY (1)  - and you may also read about his life (from original texts and not from the adulterated modern ones) in our Domain  at  SAINT JOHN BOSCO'S MIRACLE - Love In Action. (2)
God uses man to get His job done; He does the selection and provides the Graces to do so. Perhaps those in charge at the Vatican while there was still time to avert World War II felt like you do: "Let Her get tyhe job done!"

Her job was to instruct the Administration of the Church what to do to prevent the spread of errors from Russia and avert World War II (3).  Needless to say, the 20th Centiury turned out to be a nightmare

We announced to you that the fulfillment of Don Bosco's famous prophecy has been already fulfilled. You may see it spelled out in the note we added on June 6th , 2005 to the above mentioned document SAINT JOHN BOSCO'S FAMOUS PROPHECY. (1)

We suggest to you and others, with similar inclinations, to spend more energy in cooperating with God through prayer (4) and more prayer
(5),  and fastings (6) instead of defending the undefensible - the Roman Catholic Church Administration (some excpetions, of course, are noted (7)) as we face what we are facing now.

 We did not invent this "recipe", Jesus prescribed it nearly 2000 years ago: 
But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting. [Matthew 17:20]

(3)  God and the Virgin Mary did all they could but the Vatican dropped the ball just like they did with LaSalette
(4)  What Can We Do - Part I and Part II
(5)  More prayers!
(6)  Participating in the redemption of humanity
(7) In defense of John Paul II, for example

Typical from Various @ World - Published on May 14th, 2009

If (as I believe because of the tremendous nature of your works) you, miguel (1), are Eli or Enoch, has God communicated to you when you will be taken from here to Heaven or will we just find out when there is no more communication on this page?

I am deeply concerned for your safety as The Bible says you will be murdered. If you can comment on this publicly or privately, I would feel some minor relief, even though I know you are suffering now, your greatest suffering is to come. You are in my prayers daily.

and from another source....

The two witnesses are generally thought of as Elias and Henoch. If so, Miguel is Elias, who then is Henoch? In the November 2006 Points to Ponder (2) page, in one of your responses you stated "Remember, we are not talking about the Catholic Faith for which defense we will be put to death in the future..." Did the 1,260 days start with your  announcement of Miguel's true (spiritual) identity as Elijah? There are other questions I wish to ask, but these will suffice for now. I understand as always that God may not will these questions answered at this time (or at all), I just felt the need to ask.
I would also like to say that I feel blessed to live through these times, I only pray for the strength that I will feel the same when the chastisements come. To you all, and to Miguel especially, my deepest, most sincere thanks. You all know God better than most of us, but I hope you also know that there are still sinners like me who appreciate your efforts to lead us home. Again, thank you.


We thank you for your concern and acknowledge that your curiosity is as normal as it is healthy.

To us what is important is to serve God - thus the single point focus of our attention is precisely that and do not dwell on the shoes that we may be wearing nor the time of my death.

All will come to pass but, for today, is today's agenda only. He said it best through Matthew 6: 34 Be not therefore solicitous for tomorrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

Suffering? We will reproduce below excerpts of a private communication just sent to a very close cooperator:
My apologies if we came on too strong regarding your prayer issues.

The only excuse that we can give is that: My life is  like watching a school bus full of children wearing no seat belts and heading full speed ahead towards a concrete wall or an abyss, all the while we are warning them at the top of our lungs.... but to apparently no avail.

The bus driver as well as the school children are all members of the Elect and what we are trying to do is minimize their suffering before their Heavenly journey.

Now - when we see that in spite of all that we have revealed - many things have escaped even you.... We must then think: What about the other "school children" from the bus who have not have the opportunities God has given to you "to get it on direct"?

When we say that we live in Gethsemani - we are not using a figure of speech.
That is a very accurate picture of m de P's Daily Bread which is offered to God for above mentioned "school children".

We are not complaining.  How could we complain when faced with the reality that God chose to take human form and suffer immensely to give us an opportunity to return to the Paradise-like life He intended for us? We are just sharing with our brethren a view from "this side".
(1)  miguel de Portugal
(2)  Points To Ponder - November 2006

From LP @ US - Published on May 10th, 2009

Paraphrasing a verbal question posed by LP....

As you have explained in some of your documents (1), when viewing "Time" from the Eternal Frame of reference, once a soul is born in Time, it  is known (by God) where its final destination will be: Heaven or Hell since in the Eternal Frame of reference there is no past nor future - it is all present  (the Time Frame of reference is no more).

Isn't that a classical example of predestination which, in itself, denies man's free will?


A. Thank your for the opportunity to clarify this matter from a different perspective.

Divine Mercy demands that a soul is given complete free choice while journeying through the Time Frame of reference even if God knows that said soul will end up in Hell. As we have said many times - God does not condemn a soul to Hell - it is the soul's free choice to select said destination.

Let us take a very well know (and tragic) example. Mary comes to humanity through Fatima with several messages, requests and recommendations. She comes from Eternity, so She knows the proverbial "The End" of the "movie" which we define here as all that transpired in the Time Frame of reference.

She gives the Church Administration a simple formula to avoid the spread of errors by Russia as well as the avoidance of World War II. She knows good and well that the Church Administration will ignore Heaven
(2), as it has been the case for the last 1600 years, and will cause the 20th century to be the second bloodiest century humanity will know in the Time Frame of reference.

Why? Because, as we said above and elsewhere , Divine Mercy demands that mankind is given a way out from the consequences
(3) of their wrongdoing.

In conclusion: Once a soul is born in Time, even though its final eternal destination is known to God, it is free to exercise its will until the end - whichever end that same soul chooses.
About Time and Eternity
The Church Administration turns its back to Heaven
(3)  Many examples

From (Mrs.) IW @ US - Published on May 8th, 2009
Thank you for Points to Ponder dated May 6th. (1)

I come from a long line of people who do not seem to be happy unless they are miserable. I have a very recent example. My father has been having an affair with my mother's best friend for over five years. My mother has seemingly never come to terms with the real hurt and betrayal she lives with daily. While none of us wanted her to divorce him necessarily, he has made no real changes to make her life more bearable, as the other woman lives just across the street.

On Easter I saw him looking over there intently as she unloaded her groceries. I was so upset that even on an Easter Sunday family gathering he could not see to help himself. I see that I have not totally forgiven him for his actions because the anger it stirred up was quite unexpected.

My mother refuses to truly admit the pain she still carries... her pain in seeing that woman every day as she walks around the block hand in hand with her unsuspecting husband, almost flaunting her "happiness" - while my mother wonders how her own husband and "best friend" could have betrayed her.

My mother has made me to be the bad guy for trying to encourage her to get into some kind of therapy and also for demanding more respect from him.

Your Points to Ponder sums it up well: Some people just need their misery. At least that is what I took from it.

I cannot force my own brand of "justice" on mom, no matter how much it would please me to see it, because I love her and feel someone should be her advocate... because she refuses to admit her victim status here and will probably be willing to keep being walked on by him.

Things have disintegrated around here since Easter and I am begging God for the grace to keep things calm so that we can get through First Holy Communion Saturday. It is time for me to let it go, and let what happens, happen.

Thank you for the succinct reminder!

May God continue to bless you all...
(Mrs.) IW
(1)  Points to Ponder - May 6th

Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve. The situation that you present is indeed sad, yet, we must remember that all is possible with God. The first thing we must do in a situation like this is understand our feelings and bring them in line with the teachings of God, should they be out of line. Secondly, we must zero on the individual who seem to be the "virus" of the spiritual infection; then, treat it as Jesus taught us.

First things first.... You state: "I see that I have not totally forgiven him for his actions because the anger it stirred up was quite unexpected."

Reacting in this manner has nothing to do with forgiveness or lack of it; it has all to do with normal human reaction to a blatant abomination. What were the feelings of  Jesus when He was faced with a market atmosphere in the Temple - His Father's House? From His physical reaction we can surmise that His feelings were similar to yours. [Matthew 21:11-13]

Is Jesus ready to forgive anyone that comes to Him in sorrow and repentance? Of course He is and He will! As a matter of fact, said forgiveness existed even before it was sought... but "to activate it", that is, for it to become effective it requires a contrite heart.

Now - if your father changed his ways, made amends and sought forgiveness and you still "held it over his head"... that would be a completely different situation and you will be not be forgiven by God just as you have not forgiven your father.

Now then, let us deal with the virus of this spiritual infection. The virus carrier is your mother's former best friend. Your father is obviously under "her spell" - spiritually speaking he is as much as a victim as your mother. The neighbor's behavior shows unequivocally that she is possessed by the spiritual virus known as "evil". The solution? Its attainment is not as difficult as it may seem if we listen to Him and follow His instructions.

(a) What did Jesus mean when He said that we must love our neighbor as ourselves? [Mark 12:13] [Matthew 5:44]  He meant that we should wish upon our neighbor all that is good... and what could be better in this case than freeing her of said spiritual virus?

(b) He also taught us to pray for our enemies and persecutors. [Matthew 5:44] Why? Because that is the only way they can be freed of their spiritual viruses!

What if that carrier is destined for hell and there is no hope of salvation? (1) Well, that is not our business - that is God's business but we will share with you how that scenario normally evolves. That hell-destined virus carrier will be rendered ineffective in the case at hand; your father, in this case, will see her for what she really is and turn back, just as the Prodigal Son did (2) with his hat in his hand and bowed head.

Implement Jesus' prescription and in God's time you will see the results that only He can produce.
(1) About Time and Eternity
(2) The Prodigal Son's Return

From BF @ Thailand - Published on May 6th, 2009

I came across this line 'esoteric codes in the Bible' and am struggling to understand if there are really hidden real messages in the Bible. Are there really 'higher' beings that can decipher it?

I was also completely confounded when I came across Jordan Maxwell’s conclusion that Jesus Doesn't Exist – there is no proof of his existence!!

Please sir, do you have proof to rebuke Jordan's statement?
Peace and Blessings,


A. The Bible is indeed filled with hidden messages which are revealed to the seeking souls by the Holy Spirit of God. Then, it is the responsibility of the souls illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God to share the information with whomever wishes to learn about it. No "hocus pocus" and no lording over our less illuminated brethren - just sharing in the spirit of love.

Regarding to Mr. Maxwell's pronouncement - Let him prove to us that Jesus does not exist; then we will respond.

From m de P @ EU and USA - Published on May 2nd, 2009 [ First Saturday of the Month]

For the last week or so the news - world wide - have been soaked with the blow-by-blow evolution of  latest flu. Although my function in the world today is far, far removed from my scientific training, it does not mean that the same scientific, coherence-seeking, intellectual circuits are inoperative. As a matter of fact, God has used them to increase my Faith to levels I never dreamed of attaining.

To the point ! - When I look at the concerted effort - by governments and news media world wide - to create a low level, but sustained panic out of a situation that, in itself is barely worthy a passing mention, the proverbial warning bells, lights and red flags start catching my attention.

Prophecy aside - just sheer mathematical coherence screams that there is a harmonious concerted effort by all world powers to prepare the world population for a major impending and unstoppable catastrophe about which they know but are not willing to reveal to general populace. We would not classify this as a conspiracy.... we would do exactly the same thing in their shoes.

Not even with the current economic meltdown has the world witnessed such harmonious and concerted effort - from Cuba to Canada, from China (PRC) to Moscow, from The US to the European Union, from Israel to the Republic of South Africa - to avoid a worse situation.

We leave it to your imagination as to what their purpose could be, if we knew, as we just stated above:
...we would do exactly the same thing in their shoes.

From RE @ USA  
Published on April 30th

It is my feeling that the information on Our Lady of La Sallette that you show (1) on your site is not the correct secret that was approved by the church.

Recently there has been a finding of the original testimonies of the children that has been in the archives of the Vatican for over a hundred years.  These documents show different words used by Our Lady.

I believe that it is very important to use the most precise information when referring to apparitions.  I believe this because I feel like it reflects the correct character, consolation and help of Our Blessed Lady.

I’ve also noticed that some other web sites also show this later version of the secret.  I think that the visionary Melanie was influenced by many of the outside influences of the time when she dictated the later version of the secret.  You can investigate this information further on many web sites.

Thank you!


Peace and Joy!

We have received your communication for which we thank you.

We will tend/respond to it, if necessary, as soon as it is possible considering our other responsibilities. (2)

In the meantime we recommend a prayerful review of our comprehensive document on Fatima. (3)

Many continued Blessings - most specially during the Easter Season!

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